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Utilizing industry-specific knowledge, we‘re on the verge of triggering a new paradigm of changing business models and processes making them more customer-centric!

Utilizing industry-specific knowledge, we‘re on the verge of triggering a new paradigm of changing business models and processes making them more customer-centric!

Financial Services

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With customer expectations continuing to change, financial institutions are under pressure to tailor their services to resonate with their customers. The rising level of competition calls for effective marketing strategies to acquire and retain customers to sustain growth. A second area of concern is that of security and compliance, as failing to meet these will result in the organization losing its credibility to serve its customers.

Bringing digital transformation to financial services will result in improved operational efficiency by automating manual tasks and integrating data into a central place so that all teams have convenient access to it for improved business intelligence. Cloud-enabled solutions offer enhanced security and simplify scaling to meet the growing needs of customers. Cloud also facilitates organizations to stay compliant with evolving industry regulations.

Backed by a team of consultants, architects, and developers driven by the challenges of financial services, we lead digital transformation with a holistic approach to empower finance systems to function proactively. The industry is highly competitive, which is why our consultants will work with you to improve compliance, utilize cutting-edge technology, cut operating costs, and improve efficiency with customized solutions that are tailored to your industry and most importantly to your unique requirements.


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The insurance industry, which was once stable and predictable, today appears in shambles. Digital disruption, changing customer behavior, and a competitive market are placing immense pressure on insurers, driving them to adopt innovative strategies led by technology to put a greater emphasis on customer experience for continued success.

By leveraging relentless technological advancements and data analytics capabilities, insurance companies can build seamless, digital-first experiences from quote to sale to claim to the settlement that puts customers first.

The development of heavy technological advancements must be preceded by the creation of a sound strategic plan that notes the current challenges and identifies future growth strategies. Our team brings first-hand insurance sector knowledge, broad functional expertise, and a relentless pursuit of excellence geared towards improving business processes while reducing costs to ensure maximum return on your technology investments. We believe that data is a large asset for insurance companies, as a way to give wings to their ability to extract value from the huge volumes of data, we fuel strategic and business intelligence backed by cutting-edge technologies.

Retail & Consumer Goods

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In the wake of the Covid outbreak, the retail industry underwent drastic changes. Business environments and consumer behavior are setting into new normal, and businesses need to stay on top of both. The new normal is tougher for retailers because consumers are becoming more mindful of their spending habits and competition is fiercer than ever before. Furthermore, these new norms seem set to persist. Therefore businesses need to stimulate digital transformation acceleration to maximize revenue, accelerate product delivery, and meet the demands of today's and tomorrow's consumers.

By fostering a 360-degree view of consumers, we can take businesses in the retail & consumer goods industry to the next level of personalized services their customers will appreciate. With the power of artificial intelligence at the tip of your fingers, we can promote effective data-driven decisions to pave the way for a greater share of the market.

Our digital transformation strategies are never predetermined but rather customized to fit the needs of each business giving rise to the metabolic rate of retailers at which they process information and develop a new offering to ensure building a truly remarkable customer experience.

Media & Communication

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Nowadays, consumers aren't looking for entertainment, but rather a cohesive, and streamlined experience. Since social media, user-generated content, and video games have become more available and accessible, the market has been disrupted to a certain extent. Businesses in the media & communication industries are at the mercy of market disruptions and seek to connect with their audiences based on user interest.

M&C companies can take advantage of digital transformation to put themselves in the hearts of digital-savvy, mobile-first, and media-hungry consumers.

Cyntexa's mission is to help businesses in the M&C industry to become more agile, flexible, and efficient in an ever-changing technological world. With our team of experts at your help, you're on your way to the next generation of technology and staying ahead of the game.


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Innovation is a constant feature of the technology sector, so to stay competitive in the market, an organization needs to be agile and innovative. The fierce global competition, continuously evolving ecosystems, and cost management, make it difficult to adopt innovation.

We begin by assessing your company's readiness for digital transformation to identify its challenges and drive a digital transformation strategy to help you stay ahead of the evolving market demands.

Professional Services

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As the professional services industry evolves, there is a never-ending onslaught of challenges. Most challenges relate to customer acquisition, customer retention, embracing new technology, as well as meeting the needs of evolving customers. The ongoing remote work culture is putting the organization under the pressure of adopting technologies to ensure smooth collaboration with teams and increase productivity.

Your vision of building a connected team can be fulfilled with the cloud. Getting all team members from different departments to work together without being hampered by their geographical location is what the cloud can offer. The adoption of digital transformation can also enable sales and marketing teams to establish 360-degree views of their customers, enabling more personalized communication with them.

Since we're rooted in the service industry, we know what drives professional service providers and how technology can address their challenges. In a world where technology and expertise are in short supply, we can help you meet your customers' evolving needs by opening up new engagement channels that allow you to customize every aspect of your customer's experience.

Energy & Utilities

In today's energy and utility sector, disruption is at an unprecedented level. As the industry strives to become more efficient, costs are rising, energy intensity is decreasing, customer expectations are changing, and extreme weather conditions are plaguing the industry.

With the rise of digitalization, the energy industry is poised for a revolution, with the potential to improve the safety, productivity, accessibility, and sustainability of energy systems in a way that we have never seen before.

