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Our client was a leading University from Europe. They had various individuals who were their Alumni coming in for the courses.

The University has a solid global reputation and maintains a firm – rapidly expanding – position in the worldwide rankings records. They having numerous branches over the Globe.

Project Challenges

Project Challenges

The client wants us to implement a system in which they can keep a track of all the information of their students, prospects, and Alumni. To make this procedure much progressive they need to create Salesforce application and in that implementation of:

  • Sales cloud – To keep track of leads and students who were pursuing the courses and also to keep the track of the Alumni.
  • Marketing cloud setup – To manage their marketing from Salesforce marketing cloud so they could connect better with their existing Alumni and with the future prospects also. For this, they need us to implement the Salesforce Marketing cloud and sales cloud integration which permitted the utilization of data from Sales cloud to marketing cloud and vice- versa.
  • Marketing cloud connector & data extension setup – To filter data of people who are undergraduates, those who are interested in the biotechnical field, mathematics, finance, etc. They want to implement a data extension for all the different kinds of data regarding the students.
  • Setting up journies for the prospects and Alumni – To target future prospects they want to set-up various journeys for the open campaigns. To marketing and sending emails to the prospects. Sending emails based on the criteria like if someone has an interest in finance then we will send the emails related to finance. And to invite the Alumni in an event on a particular day they want to set up the campaigns. Setting marketing journeys for the Alumni to send them details that what we have done in the past months, what their juniors are doing and other information from which they got a nostalgic feel while reading. As an organization’s best strength is its Alumni.

Project Solutions

Project Solutions

We implemented the following solution to overcome the above challenges for our client

  • Prospect students and Alumni Management Application – We implemented the environment for them with the goal that they could easily store the data of a prospect including the information of specific courses they are interested in and visualize the list of people who are pursuing courses in the university. With the goal that they can target students for postgraduate. They likewise put away the data of Alumni alongside what they gained from us and in which specific year. We have implemented this application so that they can keep track of students, prospects, and Alumni as well. 
  • Landing pages to capture information – We have created some landing pages from where we were collecting the students’ and alumni’s data and based on the year and courses, it was stored in the marketing cloud and then emails were sent out to them using journey builder. Also, we have created a QR code scanning application on top of salesforce, which will update the data in the sales cloud based on the attended event for the students and alumni.
  • Branding and Marketing –  we have implemented a complete branding solution in which we set up a marketing cloud and linked it with Salesforce so that we would be sending an email and whenever someone responds to that email, we update that information in Salesforce as well. Like if someone clicks on that link then we get an update regarding that in the marketing cloud, we implemented this so that we get a real-time update of the process. We use various Condition-based split, engagement split and time-based emails in marketing journey for sending email to customers.
  • Analytics & Insights – We have implemented reports for them so they can perceive what number of prospects have been changed over and what number of Alumni getting keen on going to our occasions. At whatever point somebody visits the events, we would be accepting their data too. We will send emails to the numerous Alumni and prospects, so out them what a number of are interested and what number of are changed over, we will keep track of that by reports insights.
  • Personalized and entrancing email templates –  We have created Personalized and entrancing templates for their campaigns by which students will easily recall their university and this helps in maintaining brand awareness and in attracting more people to engage with us.

Project Results

Witness the increase in productivity and reduction in time upon successful delivery of the project.
Reduced Time Elapsed in the Marketing Journey
Increased Reach to the Right Customer
Increased Customer Engagement
Decreased the Time Taken in Designing and Finalizing of Templates

Client Review

Superior Quality
Cyntexa eased the most problematic and time taking task for us. The project was completed way before time and the output was sheer quality.

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© 2020 Cyntexa Labs Pvt. Ltd. All Rights Reserved.