Slack AI, Lists, and Automation: New Features for Productive Teams

September 11, 2023 eye-glyph 78

Salesforce is adopting AI at a rapid pace to make its offerings more intelligent. Slack, the most used productivity tool brings the power of AI to help businesses transform the way they work. New Slack product innovations such as Slack AI, Slack lists, and automation have been released to make Slack a more intelligent productivity tool.

This blog will help you to go in-depth on the Salesforce product innovation.

What is Slack AI?

Slack AI

Slack AI is built natively on the trusted Slack’s foundation. It brings the power of a new set of Generative AI smarts to the Slack platform backed by the Salesforce Einstein AI engine.

Slack AI works to help businesses improve productivity and communication between different teams by introducing capabilities such as AI-powered search, channel recap, smart suggestions, and more. Slack AI eases the business’s worry of using customer data for model training. It offers strong security and compliance just like Slack, so businesses can be confident that their data is safe and won’t be used for unauthorized purposes.

Let’s discuss what Slack AI can do for you:

Channel Recap

It helps you find the important messages, eliminating the hurdle of walking through irrelevant chatter. It provides the channel recap in the flow of work and AI-powered capabilities find the relevant information from the collective knowledge of the channel.

Thread Summaries

Slack AI helps you get the gist of the thread without having to scroll through all messages with one click. It can automatically generate thread summaries with AI-powered search capabilities.

Search Answers

Slack AI empowers customers to find the answer from the conversational data. Simply ask a question and Slack AI will not only revert you back to relevant messages, and files but also share an AI-generated summary to boost your knowledge base.

Slack Automation

Slack automation improves the capabilities of the platform to automate repetitive tasks. Here is how Slack automation can help you:

No Code Workflow Builder

The new workflow builder empowers anyone to automate repetitive tasks with no code. It offers support for connectors like Google Workspace, Atlassian, Asana, and more to help you work with multiple tools under one workflow. With seamless connectivity with Salesforce Flow, admin-approved Salesforce automation can also be created.

Build and Deploy Custom Slack Apps, Hosted in Slack

Slack product innovations enable the developers to create custom Salesforce apps that can be hosted in Slack itself. Developers enable more advanced custom business logic simplifying business needs.

Centralized Access to Automation Workflows

Automation workflows can be easily accessed from the dedicated hub. From templates, and recent workflows to all workflows used across the organization can be easily accessed from one place. Users can also use the workflows created by other teams creating a copy of it and customizing it accordingly.

Slack Lists

Slack list empowers the customers to track work, tirage requests, and project management from Slack.

1. Project Tracking

Slack lists let users track projects that involve collaborations, tasks, or data from other members. For example, new product development, marketing campaigns, and more.

With Slack list, users can easily assign the owners to a project, track the project progress, and discuss the project in detail without leaving Slack. Each project detail is stored in a separate thread making it easier to follow the project progress.

2. Manage Product Launch

The Slack list enables the easy tracking of project dependencies and progress within Slack making it easier to manage the launches. When a new project is assigned to the users, they will be notified like other Slack notifications.

3. Approval Management

With the help of the workflow builder, the project assignee user can discuss the requestor and close them once they’re finished.

Final Take

These improved Slack product innovations undoubtedly improve the intelligence of the Slack platform to boost their productivity. Slack AI and Slack list will be in the pilot this winter where they will be tested by users in real-world conditions. Slack list is expected to be available in 2024. While Workflow Builder is available now under the paid plans.

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