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Securing Transactions: Salesforce and Stripe Integration Enhanced Payment Security and Improved Efficiency

September 13, 2021 eye-glyph 78
Salesforce Integration Services
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About the client

Our client is renowned as one of Europe’s premier ecommerce destinations for fashion and lifestyle and prides itself on offering an extensive selection of brands and products. With a vision to deliver a smooth and delightful shopping experience, they have established themselves as a destination of choice for online shoppers across the globe.


In navigating the competitive landscape of e-commerce, the client encountered several technical challenges that impeded their operational efficiency and customer reach;

The process of analyzing consumer behavior was labor-intensive, consuming valuable time that could be better spent on strategic decision-making. Furthermore, developing custom logic to understand the customer journey and interests required significant investment in terms of time, effort, and cost.

The existing system necessitated switching between applications to initiate payments, a process that was not only time-consuming but also posed risks of data breaches during online transactions. The need for a secure solution that could facilitate online transactions directly within Salesforce was paramount to maintaining data integrity.

The inability to accept payments in various currencies from different global locations limited their market reach. Also, the client needed customized invoices that aligned with system pricing was a time-consuming task, demanding a streamlined process for prompt delivery within Salesforce.

In summary, the client was facing these challenges:

  • Understanding business requirements is a time-consuming
  • Data insecurity while making online transactions
  • The invoice should be generated as per the payment within Salesforce
  • The current payment gateway needs more flexibility in accepting payments from diverse locations.


We implemented a suite of solutions to help the client to overcome the challenges.

We integrated Stripe with ChargeOn, a Salesforce native payment handling system, enabling transactions in any currency, thus broadening the client’s market reach. ChargeOn’s pre-built email templates allowed for quick and accurate invoice generation, reflecting system pricing and including additional charges directly from Salesforce. Now payments can be processed directly within Salesforce, reducing manual effort and enhancing transaction speed.

ChargeOn’s 100% Salesforce-native application eliminated the need to switch between apps for payment processing, ensuring a seamless user experience. Its point-to-point encryption and compatibility with third-party integrations fortified the platform’s data security, safeguarding against potential breaches.


“The Cyntexa team goes beyond being a team of experts; they are true masters in their respective domains. Their unwavering dedication and unparalleled expertise help us from disorganized payments to seamlessly handling global online transactions.”


  • Efficiently make payments within Salesforce in any currency
  • Data is highly secured while making online transactions
  • Easily send customized invoices with aligned pricing in the system
  • Manage global transactions from any location with ease

Increase in payment processing speed


Improvement in invoice generation accuracy through automation


Enhancement in security measures


Growth in the international customer base due to the ability to transact in multiple currencies

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