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Revolutionizing Insurance: A Digital Transformation Journey with Vlocity and Salesforce Boosting Agent Productivity by 85%

April 1, 2021 eye-glyph 78
Vlocity Digital Insurance
Salesforce Implementation Services
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About the client

Our client is a leading life insurance company in the UK, offering a diverse range of individual and group insurance solutions tailored to meet various life stage needs. Their product portfolio includes Protection, Pension, Savings & Investments, and Health. With a strong presence across the region, they operate through 420 branches and additional distribution touch-points established through several new tie-ups and partnerships. Their partnerships exceed 300, including traditional partners such as NBFCs, MFIs, and SFBs, and more than 50 new ecosystem partners.


The client was struggling with several challenges that were hindering their growth and effectiveness. The lack of modern digital processing meant that their customers and brokers were unable to conduct business online independently. This was primarily due to the absence of digital interfaces and straight-through processing. Additionally, brokers, underwriters, and service representatives faced complexities in performing policy management tasks. They had to navigate through a complex network of antiquated applications to complete a task, which often required months to learn, thereby forming a barrier to growth.

The delivery channels and back-end system posed another set of challenges. Custom delivery channels and hard-coded back-end systems obstructed product innovation, making it a time-consuming and costly affair to introduce new products.

Lastly, the constraints of legacy applications were a significant hurdle. Product rules were often hard-coded, requiring the business to cede IT control for even basic changes. The lack of modern APIs forced carriers to process manually, often leading to delays. In many cases, these barriers kept the business operating on spreadsheets and email rather than embracing the latest web and mobile experiences.

In summary, the client was dealing with the following challenges;

  • Lack of modern digital processing
  • Complexities in policy management tasks
  • Complexities in delivery channels and back-end systems
  • Legacy application constraints


Here are the solutions implemented to overcome the challenges:

  • Implemented Vlocity digital platform: A digital platform built 100% on Salesforce was implemented to deliver digital experiences focused on the end-user. This offered the client the ability to craft comprehensive customer journeys – from Marketing through Service.
  • Complete policy management lifecycle: We have implemented a comprehensive policy lifecycle starting from prospect engagement to quote and issuance process, and then on to payment services, claims capabilities, and policy renewal.
  • True Omnichannel delivery and agile middle office: Using Vlocity Insurance, six optimized channel applications were offered out-of-the-box, each of which could be fully branded to an insurer’s standards. An easy-to-administer engine was also configured in the Agile Middle Office.
  • Data & Integration: Dozens of insurance-specific objects were provided, all 100% additive to the Salesforce objects. For data that resided outside Salesforce, a series of low-code/ no-code Integration tools were provided, such as Vlocity DataRaptor and Vlocity Integration Procedures. These tools are easily connected to REST and SOAP endpoints and transform payloads from JSON and XML. They also combined multiple actions into a single call-out or stand-up functions as REST endpoints – all without coding.


“ They were a phenomenal team because they were competent, punctual, and personable. They work hard to absolutely ensure a timely delivery of our project. “


  • Streamlined digital interfaces improved customer engagement
  • Simplified policy lifecycle boosted operational efficiency
  • Agile back-end systems facilitated faster product launches.
  • Optimized applications reduced the learning curve for agents
  • Low-code/no-code tools enabled easy data integration
  • Reduced reliance on manual processes saved time and costs

Product innovation increased by


Agents productivity increased by

50% => Business Sales increased by

Business Sales increased by


Customer satisfaction increased by

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