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Field Service Lightning Implementation

Now give your employees access to unified real-time customer data and the ability to provide on-demand services with Field Service Lightning.

Even though various businesses aim to be centered around their customers they can lack the proper digital capabilities to effectively scale and unite their sales, customer support teams, and marketing. This is where Cyntexa comes in. Our experts at Cyntexa can assist you with coordinating field operations, dispatching mobile equipment and workers, product stock, tracking vehicle locations, and appointment status, all with Salesforce Field Service Lightning.

How can Salesforce Field Service help you provide a better customer experience?

  • Boost employee productivity in the field
  • Automated appointment scheduling
  • Manage agents, dispatchers, and techs
  • Get real-time visibility into all operations
  • Keep customers updated about the work orders
  • Optimize mobile workforce allocation
  • Resolve field service calls faster

Our Offerings

We have in-depth knowledge and expertise in Salesforce Field Service Lightning to help your business reach heights in a more accelerated, optimized, and effective way.

Time Tracking Setup

Time Tracking Setup

It can be tiresome and time-consuming to handle the field operations, locating, and tracking workers of the company manually when customers have to be served on schedule. With Salesforce Field Service, Cyntexa offers an automated time tracking setup, increased adherence to policies, and higher visibility in your workforce. This time tracking setup would help in creating accurate timing for the clients based on the travel time and existing calendar, ascertaining that a task is completed within the stipulated time.

Inventory Management
Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Inventory management begins with product items which are the stock of a specific product at a specific location. Cyntexa helps with taking care of the motion of inventory in the operation of field service. Tracking inventory permits people to not only track their orders in real-time but also pick them which has enhanced the accuracy of reducing any errors made.

Work Order Setup

Work Order Setup

Along with helping you to extract the best out of Field Service Lightning, the Salesforce consultants at Cyntexa would ascertain smooth communication between the service, sales, and marketing departments with its work order setup. This seamless flow of communication would allow you to quickly manage your work orders which include consumed parts, logging time, and other tasks. This manages and creates work orders which track the performed work for customers.

Work Order Setup
Service Reports Setup

Service Reports Setup

Service reports summarise the work that had been performed by a customer and can be signed by others who may have been involved in the work. Cyntexa can help you with configuring the mobile application of field service to support the generation of the service reports and review the significant considerations about service report previews and offline service reports.

Community Setup

Community Setup

The community setup connects customers, users, and employees in a single place, it can also be utilized to share and combine information with individuals from outside the company who are significant to the business process. Cyntexa collaborates Field Service with Salesforce Service Cloud and Community Cloud through a community online that keeps contractors, partners, and customers within the threshold with the assistance of Salesforce communities about field services.

Crew Scheduling
Crew Scheduling
Crew Scheduling

Crew Scheduling

Crew scheduling allows easy crew assignment based on the level of expertise and skill to suit certain repair or service requirements and to get the task done efficiently. The services of Cyntexa consist of research towards crew scheduling which manages the services crews to accommodate a field service schedule. Furthermore, you would be able to customize your availability of resources and work rules to serve some purposes along with the scheduling of policies.

Customize Mobile Applications

Customized Mobile Applications

For businesses, it is important to consider the customization of mobile applications with Lightning Field Service because not only will it make various processes simple but, it improves the overall experience of mobile users. Cyntexa also provides Field Service Lightning services that work both for Androids and iOS along with operating offline and some customizable aspects.

Service Contracts and Maintenance Plans
Service Contracts and Maintenance Plans
Service Contracts and Maintenance Plans

Service Contracts and Maintenance Plans

For the effective continuance of any process maintenance plans are an essential part. Cyntexa offers assistance with service contracts that aid in tracking the support agreements of customers along with providing maintenance plans for certain assets that assist with keeping track of the maintenance visits for work orders generated.

Asset management

Asset Management

Asset management allows the management of both assets of the customers along with internal assets that are either rented or owned. Cyntexa offers Salesforce Field Service Lightning services that manage the decommission tracking, installation, and asset movement for the users. The customer assets consider the customers’ location, and present and past work orders of their assets while triggering IoT alerts when required and monitoring the asset health.

Contractor Management
Contractor Management
Contractor Management

Contractor Management

Contractor management is a necessary aspect to manage the overall widening of the coverage of service area, shortage of staff, high availability, or reduced cost of labor. Furthermore, the services for Contractor Management provided by Cyntexa can help you provide higher control and visibility with connected field services, track the job progress while providing insights in real-time, increase the service levels and unify the customer experience.

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What makes us different from others?

We believe that the way you define yourself is the way the world perceives you. Hence we define ourselves as the innovative leaders when it comes to Salesforce Field Service Lightning implementation, customization, and development which is clearly justified by the numbers mentioned below.


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Industries We Serve



Build customer relationships, decrease costs, and run your field service smoothly with the help of Field Service Lightning.

health care


Schedule regular checkups for complex medical devices and get them repaired on time with efficient appointment scheduling and resource management at Field Service Lightning.

financial services

Financial Services

Use service insights to improve advisor scheduling and deliver faster responses and smart dispatching with the help of Field Service Lightning.


