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From Silos to Salesforce: A Textile Showroom’s Journey of Increasing Revenue by 45%

February 16, 2021 eye-glyph 78
Salesforce Sales Cloud and Mulesoft
Salesforce implementation and Integration Services
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About the client

Our client is a well-known player in the textile industry, operating a showroom that sells textile products. Serving a diverse clientele, their offerings span across all ages and genders. But their reach isn’t limited to the physical boundaries of their showroom. They have adopted the digital age with an eCommerce storefront, extending their exquisite collection to customers across the length and breadth of the USA. This seamless blend of offline and online presence allows them to connect with a broader audience, bringing their high-quality products to doorsteps nationwide.


The client struggled with several challenges such as;

  • Lead management: Difficulty in capturing and managing leads from various sources such as their physical store, on-call interactions, SMS, and their website was a significant task.
  • Customer outreach: Absence of personalized and automated customer outreach. The client did not have a system in place to reach customers via personalized emails and messages.
  • Data management: Critical customer information scattered across different systems.
  • Data transfer: Issues with transferring data across platforms due to format differences. This not only made data management difficult but also led to data loss, impacting the business adversely.
  • Reporting and forecasting: Difficulty in generating accurate reports and forecasts due to siloed data.
  • Platform limitation: Only a desktop version was available, limiting reach. To expand their business horizon and reach a larger audience, they wanted a mobile version along with a desktop version.
  • Custom views: Challenges in creating custom views due to data being stored on different platforms. Each platform provided data in different formats, making it very difficult to create a custom view or follow a specific format.
  • Sales productivity: Lower sales productivity due to a lack of real-time customer data access, making it difficult for them to close more deals and expand the business.


We have integrated the client’s back office with Salesforce using Mulesoft. This allowed us to capture all data from various sources in the Sales Cloud and personalized outreach with automation was also made possible. The client could now create customized campaigns for customer outreach. With the back-office integration, all leads were captured in the Sales Cloud and used for sending out automated emails.

All the required information, including orders, invoices, and product information from ERP and other systems, could be viewed in a single place in the Sales Cloud.

The integration with Mulesoft allowed data capture in the Sales Cloud, leading to richer sales insights and enabling report and dashboard creation. The client can also create custom views and customized data. With all data captured in Salesforce, we created custom views as per the client’s vision for customer information, order management, and product management.

Lastly, we drove greater rep productivity. Post back-office integration, all data was stored in the Sales Cloud. This made it easy for sales reps to access data simultaneously and reach out to maximum customers.


“Cyntexa collaborated closely with us to ensure that they provided us with the best MuleSoft implementation services. The team also worked hard to stick to the cost estimate.”


  • Simplified capturing and management of leads from different sources
  • Enabled personalized and automated customer outreach
  • All customer information from different systems can be accessed from a single panel
  • Real-time data access to all sales team members

Improvement in lead management and order management


Increase in customer engagement


Rise in profits


Boost in sales team productivity

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