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Transforming E-commerce Challenges into Opportunities: A Start-up’s Path to Increased Goodwill and Customer Satisfaction

May 6, 2021 eye-glyph 78
Salesforce Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud
Salesforce Implementation Services
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About the client

Our client is an e-commerce startup serving the UK with a wide range of fashion products like clothing, footwear, and other accessories for people of all ages. It is a start-up that believes in online marketing strategies and invests and gains lead mostly from social media and online marketing.


The client faced several challenges in their journey. Handling numerous social media platforms was a challenging task. They had to keep track of activities on Facebook, Twitter, and more, which was evolving as a challenge. Another issue was handling customer conversations. People reached out to them through various channels. Capturing, monitoring, and responding to each conversation was tricky.

Moreover, they struggled with customer problem-solving. When many customers contacted them at once, their team found it hard to respond quickly. This led to customer dissatisfaction and hurt the company’s reputation. Lastly, getting real-time feedback was a challenge. The marketing and sales team needed this feedback to improve their strategies. But, it was difficult to obtain. These challenges were hindering the company’s growth.

In short, the client faced the following challenges;

  • Difficulty in managing various social media platforms
  • Capturing, monitoring, and responding to multiple conversations on social media channels
  • Delay in solving customer problems
  • Hard to get real-time feedback


Here are the solutions implemented to address the client’s challenges:

  • Social media platform management: Salesforce for Twitter and Facebook was downloaded from App Exchange for free. This allowed the client to create conversations and reach more customers, simplifying the management of various social media platforms.
  • Handling multiple conversations: Salesforce Service Cloud was implemented in their organization. This tool helped capture, monitor, and respond to numerous conversations on each platform, automatically creating tickets/cases for each conversation and assigning them to the sales team.
  • Prompt problem solving: Social support channels were established in the service cloud. This automatically created a case inside Salesforce and assigned it to the sales team, reducing delays in problem-solving and improving customer satisfaction.
  • Real-time feedback: Salesforce Marketing Cloud was implemented for Social Media Monitoring. This included social media listening, analytics, intelligence, and management, providing real-time feedback on marketing strategies and promotions.


“We were thoroughly impressed by the team’s innovative approach and their ability to deliver the right solutions that perfectly met our needs. Their creativity was not just evident in their ideas, but also in their ability to foresee potential challenges and proactively address them. This proactive approach, combined with their commitment to delivering solutions, enabled us to overcome our challenges in a significantly shorter time frame than anticipated.”


  • A centralized platform for managing all social media platforms
  • Automatic creation and assignment of cases resulted in quicker problem-solving
  • Real-time feedback to make informed decisions
  • Streamlining the process and improving efficiency

Improvement in digital customer management


Increase in customer satisfaction


Boost in customer retention


Enhancement in customer satisfaction

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