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Uncover how the IT Industry Improves Customer Experience With Salesforce and Cyntexa

December 2, 2021 eye-glyph 78
Salesforce Commerce, Marketing & Service Cloud
Salesforce Implementation & Integration Services
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About the client

Our client is a prominent electronics supplier in the United States. They offer many products, including mobile phones, laptops, cameras, tablets, and other accessories. Previously, they had multiple physical stores nationwide, and their primary customer base consisted of bulk orders for IT systems and accessories. However, to expand their reach and attract more customers, they established an online presence and offered special deals and promotions.


The client faced various challenges in his IT service and machine business, blocking the path to ensuring customer satisfaction.

Firstly, the client’s major challenge was showing customers the products based on their requirements. As the client had a large product database, it was difficult for customers to find the exact product they needed.

Secondly, the client required limiting the number of items a user could purchase to avoid legal formalities and discounted pricing. Following this, the client wanted to vary pricing and offers based on customer type (guest vs. logged-in).

Further, the client was facing challenges in identifying potential customers from their existing system. It was difficult for them to manage the data of all website visitors along with their progress, leading to a loss of sales due to poor management. They needed a solution to store the data of all interested visitors and track all closed deals for better management.

In addition, they want to target potential customers by launching marketing campaigns and improving the inquiry response time. 

In summary, the client majorly encounter with these challenges:

  • Tailoring product suggestions to customer needs.
  • Limiting accessory purchases with varied pricing.
  • Unable to identify the customer’s behavior
  • Focused marketing campaign targeting potential audience.
  • Manage and respond to customer inquiries in less time


To tackle the challenges faced by our IT service and machine company, we have successfully implemented a comprehensive solution: Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Our team has integrated Sales AI-driven recommendations and sorting algorithms, which analyze customer behavior and purchase history to provide personalized product suggestions. This enhancement has significantly improved search functionalities, and filters can now be applied to assist customers in effortlessly locating products based on their specific requirements.

Additionally, our team has configured new product rules and pricing policies within Salesforce Commerce Cloud to control accessory purchases and implement varied pricing. This allows for further segmentation based on user types, enabling the application of differentiated pricing strategies.

Moreover, we’ve established dashboards through reports in Salesforce Commerce Cloud, empowering clients to track customer behavior across touchpoints and gain valuable insights into preferences and purchasing patterns.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud enables clients to target potential customers by focusing and scheduling marketing campaigns within the Salesforce platform.

Following the integration of Chatbot with Salesforce Service Cloud allows our client to manage multiple inquiries efficiently. By scheduling personalized responses for common messages, the client has ensured that every customer feels valued at the right time.

With this cloud solution, our clients can easily analyze performance metrics and customer feedback, fostering continuous improvement in the overall customer experience.


“I am thrilled to share my experience with the team implementing Salesforce Commerce Cloud for our IT service and machine company. The AI algorithms that drive personalized product suggestions have significantly improved our customers’ shopping experience. The ability to efficiently manage inquiries through Salesforce Service Cloud and the targeted marketing campaigns with Salesforce Marketing Cloud have streamlined our operations. I highly recommend their services.”


  • Improved product recommendations based on customer behavior
  • Customers can easily find the product as per their requirements
  • Easy to analyze customer behavior, which leads to better decision-making
  • Target potential customers to market their IT accessories
  • Enhance flexibility in meeting diverse customer needs and preferences.
  • Cater to customer inquiries without leaving the platform

Increase in Sales


Increase in Customer Retention


Boost in Customer Experience through Guided Selling


Expansion in Client Base due to Improved SEO and Varied Pricing

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