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Digitize your signing process: Nintex AssureSign Integration with Salesforce

June 6, 2022 eye-glyph 78
Salesforce Sales Cloud, Nintex AssureSIgn and Nintex Drawloop DocGen
Salesforce Integration Services
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About the Company

Our esteemed client is a pharmaceutical giant that operates in the United Kingdom. They are manufacturers and packagers of medical drugs and medicines and market them nationwide.

Acquiring raw materials, manufacturing drugs, packaging, and shipping drugs require multiple approvals manually managed on paper, resulting in a long paper trail and a complicated and time-consuming process that can add to the company’s costs. The company’s top priority is making operations cost-effective, simple, and efficient.


Our clients have faced many challenges, among which the prominent one is getting approval multiple times on a piece of paper, which is very time-consuming. They are manufactured in batches, and throughout, a cycle is approved by various persons to verify seamless manufacturing. Therefore, it slowed down the process.

The client used to keep physical records at every stage of manufacturing, adding 8 to 10 documents for every process, making it difficult to track and store them safely. Also, the approver physically had to be there, allowing the process to proceed. Still, it became challenging sometimes when people were not located at the manufacturing spot.

Additionally, the documents were transferred physically from one place to another, which created a delay in process completion, and it was difficult to track the status of the proceeding.

In a summary:

  • Difficulty in managing and storing multiple documents.
  • Approval from various geolocations was creating delays.
  • Hindrance in document safety and security.
  • Time-consuming process
  • Required multiple approvals.


After thoroughly understanding our client’s challenges, we installed Nintex Drawloop Docgen and Nintex Assuresign applications from the Salesforce AppExchange marketplace into the client’s system.

Nintex Drawloop Docgen is a no-code solution that automates the creation of documents and delivery processes and streamlines the same. Also, it enables users to create dynamic and data-driven documents in various formats and allows them to save them for future reference.

Nintex AssureSign provides a digital signature solution to organizations, enabling them to automate and digitize the signature signing process, resulting in increased efficiency, reduced paperwork, and enhanced compliance.

Cyntexa helped the client by creating multiple templates for the documents and sending them to the relevant person for approval via email. Therefore, using Assuresign, the document was signed digitally, ensuring security and eliminating the need to go to and fro.

To solve the problem of multiple document generation, we merged all the documents from a batch and created a single copy to get it signed by the relevant person. This acquired less storage and seamless document management.

Moving further, to ensure the security and safety of the documents, the collaboration of Nintex and Salesforce resulted in a miracle. This eliminated the need to store the documents physically and allowed them to be stored in Salesforce.

All the solutions we implemented resulted in streamlining the signing process, quick approval and facilitated tracking of the document’s current status.


“We are grateful to Cyntexa for providing the best solution where our work process becomes simplified and saves time. We seamlessly manage the document and get approvals from people who reside at multiple locations, using Nintex workflow, and AssureSign can immediately track the current status.”


  • Streamlined, speedily managed, and streamlined the signing process.
  • Easy storage of various documents.
  • Eliminated physical movement of documents regulating time management.
  • Document security and safety.
  • Able to track the current status of the paper.

Increase in production process speed


Faster and convenient approval process


Less expenses and manual efforts

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