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Boosting Reach and Interaction by 45%: A Journey of Telecommunications Transformation with Salesforce

March 19, 2021 eye-glyph 78
Salesforce Implementation & Integration Services
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About the client

Our client is a pioneer player in the telecommunications sector in the United States. The client has a broad spectrum of services like voice calls and data connectivity serving customers across the nation. With a website and mobile application, the client was geared toward offering seamless customer service, and support making a difference from the competitors.


The client had a large customer database that included various types of information such as customer details, purchased packages, expiry dates of these packages, payment information, and details about the services they provide. Managing this data efficiently and ensuring easy retrieval was a hurdle.

Furthermore, the information was dispersed across multiple platforms impacting the client’s ability to offer a personalized experience. Scattered data also posed a challenge for the client to handle the data effectively and make use of it in the decision-making process.

The client’s vision is to understand their customers like their purchasing history, habits, and patterns to offer them relevant recommendations to improve the chances of making a purchase. Also, this information could be used to offer exceptional customer service, resulting in a loyal global clientele.

Since the client had a larger customer base, keeping track of each customer’s interaction with the organization was challenging. This also made it hard to manage inactive subscribers and customer retention. The client was facing challenges in identity and reaching inactive customers.

In summary, the client-facing challenges with:

  • Database management
  • Offering personalization experience
  • Data scarred across multiple platforms
  • Understanding the customers
  • Tracking customer interactions
  • Customer retention falling, and inactive subscribers are soaring


We have integrated the multiple platforms used by the client with Salesforce. This integration brought all customer-related data under one platform, simplifying database management and eliminating the need for manual data transfer.

The unified data platform helped the client to personalize their customer service management effectively, including sending personalized emails and messages. It also improved their understanding of customers as they could now check customer profiles, analyze interactions, and conduct market research.

The unification of data from different platforms used by different departments in the organization led to improved customer experience and services. The client could effectively track customer interactions through Salesforce’s reports and dashboards. The integration also facilitated proactive management of inactive subscribers and customer retention. Finally, Salesforce expanded the client’s reach, allowing them to connect with potential customers via social media and track customer interactions on platforms like Twitter.


“The team at Cyntexa works effectively and efficiently, and they quickly respond to our needs. They have good problem-solving skills.”


  • Streamlined database handling and improved efficiency
  • In-depth insights into customer behavior
  • Consolidated data for better services
  • Efficient tracking of inactive customers
  • Tailored customer communication, and services

Improvement in database management


Enhancement in customer management


Increase in reach


Improvement in customer interaction

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