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Revolutionizing Customer Engagement: How a Fintech Firm Increased User Adoption by 86%

April 26, 2021 eye-glyph 78
Financial Services Cloud
Salesforce Implementation Services
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About the client

Our client is a trailblazer in the US fintech industry, dedicated to addressing the country’s significant credit challenges. They offer innovative point-of-sale financing for consumers and flexible, short-term loans for SMEs, fueling their dynamic growth. Their mission is to serve customers passionately with cutting-edge financial products, helping them optimize cash cycles, service new orders, and purchase inventory.


The client encountered several challenges in their quest to upgrade their customer relationship management (CRM) system. They were juggling multiple in-house applications, which made it difficult to have a holistic view of all sales and service activities. This lack of integration hindered their sales team’s ability to capture leads and deliver improved services.

Additionally, the client was keen on reducing their capital expenditures and the overall cost of ownership. High costs were a significant barrier to their growth and expansion plans.

Lastly, the client struggled with establishing a strong connection with their customers. Without insights into their customers’ preferences and priorities, they found it challenging to maintain robust communication and retain customers in their business.

In summary, the client met the subsequent difficulties:

  • Juggling disparate applications
  • High initial investments and total cost of ownership
  • Difficulty in establishing a strong connection with customers


Here are the solutions implemented to overcome the challenges:

  • Unified platform: Leveraged Salesforce Financial Services Cloud to design and build a shared platform uniting sales, services, and management teams. This provided a 360-degree view of customers and migrated over 20 million customer, financial, and interaction data records into Salesforce.
  • Reduced cost and increased ROI: Optimized a Lightning-first implementation designed for the Salesforce Lightning Experience. This allowed the client to make the most of the platform’s most delinquent features and capabilities, minimizing costs resulting from technical debt and generating real ROI.
  • Maintained strong customer connections: Used the financial services cloud to maintain Salesforce as a single source of truth for all data related to customers and prospects. This data helped agents understand customer priorities and communicate at personal levels, building client trust with relationship intelligence.


“The team displayed an exceptional commitment to our project, making themselves available around the clock to meet our requirements. Their effective organization of the project ensured a smooth execution, fostering a valuable engagement.”


  • 360-degree customer insights for informed decision-making
  • Streamlined sales, services, and management operations
  • Real ROI generated through reduced maintenance costs
  • Critical information accessible when and where needed

Internal user adoption achieved


Increase in customer satisfaction


Reduction in business costs


Boost in agent efficiency

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