We have deep knowledge of the challenges and opportunities that lie in the energy & utilities industry that can be unlocked with technology. Our goal is to guide you toward defining a digital vision that scales your business and cultivates a solid foundation for automating business processes that improve the customer experience and save costs.

Empowering Ecommerce With Commerce, Marketing and Service Cloud


ECommerce is one of the highly lucrative industries. We are seeing a lot of E-Commerce companies competing against each other to offer the easiest and most intuitive user experience that meets the user's expectations. Nowadays when the majority of consumers are favoring the mobile-first shopping experience, e-commerce businesses are experiencing the need for responsive design and data-driven mobile UX to ensure easy accessibility of their store on smartphones.

The adoption of new and innovative technologies in the eCommerce industry can result in an improved customer experience. By leveraging cloud technology, businesses can leverage a centralized view of their customer data to create a more personalized shopping experience from first contact to final purchase. Furthermore, the scalability of cloud technologies makes it convenient for eCommerce businesses to elevate the technology along with their increasing customer base and needs.

With our pioneering approach to technology advancement, we design digital transformation strategies that are tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the industry to ensure that eCommerce businesses experience sustainable growth for the long term.


Digital disruption has almost reached every industry in the world today and manufacturing is no exception. A major theme that manufacturers hold in common is the need to integrate all aspects of manufacturing to boost efficiency and minimize the cost of operating the production facility.

Digital transformation is proving to be an important enabler to transform manufacturing industries as a whole. As the manufacturing ecosystem expands, cloud technology has the potential to connect production, sales, and planning so that new growth opportunities can be identified while risks are minimized.

We have a team of consultants, architects, and engineers who understand the unique challenges of the manufacturing industry. By combining our expertise with next-gen technologies, we help manufacturing companies of all sizes forecast demand accurately, manage their end-to-end supply chains, and improve sales & lead conversions.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

The healthcare & life sciences industry’s top priorities include improving care strategies, maximizing value, and refining patient experiences while ensuring the secure storage & access to patient information.

Harnessing technology, healthcare is paving the way for reduced costs, enhanced privacy, and improved patient care thanks to collaboration & interoperability in their business operations.

With top-notch domain expertise, a flawless team of talent, and the capability to deliver forward-looking innovations, we can deliver healthcare strategies that are both industry-driven and tailored to your specific requirements.

Logistics & Transportation

The logistics & transportation industry is brimming with complexity, including multiple supply chains, high operating costs, and fragmented communication.

By leveraging the cloud-first infrastructure, the entire operations of the logistics business can coexist seamlessly to serve your internal and external operations efficiently.

Enhance data capabilities, automate processes to stay abreast of the rising needs of customers and the environment, while gaining greater supply chain visibility with the help of logistics experts. Our goal in logistics & transportation is to deliver a positive customer experience and improve the efficiency of every operation within the company, which includes shipping, fleet management, asset tracking, transportation management, order management, warehouse management, etc.


The non-profit sector faces a variety of challenges, including disparate systems and a wealth of data that can make it difficult to stay on top of change.

Technological advancements can enhance positive experiences and accelerate social impact for non-profit organizations. Using data-driven analytics can help them determine how their business is performing and where they should focus their efforts to maximize their profits and minimize their overhead expenses.

Creating a transformed non-profit organization begins with determining the efficiency and productivity of all departments. This is where we come in. Based on your business needs, our consultants communicate with you to develop effective digital transformation strategies that will improve workflows, and reduce costs while adding value to the communities your business serves.

Real Estate

The real estate industry is one of the oldest and fastest-growing economies in the world. It is the relationship-driven sector, focusing strongly on customer needs. In the wake of changing customer behavior and technology influencing the decision of buying a property, forcing real estate companies to adopt technology to remain relevant and competitive.

Introducing cloud technology into the real estate industry has the potential to be a game-changer for the industry to be more productive and client-centric. By connecting buyers, sellers, stakeholders, and real estate agents on the same system, the technology can foster a profitable environment for both customers and real estate agencies.

Revolutionize Real Estate With Salesforce
Strengthen Education With Salesforce Education Cloud


Educational institutions find themselves at a crossroads, navigating both challenges and immense possibilities. As online education became the norm, learners had more choices, preferences, and demands than ever before. They sought learning experiences that were tailored to their individual goals, interests, and styles, as well as flexible and engaging enough to keep them motivated and satisfied.

Digital transformation is an important force for educational institutions to innovate and create an ecosystem that promotes lifelong learning, efficient administration, and personalized learning.

In a partnership with real estate companies of all sizes, Cyntexa specializes in ideating, incubating, and delivering a variety of digital transformation services to help them succeed in the digital age. Our high-caliber team of experts assesses your business requirements and brings technology-led transformation that will precisely appreciate your business goals.

Cyntexa goes beyond technology, we understand the evolving needs of educational institutions and provide them with customized solutions that suit their specific requirements.

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Increased Customer satisfaction


Dedcution in business cost


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Revolutionized Customer Experience: Salesforce Vlocity Communications Cloud Skyrocketed Customer Retention by 50%


Reduction in Request Handling time


Increase in Customer retention


Elevation in User Interface


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Reduction in manual efforts


Improved Staff Productivity


Minimized Data Loss


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Footwear Finesse: Orchestrating a 50% Sales Uplift Through Store Management


Increase in sales


Improvement in capturing customer insights


Enhancement in customer experience


Seamless expansion of inventory

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Footwear Finesse

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