Life Sciences

Improve customer satisfaction by connecting all your dispatchers, agents, and managers on one platform at Field Service Lightning.



Schedule appointments for customers based on the availability and skill set of your workers with Field Service Lightning.

customer goods

Customer Goods

Deploy your mobile merchandisers, telesales teams, merchandise delivery teams, and more in one console with the help of Field Service Lightning.

Why Field Service Lightning?

Availability and uptime

Advanced Scheduling

Salesforce Field Service Lightning provides you the advantage of scheduling intellectually with the assignment of automated tasks according to location, skill, and time. Further, it allows you to check whether the process is moving according to the schedule and receive accurate reports of the work; also not only the work of only agents but also managers in a single app.


AI Power

Field Service Lightning provides you with efficient Einstein Vision which recognizes every product and part from only the images. This helps all the workforce and technicians to get the issues fixed in minimum time while also permitting the quick confirmation of the intactness of all the things.

Security Review and AppExchange Listing

Swift Job Management

Salesforce Field Service Lightning manages jobs with fully matured Android and iOS mobile applications which are integrated with the Customer Relationship Management of Salesforce. Moreover, Field Service Lightning also provides insightful and relevant resources and articles to the sales team for the intactness of compliance and effectiveness of work at every step of business operation.


Time Recommendations

It can be time-consuming to handle the location, tracking, and field operations of the workers of a company. With the assistance of Field Service Lightning, you would be able to link the orders of work with Cases, Assets, Accounts, Contacts, and other components which are placed as data in Salesforce. This assists with creating the precise timing for clients based on the travel time and existing calendar which ensures the completion of tasks on schedule.

Load Balancing

Electronic Signatures

With the assistance of electronic signatures, the employees of field service can gather signatures for work orders and service reports from partners and clients. This can help in the specification of the type and number of signatures permitted on the service report and adding them through the signature blocks.

Data Encryptionicon

Field Service Mobile App

The Field Service Lightning consists of a mobile feature that supports teams in always maintaining contact and sharing access to all data in real-time while being in the field. With the features of Field Service Lightning, Salesforce has a mobile application reliable that allows technicians to view work orders, and service appointments, and verify the information of customers while communicating with the other associates of the team.

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Asked Questions

Field Service Lightning as an application by Salesforce that allows the users to schedule service appointments, dispatch mobile workers and equipment, track vehicle locations and stock, and check appointment status through an automated and structured process that makes the work easier for the users.

Some of the features provided by Field Service Lightning that enhance customer support include:
  • Complex logistics: Field Service Lightning works on your communication channels, keeping them open for your managers, employees, technicians, and customers; and plans around shifts in time or resources.
  • Centralized data: It provides you with Salesforce Cloud services that store all your data in one place that makes it more organized and easy to share.
  • Performance Metrics: It helps managers keep track of their teams’ performance, identify opportunities, and point out the mistakes that can be avoided in the future.
  • Time and resource management: It optimizes schedules and assigns jobs to the right people to increase efficiency and maximize productivity.
  • Analytics: It offers analytics for the managers and technicians to access information in real-time to understand the key metrics like workforce utilization, and fix rates to help them optimize processes and improve performances.

Some of the best practices for Field Services lightning include:
  1. Customer Journey and corporate workflow: It is important that one uses updated workflows and work on the internal audit and reinvention of the customer journey every once in a while.
  2. Real-time visibility and analytics: Field Service Lightning provides real-time data which allows you to access valuable data and analytical tools that can be used to identify the weaknesses and strengths in your work processes and improve upon them.
  3. Mobile application- You have to make sure that the essential information is accessible through the mobile application so that you could always work out on simple aspects like route optimization, timely notifications, and addressing clients.
  4. Customer Engagement: Customer satisfaction should be given more importance with the help of customization features and an array of options to contact you, leave an order, and provide feedback.

Geolocation is available on the Field Service Lightning mobile app for users to get an accurate position and service resource tracking on Salesforce.

Some of the important features include:
  • Work order Management
  • Efficient scheduling
  • Multi-device accessibility
  • Dispatcher Console
  • Instant Communication
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Inventory Management

Field Service requires four important players for its functioning:
  • Administrator- sets up field service based on the business needs of the customer
  • Agent- responsible for taking customer service calls and requesting field service appointments via work orders
  • Dispatcher- assigns and manages the scheduling, optimizing and dispatching of service appointments
  • Mobile worker or technician- manages the service appointments by closing work orders, tracking the parts used, and providing service reports.

To give you a complete field service management solution, these three parts of Field Service work together:
  • Core Field Service Lightning features
  • Scheduling and optimization from a managed package
  • A mobile app for your mobile workforce

Field service lightning comes in 3 versions Contractor, Contractor +, Dispatcher and Technician. The pricing starts from $ 50 per month and Goes up to $ 150 per month for Dispatcher and Technician versions. For more details about the pricing plan for implementing Salesforce Field Service Lightning for your business, talk to our Salesforce Certified experts today and get a custom-tailored quote for the features that you want to implement in the Salesforce Field Service Lightning.

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