Salesforce Data Cloud, Google, and Integration for Building Relevant Ad Campaigns

December 14, 2023 eye-glyph 78

Salesforce Data Cloud has been one of the fastest-growing products in Salesforce history, solving all the data-related problems that have existed since the introduction of CRM. Continuing to serve Salesforce customers and their ever-changing needs, Data Cloud announced integrations with Google Ads and LinkedIn.

This integration is a significant step forward enabling marketers to leverage first-party data from Salesforce CRM to create highly personalized ad campaigns on Google Ads and LinkedIn.

This strategic integration partnership will facilitate more personalized marketing campaigns, better customer understanding, and running effective ad campaigns at lower cost.

Salesforce Data Cloud integration with Google Ads and LinkedIn: What’s new?

As said, this integration will enable marketers to eliminate the data silos between the Salesforce Data Cloud, Google ads, and LinkedIn. Here is a brief overview of what new capabilities this integration brings to markets;

Google Display & Video 360: Connect ads across channels

With the help of Google Display & Video 360, marketers can create a unified and consistent advertisement experience across multiple channels including display, video, TV, audio, etc. Marketers can create unified customer profiles from the Data Cloud. So they can create ads tailored to the specific preferences and behavior of each customer, boosting customer engagement.

Target a network of over 1 billion active professionals on LinkedIn

Marketers can use their first-party data and artificial intelligence to score the interest level of potential professionals on LinkedIn interested in their products. This first-party data can be sourced from different Salesforce products like Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Service Cloud.

Final take

The integration of Salesforce Data Cloud with Google Ads, and LinkedIn marks a significant advancement in the personalization in marketing. It brings the power of three industry giants to enable marketers to revolutionize the way they approach marketing strategies.

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