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Empowering Educational Journey with Salesforce Advertising Studio

September 16, 2022 eye-glyph 78
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Our esteemed client from Canada is an educational organization and has numerous institutes located all around the country.

They marketed themselves online as well as offline using various ways like billboard ads, advertisements on radio, google ads, and so on. Despite putting in much effort in marketing, they could not reach a larger audience, which affected their admission rates.


Our client was facing a lot of discrepancies in targeting customers from different regions. As their marketing was only restricted to their home city, they were unable to target the client groups. This affected the admission rates in various branches.

Moving further, the client invested heavily in advertising and adopted multiple marketing channels. This made it difficult for them to dedicate resources to each channel, track their performance, and focus on them individually.

Additionally, they were using offline marketing strategies to advertise, such as placing billboards across the state and running radio promotions. Despite that, they were unable to capture leads.

In summary, the key challenges to address include:

  • Limited reach to different audiences.
  • Having difficulty targeting customers from different demographics.
  • Multiple channels resulted in high advertising costs.


We at Cyntexa prioritize our client’s requirements and focus on resolving the challenges that they are struggling with. Therefore, we suggested our client the versatile feature of Salesforce, the Marketing Advertising Cloud (previously known as Advertising Studio).

In order to let the client reach more people, we created the ‘advertising audience’ on the platform. We tested these audiences by running the ads on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This enabled our client to reach more people who are interested in their institution and removed the demographic difference, which led to their desired lead generation.

The ad campaigns on social media platforms were strategically planned and executed, which helped in reaching the targeted audience and benefitted the client by increasing the admission rates.

Journey Builder, a feature of Marketing Advertising Cloud, helped our clients track the point at which the lead converted into a customer. This enabled them to manage their efforts and performance consistently, and also, they were able to track the areas where improvement was much needed. It also helped them to plan out the sequence of steps that were required to complete the contact and admission form. As a result, it increased the number of admissions of students into various branches of the institute.


Reaching a more comprehensive range of targeted audiences, going beyond our demographic region, and getting the best out of our marketing efforts was our goal. Partnering with Cyntexa was the best decision we have made. Their team of professionals helped us with their best Salesforce Consultation abilities and made us achieve our marketing success.


  • Visually appealing campaigns increased the visibility in the digital space.
  • The client reached a wider targeted audience through social media, which increased their admission rates.
  • A centralized view of all marketing channels helped the client to manage and track their performance easily.
  • Personalized and targeted marketing helped businesses to cater to audiences of different types.
  • Data Insights helped the client to understand the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns, enabling them to refine their strategies.
  • Digital advertising helped the client to make an appearance beyond offline marketing. Also, it proved to be a cost-effective strategy for them.

Increase in Audience Engagement


Rise in Lead Generation


Reduction in Cost of Advertisment


Increase in Admission Rates

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