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Mapping Success: Elevating Customer Engagement with Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Personalized Journey

May 18, 2021 eye-glyph 78
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About the Client

Our client is a trailblazer in the hospitality industry of the United States, Canada, and Europe. They have an online presence that enables travelers to browse travel packages that include everything from transportation to accommodation.


Our client has aspired to attract young travelers in North America, and Europe. This aspiration was hindered by the old-school marketing practices they were following.

They realized that they needed to switch things up to deliver a personalized experience making each traveler feel valued and retained for repetitive business. But with so much data to filter through, it was like finding a needle in a haystack to understand what travelers wanted.

They were also inspired by the growing popularity of social media platforms and needed a way to connect with travelers on social media to build lasting relationships with them.

In summary, the client was facing the following challenges;

  • Encountering difficulties in reaching out to target customers.
  • Unsatisfactory results from the absence of effective marketing strategies.
  • Travelers experienced a lack of personalization.
  • Facing challenges in obtaining customer feedback from massive data.
  • Struggling to engage customers through social media marketing.


In response to the challenges faced by the client, we used the Salesforce Marketing Cloud to zero in on the right travelers, making sure every interaction felt personal and relevant. With the journey builder feature, we mapped out each step of the traveler’s experience, ensuring the client was there with the right message at the right time.

Leveraging Data Studio, Data Studio helped us sort through the noise to find the gems—insights that tell the client what travelers want. The Interaction Studio feature allowed us to track and tweak the traveler’s journey, delivering content that hits home every step of the way.

With the AI-powered capabilities of Email Studio, the client sends out the emails that travelers want to open, filled with deals that feel like they’re just for them.


“The whole journey of working with the Cyntexa was a great experience. From a strategic approach, well-structured strategies, proper implementation guidance, and timely support they empowered us to meet customer satisfaction beyond our expectations.”


  • More interactive and personalized customer experience, leading to increased satisfaction.
  • Tailored marketing strategies ensure that each customer feels uniquely valued.
  • The overall travel experience has been elevated, resulting in happier customers.
  • The use of Data Studio has provided a deeper understanding of customer preferences and behavior.
  • Journey Builder has facilitated a smoother travel planning process, enhancing the end-to-end customer experience.

Increase in customer interaction


Rise in customer retention rate


Increase in conversion rate


Increase in click-through rate

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