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Empowering Positive Change: Harnessing the Power of Lightning Web Components for Streamlined NGO Operations

June 23, 2020 eye-glyph 78
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Lightning Web Component
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About the Company

Our client is an NGO operating in the USA working for the welfare of bears. Established in 2010, they saved more than 20,000 bears from natural disasters. They have five offices around the country and store every bear’s information. Many staff, including the park authorities, who save and protect the bears, are associated with them.

The client demanded a scalable solution to help them manage their data across all five country branches. They wanted a centralized solution that would include every detail of all the bears in the area.


Our client faced a lot of challenges, among which the prominent one was to organize the data of all the five branches properly. They collaborate with more than 70 parks, zoos, and forest departments. Therefore, they demanded five different sections to manage the data from each branch.

The client desired an organized system that could track the location of bears through the GRP systems already installed and store it in the Salesforce database. Using this data, the client could get an analytical view of the growth and downfall of the number of bears.


After understanding our client’s challenges and needs, we implemented the Lightening Web Component. It is a User Interface that allows the creation of customized pages and functions on the Salesforce platform. This makes it easy for the user to access data or information.

We created an application in Salesforce. This application helped them maintain the data of different branches and every branch. We designed a home section that allows complete data view, and they can access the data of newly registered bears.

Moving further, the client demanded that the bears’ location be tracked. Therefore, we used the Leaflet map to show the present site of bears, which could quickly be followed by the GRP systems installed. The systems offer the longitude and latitude of the bear’s current spot and every activity it performs, which is further recorded in Salesforce.

Further, we created six different components to allow the client to maintain the information and plot the location of each bear on the map. The components included: bearList, bearMap, bearLocation, bearSupervisor, bearTile, and oldBear. Additionally, to note the bears requiring extra care, we created a separate section to allow the user to access the relevant information. Also, local supervisor records are assigned to bear forms so they can contact the right person if the authorities require data or information regarding a particular bear.


“Cyntexa did a great job with LWC implementation. With this application, it became easy for us to store and manage the data across all our branches. Our functioning system improved and we were able to extract relevant data at the right time.”


  • Easy data management
  • Accurate location tracking of bears.
  • Seamless data storage of bear’s location and activity.
  • Customized UI made it easy for the users to access data and information.
  • A separate section for aged bears allowed supervisors to manage their data efficiently.

Decrease in Data Maintenance Time Consumption


Improvement in supervisor efficiency

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