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Revolutionizing Shopper Engagement: A 30% Boost with Salesforce Commerce & Marketing Cloud Integration

November 20, 2019 eye-glyph 78
Salesforce Marketing & Commerce Cloud
Salesforce Integration & Implementation Services
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About the Company

Our esteemed client is a leading European retailer with a strong online presence, specializing in mobile devices and accessories. They operate in key European markets such as Germany, Poland, Hungary, Netherlands, Denmark, and Belgium and even have a presence in certain parts of the USA.

Having already implemented Salesforce Commerce Cloud, our client is dedicated to providing a seamless shopping experience and expanding their digital footprint, allowing customers to shop from their preferred locations. This implementation encompasses omnichannel shopping capabilities, seamlessly integrating web, mobile, social, and physical stores, taking customer engagement to new heights.


Our client faced various challenges in their eCommerce business. A prominent issue was the rising number of abandoned shopping carts, necessitating an effective solution for cart management and customer re-engagement. To address this, a system for follow-up email communication was introduced.

Additionally, our client aimed to enhance the shopping experience by providing personalized product recommendations tailored to customer interests and previous purchases. This approach improved customer engagement and satisfaction.

Moreover, the commitment to transparency and excellent customer service was evident through comprehensive order processing and delivery information provided to customers via follow-up emails. This practice ensured customers remained informed about their orders. Such strategies enhanced the customer experience and reinforced our client’s professionalism and dedication to customer satisfaction.

In summary, the key challenges to address include:

  • Implementing a tool for Personalized Recommendations.
  • Managing Cart Abandonment.
  • Enhancing Shipping and Order Confirmation Emails.


Upon gaining a thorough understanding of the client’s needs and challenges, our team embarked on a collaborative journey to develop innovative solutions. Following our agile approach, we implemented Salesforce Marketing Cloud and created an environment where the client could easily store customer data, order details, and product information. This setup aimed to enhance data management and accessibility. Moreover, we ensured that the necessary user permissions were in place, ensuring a seamless operation.

To optimize the client’s systems, we seamlessly integrated Salesforce Commerce Cloud with Salesforce Marketing Cloud using Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connect. We also implemented Collect.js in Commerce Cloud for data tracking and streamlined data transfer via SFTP in the Marketing Cloud. Automation played a key role, automating data imports from SFTP to the Marketing Cloud, saving time, and enabling precise audience segmentation based on customer interests and purchases.

Our team crafted personalized email templates for the client’s campaigns, enhancing brand recognition and audience engagement for customer retention.

Additionally, we developed one-to-one customer journeys, simplifying marketing and ensuring customers stayed well-informed about their orders. In summary, our strategy, rooted in understanding the client’s needs, encompassed data management, integration, automation, personalized communication, and customer engagement to streamline processes and enhance outcomes.


Aligning customer journeys, going beyond personalizing customer experiences, and keeping the communication streams constant, real-time, and floated was our premier goal. Partnering with Cyntexa to achieve this goal was undoubtedly the right decision – one we have never regretted.


  • Precision-driven automation optimizes audience segmentation, enhancing the creation of cost-effective marketing strategies.
  • Augmented brand recognition fuels lasting customer loyalty, bolstered by personalized engagement.
  • Seamless communication cultivates unswerving customer loyalty, propelling effective marketing campaigns.
  • Heightened overall outcomes are synonymous with heightened business performance and unwavering customer satisfaction.

Increased Completed Purchases


Increased Shopper's Engagement


Reduce Time elapsed in the Marketing Journey


Increased Reach to Potential Customers

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