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Project Challenges

Project Challenges

The company adds more customers every day and consequently needed an easy way to scale their data storage. The client wants us to implement a system in which they can upload image files and excel files on Amazon S3 bucket from the Marketing cloud’s cloud pages and then get the public URL from S3 back and save that URL in the Marketing cloud. To make this process much progressive and near-real-time, on-demand, we had to link Amazon S3 and Marketing cloud and implementation of:

  • Marketing cloud setup for data entry  – To manage their marketing activities from Salesforce marketing cloud so they could connect better with their customers. For that, they want to have cloud pages, from where data can be entered in marketing cloud.
  • Amazon S3 set up to store data files – To store the image and excel files from marketing cloud’s cloud pages, they want to set up buckets in Amazon S3.
  • API callouts from Marketing cloud to Amazon S3 and vice-versa – To store data in Amazon S3, they want API callouts from Marketing cloud to Amazon S3, which will take the data files and save them on Amazon S3 bucket and API callouts from Amazon S3 to Marketing cloud to save the public URL in Marketing cloud.
  • Sales Cloud setup – To store the marketing cloud data in Salesforce Sales cloud, they want to have a real time syncing between marketing cloud and sales cloud through journey builder.

Project Solutions

Project Solutions

We implemented the following solution to overcome the above challenges for our client :

  • Data Management in Marketing cloud We created Data Extensions to store the data in Marketing cloud and cloud pages to capture the data from users. On that Cloud page, there were fields to browse for the image and excel files which we need to store at Amazon S3.

Project Results

Witness the increase in productivity and reduction in time upon successful delivery of the project.
Time Reduced to Create Web Forms and Pages
Reduced Efforts in File Management
Increased Responses from Customers
Boost in Complete Process

Client Review

Team Cyntexa always responded to our queries and finished the project by showing great commitment. The task was challenging and despite many roadblocks, they did an exceptional job. Because of them one of the most typical process turned into a simple one.

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