Salesforce Introduces New Slack Innovations To Boost Up Team Productivity

September 30, 2022 eye-glyph 78

The acquisition of Slack by Salesforce had begun a ripple effect in the technology world, which has enhanced the developments caused by Slack. Recently, Slack announced Huddles, Canvases, and a New Developer Platform, which would improve the digital headquarters of businesses worldwide. The digital flexibility caused by these innovations increases the opportunity of working with better productivity. For the first time, the developer platform of Slack would be introducing an open beta, and with the three major updates, Slack has paved the way for a new way of flexibly conducting business.  

The innovation of Slack has been based on the valuation of collaboration in organizations today. Further, to lead more engaged employees, the need for communication, and user-friendly and contextual tools has increased, which set the bar for Slack higher. However, through its innovations, the understanding of Slack made it realize that open platforms make innovating regularly possible, and the right tools would permit teams to centralize the different experiences of the customers. This is where the innovations of Slack contribute the most. 

What is Slack, And Who Needs It?

Slack is a messaging platform that assists businesses in connecting individuals with the kind of information they require. Slack works towards transforming the way of communication within an organization through collaborating individuals in a single unified team. The functionality of Slack Connect lets the teams within an organization engage with customers, agencies, vendors, and external partners productively. This allows exceptional experiences to be delivered, which contribute to the overall growth of the business. With the assistance of Slack, the sales team could increase productivity with different insights and automation, engage their partners and customers in real-time securely, and motivate the other teams to keep the deals going forward. 

Organizations require Slack due to their need for a single platform to operate their businesses and connect their partners, customers, and employees with each other and applications for everyday use. Slack and Salesforce delivered Customer 360, placing Slack at the forefront and providing a seamless procedure for conducting business.  

Get To Know About Slack Innovations At Dreamforce 2022

The innovation of Slack is based on three principles – making what had been hard in the office better, bringing together the most loved aspect of the office, and unique value creation for the digital headquarter. These three principles together make Slack a new and better way of conducting business. 

New slack innovations

#1 Slack Canvas

Slack Canvas is a single space for collaboration that consists of different kinds of data, including elements of interaction. Salesforce launched this tool at the conference Dreamforce 2022. A new digital headquarters, Slack Canvas, transforms how teams work by sharing, organizing, and curating critical resources for the organization. Paired with the platform Slack, it would be possible for anyone to customize a canvas with the assistance of automation, saving time and extracting data from record systems just like Salesforce Customer 360 does. To make Slack Canvas better, Quip has been integrated with Slack, providing a permanent place for resources and providing Canvas comments that consist of similar functionality as Slack.   

#2 Slack Huddles

Slack huddles permit users to get into quick conversations, from direct messages to audio call received from any channel. This avoids the hassle and gets things resolved quickly by getting meetings scheduled. Huddles build on the experience of providing experiences that prioritize audio and sharing screens with multiple people, threading messages, and power live coworking sessions together in the digital headquarters. Slack Huddles include a pop-out window, screen, video share, post-huddle threads, and chat in threads and actions. 

#3 New Slack Developer Platform

The creation, customization, and sharing of workflows between teams have been made easier with a new set of developer modular tools, including reusable building blocks that automate work and make the processes easier and faster. A new developer experience would be introduced in open beta, where developers would be able to reach different technologies sooner, unlike a closed beta which only provides advantages to the invited. 

Integrate Slack with Salesforce

About Slack Partner Industry Solutions

The Slack partner industry solutions assist customers in different sectors and industries navigate themselves in an era of new digital transformations. The certified Salesforce Consulting Partners of Slack include Cyntexa, NeuraFlash, PwC, Accenture, Capgemini, Atrium, Deloitte, IBM, Globant, KPMG, Slalom, and Silverline would be launching their first wave of solutions for different sectors or industries such as technology, media, retail, communications, manufacturing, and financial services. 

Wrapping Up

Slack New Platform is an extraordinary innovation by Salesforce which has an immense capacity to assist different organizations in several ways. The new version of Slack goes beyond what it was initially made to do. Now, it accelerates sales and increases profitability, streamlines service agent productivity and onboarding, and drives improved outcomes from campaigns instilled with collaboration. Also, Slack is integrated with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, which helps teams measure, execute, and set up their campaigns directly on the platform of Slack.  

With this newly developed Slack containing the new Slack innovations, the experts at Cyntexa assist you in helping your customers navigate the changes in technologies. Particularly during this remote and hybrid working period, the introduction of capabilities such as Slack Huddles, Connect, Canvas, etc., increase the working and productivity in digital headquarters and increase customer value.  

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