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Revitalizing Systems: Streamlining Legacy Modernization with MuleSoft Integration

July 9, 2021 eye-glyph 78
Consumer Goods
Salesforce Commerce Cloud and MuleSoft
Salesforce Integration Services
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About the Company

Our esteemed client is a leading European beauty brand. They create high-quality products at an affordable price for all customer segments. This is the ultimate secret to their success.

They have an existing e-commerce website, which they want to revamp to keep up with the current market trends in the industry.


Our clients faced multiple challenges. Starting with the business was unable to keep up with trends in the market. Launching a new product was complicated and time-consuming, and products often lost their top-of-mind relevance.

The brand was using a collaboration of multiple systems to provide personalized experiences to the customers, which created confusion. This also affected customer retention, and the graph declined.

Moving further with challenges, there was a lack of management because of the complex nature of the Point-to-Point approach. It was extremely challenging to manage and maintain the existing system.

The client could not track the performance of various products without a robust and resilient platform. It was challenging to grow, monitor, follow the undertaking, and predict patterns of success.


After gaining valuable insights into the client’s challenges, we suggested they implement the Legacy Modernization System with Mulesoft and Salesforce.

The legacy modernization system modernizes older, obsolete systems and applications with MuleSoft’s integration platform. Legacy modernization aims to improve productivity, functionality, and compatibility with modern technologies.
Solving the challenges faced by our client, we started by shifting the client’s e-commerce website from the existing platform to the Salesforce Commerce Cloud. This would help the client to provide customers with a premium and content-rich experience.

Further, we connected all the systems using APIs, enabling data flow to deliver personalized experiences quickly and effectively. We ensured everything was secure from start to finish by using the Anypoint platform to create separate tiers of APIs with different levels of isolation and control to keep our clients’ customer and payment information safe.

We also used OOTB’s old-school policies to modernize the API traffic by tokenizing and encrypting it. Further, it gave users access to detailed analytics and insight into the network, from ordering to fulfilment of the orders. We also created a single management console to help users manage APIs and integrate them across different systems, like eCommerce and ERP.

All these implementations and integrations helped our client scale faster across various regions. The platform could now meet the fluctuating demand and cater to market trends.


“Cyntexa and their team has got some excellent skills and expertise. They have integrated our various systems so well, which resulted in making our work easier. They’ve shown honesty and integrity throughout the project.”


  • Shifting e-commerce to Salesforce provided customers with a premium content-rich experience.
  • Easy connectivity through APIs.
  • Modernization of old and obsolete systems enhanced user experience.
  • Easy to handle the dynamic market trends
  • End-to-end security for transactional data.
  • Detailed analytics and insights.
  • Improved scalability and reliability

Reduction in the time frame to introduce new products by


Reduction in maintenance costs by

70% => Faster scalability for products was achieved by

Faster scalability for products was achieved by

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