Salesforce Introduces All-New Sales Cloud Unlimited

June 29, 2022 eye-glyph 78

Salesforce recently announced the launch of Salesforce Sales Cloud “Unlimited Edition.” This newly launched edition of the Sales Cloud acts as a unified solution for all Sales needs of businesses. Salesforce understands how tiresome it is for businesses to keep switching between various platforms and applications to get some repetitive jobs accomplished, and that’s why the Unlimited edition of Sales Cloud is designed and developed by equipping some AI and ML-powered features in it, which is going to make work easier. Before we see what we get in the Unlimited Edition of Salesforce Sales Cloud. Let us see all about the Salesforce Sales Cloud.

All about Sales Cloud and Sales Cloud Unlimited Edition

Salesforce Sales Cloud is designed to help businesses get off their spreadsheets and business processes. It will allow businesses to provide an individual platform from which businesses can have a complete view of the customer conversion and purchase journey. This single-way platform helps businesses improve the productivity of their Sales Analysts and generate better revenue and profits for their businesses. One must think that Sales Cloud is about helping the Sales teams and providing solutions to support them, but that is not the case. Sales Cloud allows functionalities to every team who supports and serves the business’s customers. For instance, the Customer Success team can utilize the Salesforce Sales Cloud to onboard new customers along with attending to requests by customers which generally are not dealt with under customer support.

Being a part of Salesforce’s Customer 360 platform, Sales Cloud understands every business is different and has different needs, which is why the Salesforce Sales Cloud comes in different editions with different pricing. The editions of Sales Cloud are Essential Edition, Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition, and the newly launched Unlimited Edition.

  1. Essential edition of Sales Cloud is suitable for small businesses with up to 10 members. It provides services like basic sales management and automated processes to track accounts, customer cases, and many more.
  2. Professional Edition is suitable for businesses that have more of a requirement for reporting and forecasting in their work. The Professional edition and the basic services allow businesses to create and track records and quotes. Businesses can even edit those quotes and order as per their required customization.
  3. Enterprise edition allows businesses to customize the Sales Cloud platform per their needs by opting for more complex processes and integrating with systems via the web services API. The basic services are included in the enterprise edition.
  4. Unlimited edition launched recently, which acts as a digital automated factory setup for large organizations, serving each of their needs. The most important feature of the Unlimited edition of Salesforce Sales Cloud is that admins can access multiple sandboxes for developing and testing purposes, allowing them to try and test multiple functionalities before feeding them into production and pushing them out for customers in the market.

Features of All-New Sales Cloud Unlimited

The new Unlimited edition of Salesforce Sales Cloud houses built-in AI solutions integrated and powered by Sales Cloud Einstein and Einstein Activity Capture. Below points are some of the features which are offered to businesses in this newly launched edition:

Features of Salesforce Sales Cloud Unlimited

1. Sales Engagement and Salesforce Inbox

This newly launched edition consists of customer insights, Sales engagement, and salesforce inbox features, along with coaching to Sales reps for call conversations. The cloud edition can analyze call details to provide deeper insights and feedback.

2. Built-in AI Solution

The Unlimited edition of Salesforce Sales Cloud is equipped with Salesforce Sales Cloud Einstein capabilities and its Activity capture feature. It helps and supports Sales Reps in their daily tasks by providing them with millions of recommendations and insights to work on. There is eight new built-in AI automation to enhance the productivity of the Sales teams.

3. Self-Service Subscription Management for Revenue Cloud

After a successful pilot phase launch in September 2021, Subscription Management for Revenue Cloud is now generally available for customers worldwide to leverage its benefits. It helps businesses manage the subscription journey as a whole from any service channel, from product to cash, all at the same flow of work.

Since it has integration capability into e-Commerce, in-app systems, and various self-service touchpoints, it allows businesses to offer customers self-service options over their channels.

Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation Unlimited CTA

4. Revenue Intelligence

The Unlimited Edition of Sales Cloud consists of various versions of revenue intelligence customized according to various industries worldwide. The different versions of revenue intelligence are Finance Services Cloud Intelligence, Manufacturing Cloud Intelligence, Consumer Goods Cloud Intelligence, Energy & Utilities Cloud Intelligence, and Communication Cloud Intelligence.

5. New Sales Cloud for Slack

Sales Cloud for Slack, announced last August, is generally available for customers to use in their systems. The Sales Cloud for Slack in Unlimited Edition will allow teams to automate deal statuses along with maintaining records over Salesforce seamlessly to feed pipeline analytics.
It will be easier for teams to close deals swiftly because of better collaborations in real time.

How do Sales Reps Become Trusted Advisors with Sales Cloud Unlimited?

In the new edition of Salesforce Sales Cloud, Sales Reps would not be required to kill their time by jumping between various applications to finish their tasks. The cloud is designed to serve Sales Reps with every requirement over a single platform, allowing them to dive into the insights they receive from the Einstein capabilities of the Sales Cloud unlimited edition and use those insights to build stronger connections with customers and serve as a trusted advisor. Along with this, the unlimited edition is designed to provide automation over customer service and call coaching, which will certainly help sales reps win the trust of their customers and act as their trusted advisors.

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Salesforce Sales Cloud’s Unlimited edition is no less than an automated laboratory for Sales reps and other customer supporting teams as it is equipped with various kinds of automation and AI capabilities to help them serve the best. Salesforce Sales Cloud unlimited edition is the answer to many demands, which we can study from the statement of Michelle Morgan, IDC “Right now everyone is trying to do more with less and to consolidate to create a single sales cycle workplace. The revamped Sales Cloud Unlimited Edition meets all those criteria and covers the most critical pieces — engagement and enablement.”

Cyntexa can help you choose the right Sales Cloud edition for your business if you are new to Salesforce and overwhelmed with the options. Get in touch with us and get the best for your business.

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