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Revamping FinTech: Cyntexa’s Trailblazing Salesforce Solutions

June 25, 2020 eye-glyph 78
Financial Services
Salesforce Sales Cloud & Lightning Web Component
Salesforce Implementation Services
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About the Company

Distinguished in the financial sector, our client extends a comprehensive range of loan solutions tailored to meet diverse needs. From mortgages to personal loans, they serve clients across multiple states in the U.S.

Utilizing Salesforce Sales Cloud, they efficiently manage client information, ensuring precision and client-friendly services in every financial interaction.


Despite having Sales Cloud, they required extra features for smooth operations. Wanting a special page for clients and document details shows the challenge of handling different data effectively. Without a simple solution, organizing and accessing vital information could be tough, leading to inefficiencies and errors.

The absence of a tab option for data collection exacerbates the challenge. The requirement for a seamless transition between pages for client and document data collection suggests a need for a user-friendly interface. Without this feature, executives may encounter difficulties navigating through different sections, leading to a slower and less efficient data collection process.

The absence of a robust document management system, including a centralized repository with delete and edit options, may lead to scattered and unorganized documents, posing challenges in maintaining version control and ensuring data accuracy. Not having a specific page for creating and organizing client records, especially with related documents, raises the risk of data fragmentation. This might result in challenges in maintaining a unified and thorough client database.

Lastly, the need for a separate page to view client information poses its own set of challenges. Without this feature, accessing and comprehending client-related information becomes cumbersome. This could hinder decision-making processes and potentially impact the quality of client interactions.

They required a comprehensive solution to address and resolve the following challenges:

  • Need for additional features despite Sales Cloud for effective data handling.
  • Lack of a tab option hinders efficient data collection by executives.
  • Absence of a robust document management system challenges organized data maintenance.
  • No dedicated page for client records risks data fragmentation and impacts the client database.

Here is the solution our experts suggested for them:


To elevate their Salesforce Sales Cloud capabilities, our experts meticulously devised and implemented a range of solutions. Custom objects, including client, document, and client document, were strategically crafted to enhance the representation and organization of client information, documents, and their interconnected data. These tailored objects served as a foundation for a more efficient and customized Salesforce experience.

As part of their optimization efforts, the team introduced custom Lightning web component tabs tailored for clients and documents. These tabs offer a seamless navigation experience, empowering executives to effortlessly switch between dedicated pages for client information and document management. The intuitive design not only expedites access but also contributes to a more seamless data maintenance process.

To improve document management, our team crafted a Lightning web component page with a user-friendly interface, including a button for creating new documents and a table for easy editing and deletion. This streamlined document processes, ensuring efficient handling.

We implemented a client Lightning web component page for creating new client records with associated documents, enhancing the user experience. The client information Lightning web component page added depth, presenting detailed client information and related documents with actions for Edit, Delete, and Download.


This project was a fantastic collaboration! While the client had Sales Cloud, they needed extra functionality. We designed and implemented custom features to streamline their processes, including dedicated client and document pages, lightning web component tabs, and a robust document management system. The client can now access and manage data efficiently, leading to improved decision-making and a more unified client experience. I’m excited to see how these changes empower their continued success!


Custom objects enhance organization and efficiency in managing client and document data.
Custom tabs simplify navigation between dedicated client and document pages.
The Lightning web component page streamlines document creation and editing with a user-friendly interface.
The client Lightning web component page offers a comprehensive view of detailed client records and associated documents.


Growth in Customer Satisfaction Rate


Increase in Lead Conversion Rate


Steep Rise in Average Time Spent on Application

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