Salesforce Announces Dreamforce 2021 as a Global In-person Event

March 17, 2021 eye-glyph 78


Weren’t you too sad that the year 2020 came with the news that all your outdoor plans have been canceled, most importantly the exciting concerts and some of the year’s best events? And what about the technology lovers from all around the world, who had no other option other than learning to stay virtually connected rather than have an in-person experience in the big conferences that would have helped them to grow further in big platforms like Salesforce But, now it’s time to start afresh and be excited about this upcoming event announcement that happened just a few days back. No, it’s not a rumor or mere speculation anymore as Dreamforce is moving ahead in 2021 as a Global In-person event! For the ones who can’t travel during these hard times, you could also be a part of this by being virtually connected with such a big ‘in-person’ event. Isn’t this more interesting news similar to your favorite band planning a live concert? 

In this blog, let’s know more about this exciting event, Dreamforce 2021, and what all it encompasses.

What is Dreamforce?

Dreamforce is an event exclusively held by Salesforce and known to be one of the biggest tech conferences in the world. This event is actually for four days and nights that are scheduled to be full of networking opportunities for the people who are or wished to be a part of the Salesforce Platform, the world’s largest CRM platform. There are sessions, keynotes, parties, and casual meetings for all 4 days and nights. 

Dreamfest is said to be one of the most fun and inspiring nights at Dreamforce. During these happening nights, attendees have the chance to rock out and dance the night away.

Dreamforce started back in 2003 which has transformed into more than just a conference and has become a kind of experience that is organized to celebrate the Trailblazers and customer success.

Every year brings out the best as well as the brightest to come to the Dreamforce event, wherein one can meet many new people who can help in building up one’s career. 

What is Dreamforce all About?

Dreamforce 2021 is Salesforce’s 19th annual Dreamforce experience. Dreamforce has eventually evolved itself into so much more than a mere conference. It is known to be an experience like no other. The Admins, Developers, Consultants, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Technical Architects, Customers, Companies, App Builders, Visionaries, Partners, Salesforce MVPs – all of them ensure that this event would become a lifetime experience for all its attendees.

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff and the executive team typically reunite thousands of Salesforce partners and customers at this particular event, which aims at focusing on hot technology-related topics like cloud computing, SaaS applications, CRM, automation, sales, marketing, and much more. Moreover, Acquisitions made by Salesforce such as Heroku, Mulesoft, and Tableau are typically represented at the event.

As it is the largest event of Salesforce, Dreamforce aims at offering the best stage to encounter and further develop connections there, while also sharing the best practices with them. The activities like Dreamfest and Dreampark would enable one to have sufficient time to have associations with new individuals and invest the time in meeting the Ohana members. This network doesn’t get limited to this Dreamforce event only and thus, proves to be a lot beneficial everywhere on a larger scale for one who has been networking at such events.

While the keynotes from the powerful and important technology-related people are useful, the Expo-Floor at Dreamforce platform has certainly become an important part. It provides one with the right exposure and a chance to grab some conversations with the partners regarding the applications that have been developed to expand the Salesforce Platform. The Expo, in all these years, has proven to be the right opportunity for someone who requires or has the potential to eventually have an improved personality. To gain more of one’s own time, one could easily go to the Salesforce AppExchange marketplace and check out the potential vendors before going ahead in the event. This would enable one to bring in more focus to a greater extent with the recommendations and have an experience of thousands of advancements that could be easily accessible with the right knowledge about the same.

When and Where will Dreamforce 2021 Happen?

Salesforce Dreamforce 2021 is scheduled to be a face-to-face conference and will be taking place on September 21-23, 2021 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Moreover, there will be parallel events planned to run on the same days in New York City, London as well as Paris. Some interesting online content has also been planned.

At a great event like Dreamforce 2021 amidst an ongoing pandemic, the top priority would be health and safety. For the same reason, Salesforce would be following all the local COVID-19 public health guidelines. In the United States, the ones attending the ‘in-person’ event will be needed to be fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. Few leaders from the medical community, including world-renowned epidemiologist Dr. Larry Brilliant, would be working alongside Salesforce to help in ensuring the safety of all the event’s attendees. Moreover, Salesforce will also be working with its longtime partner Marriott which would be incorporating the industry’s best practices to ensure the creation of safer experiences for all.

The registrations for the same will be opened later this summer and the sponsorship opportunities will be quite limited, as they are made available only on an invite basis this time.


In last year’s event, Salesforce had completely re-explored Dreamforce. A digital version of ‘Dreamforce to You’ was hosted to bring back in the power and inspiration for the trailblazers who are spread all around the globe with more than 140 million views, a live-streamed keynote, personalized content, and a four-day digital learning experience. The Dreamforce 2021 would be building upon this success while bringing together some innovative, inspirational, and immersive ‘in-person’ and digital experiences across a global campus.

The Dreamforce 2021 event, while finally going live over a physical location with audiences, would further be a sign of revival even for the tourism industry, as per the city officials. 

Keep yourself updated on the latest updates for Salesforce Dreamforce 2021 and don’t miss out on the beginning of its registration process. Even though it is still 4 months away, the organizers have already started working hard to ensure both the health and safety of all the attendees.

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