Salesforce Introduces New Customer 360 Innovations to Fuel High-Trust Relationships

June 24, 2022 eye-glyph 78

Being a global market leader in its field, Salesforce is always committed to making its clients’ experience easier and more efficient. Continuing the practice, it recently added some great features- New Customer 360 Innovation, which aimed to enhance the customer experience. It has integrated commerce service data and marketing on a single platform. Besides saving companies from switching between multiple interfaces, it will also empower them to deliver more personalized yet prompt customer experiences at a large scale without compromising data privacy compliance.

Salesforce Introduces New Customer 360 Innovation across Commerce and Marketing Cloud

The innovations will help companies automate, connect, and personalize the customer experience to build a strong synergy between customer preferences, engagement activities, and personalized transactions. The model is based on a first-party data model that enables companies to easily optimize varied interactions for each individual. Along with strengthening the customer relationship, it will also help businesses to build a healthy community of loyal clients.

Along with data unification, the new features under Salesforce Customer 360 Innovation also support seamless switching between multi-platform interactions. So, customers can interact with businesses across different platforms without losing the communication thread. This consistency in communication helps businesses and customers to track the key conversations for understanding/delivering the expectations.

The smart infrastructure and mechanism allow businesses to automate tedious tasks without losing the personalized appeal- which translates to higher productivity and improved customer relationships.

Next-gen Marketing and Commerce Cloud for Industries

The deeper insights into customers’ demographics and preferences enable retailers to strategically categorize their product catalogs and match them against specific demographics. By optimizing catalogs to appeal to specific demographics, businesses can get better responses and higher RoI out of their social media ad campaigns by linking ads to their site.

Next gen Marketing and Commerce Cloud for Industries
  • Retailers can shortlist the products that best match the preferences of specific demographics. It increases conversion opportunities by enabling retailers to synchronize and optimize item catalogs accordingly. It also helps boost the RoI of their social media campaigns by working out ad material/strategies that align best with the demographic preferences of targeted groups.
  • Banking staff can use a unified client profile as a single source of information to identify the key factors of customers hinting at their financial requirements, like accounts, past interactions, and credit history. Etc. It empowers banks to pitch only the most relevant services to clients that match their profile and current needs.
  • The customer survey sessions of healthcare insurance providers can recommend products based on customers’ responses. Relevant recommendations facilitate informed decisions that increase sales opportunities.
  • The new features enable a service agent to unlock more relevant information about customers during live interaction sessions by capturing key data points in real time. Based on that, they can propose products/services of other brands that best match their appliances.

Features of Next-gen Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud brings a new approach to digital commerce, with innovations that make every transaction more profitable.

The new features added to Commerce Cloud will boost the overall potential of digital commerce by extracting maximum profit from each transaction. Moreover, when used strategically, these features can actively help extend businesses’ commercial possibilities by adding new demographics, re-engaging customers, and delivering optimum experiences across multiple commerce platforms.

Features of Next-gen Commerce Cloud
  1. Integrate third-party products: Cross-selling is among the easiest ways to increase order value. Now, businesses can smoothly build, manage and grow their marketplace solutions on the commerce cloud, allowing them to add other brands’ products to increase the number of items further. It extends its reach to more demographics and plays a vital role in allowing them to acquire new markets. Moreover, they can also optimize other features like adding to the size of carts, increasing commission, and modifying vendor subscription fees for membership.
  2. Create TikTok ads: Media-first social networking platforms such as TikTok help businesses connect at an interactive level with their global audiences. Businesses can harness the power of new-age visual media TikTok by linking their TikTok ads with their ecommerce sites. It empowers businesses to design/automate various product feeds, categorize the audiences and publish advertisements when searching for new audiences.
  3. Secured Payment Solutions: Partners can easily support secured payment solutions. With reliable order management and secured payment solutions supported by partner services, it becomes easier for companies to achieve their productivity and sales goals.
  4. Web 3.0 Experience: Innovative ideas and the latest trends attract both masses and classes. NFT is one such trend fast gaining currency among the digital population. The NFT Cloud pilot offers businesses a reliable way to enhance customer experience by delivering them to web 3 environments. There is a direct and easy provision for minting, managing, and trading NFT on the salesforce customer 360 platforms. It also has an option for integrating customer data with the salesforce customer 360 platform, which helps get a wholesome idea about the physical and digital ecosystem of the customers.

Features of Next-gen Marketing Cloud

The new features of the salesforce marketing cloud aim to increase marketers’ productivity and efficiency by personalizing customer interactions. With a more humanized experience, marketers would be in a better position to influence buying decisions.

Features of Next-gen Marketing Cloud
  1. Direct customer engagement through triggered messages: Triggered campaign messages remarkably improve one on one customer engagement by adding more specific triggers and reactions like optimizing product catalogs based on behavioral triggers. It will facilitate directly engaging the customers when unavailable items are restocked or relevant promo offers are applied.
  2. Centralized Communication Platform: The centralized communication through slack will empower brands to monitor the different activities across commerce efficiently and Marketing Cloud to assess the performance, detect gaps and do the needful. By acting on these insights, companies can take prompt action before issues become business barriers like revenue loss, more opt-outs, etc.
  3. Google Ads and Salesforce Customer Data Platform: Businesses can personalize their data platform interface by creating segment-specific insights based on first-party customer data, engaging targeted audiences for longer. Besides, they can multiply the RoI of Google ad platforms by seamlessly connecting first-party customer info to their profiles, allowing them to optimize the personalized Google ad campaigns extensively.
  4. Intelligence Connector for Real-time customer experience: By seamlessly bridging orders and product data, the connector helps optimize customer experience as per their evolving tastes or changed behavior. Besides, businesses can allocate the budget smartly to strategies with high RoI possibilities. Furthermore, the personalized views based on real-time orders received during promo offers/top-selling products also help maximize conversion opportunities.
  5. Single platform visibility: The app offers unified single platform visibility of commerce and marketing data/KPIs that facilitates easy access and creates more user-friendly dashboards with key insights and interactive capabilities that prompt actions.
  6. Efficient communication monitoring: Businesses have a single communication platform, so it becomes easier to monitor communications related to diverse departments. It allows businesses to monitor activities, assess performance, and take timely actions to assure optimum RoI.
  7. New AppExchange Partners: With its latest CDP and Commerce Cloud partnerships, Salesforce can provide a more personalized and focused experience to help businesses cater better to their customers.
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Customer and Partners Drive More Future Engagement

The innovative features of Salesforce actively help businesses to analyze first-party data in detail and identify key touchpoints of different customers. Based on these valuable insights powered by Salesforce Customer 360 features, businesses can personalize the customer experience across digital and physical ecosystems to make their shopping experience seamless, streamlined, and more relevant through smart recommendations. It also multiplies the selling opportunities for the businesses, thus creating a win-win situation for both businesses and customers. Along with delivering short-term benefits like sales growth, it allows businesses to create future engagement with their customers by catering best to their needs and preferences.


Customer satisfaction is the key parameter for assessing the success of Customer relationship management. As a globally respected name in the CRM field, Salesforce has always been committed to helping businesses and customers gain the best value by optimizing both selling and shopping experiences and delivering better after-sales services. The recently added new features in its marketing and commerce cloud under Customer 360 Innovation further empower businesses to automate, unify and personalize their outreach and business activities to best match the customers’ expectations.

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