Salesforce Launches Slack Sales Elevate

August 7, 2023 eye-glyph 78

Salesforce announced the debut of Slack Sales Elevate in the Sales Cloud. Sales teams can now push their productivity by having an instant access pipeline, real-time data, and getting notified directly on Slack.

Slack Sales Elevate natively integrates with Sales Cloud allowing users to seamlessly access new sales homes, automation, account updates, and pre-built templates.

The Salesforce Product is now generally available, enabling users to work in a more efficient, more lively sales process and close more deals faster than before.

Acquired to create a “digital HQ’, Salesforce invested $27.7 billion two years ago in whopping Slack. The launch of Slack Sales Elevate indicates the fulfillment of the purpose of connecting workers and boosting collaboration in different teams working cross-channels.

How it’s a win-win? Sales teams face the challenge of being more productive and maximizing revenue, simultaneously fulfilling customer expectations. However, according to Salesforce’s State of Sales Report, sales reps are overwhelmed by administrative work and inefficient tools. As a result, they only spend less than a third of their time on actual selling activities.

Built on Slack and powered by the capabilities of Salesforce data, Slack Sales Elevate promises to leverage CRM data in your selling conversations in Slack. This also helps you to automate administrative tasks and communicate effectively with your partners, peers, and customers. It also ensures speeding your deals with a single view of your customer and all the tools you need in one place.

“Bringing Sales Cloud into Slack and providing new sales productivity tools and automation in Slack helps sellers save time and access the right people and information to make better decisions,” said Rob Seaman, SVP of Product at Slack.

“A Slack-based approach to selling will make it easier than ever for Sales Cloud customers to focus on the work that matters: working with customers and closing deals.”

How Salesforce Slack Sales Elevate Can Transform Your Sales Performance?

Slack Sales Elevate is a powerful app that helps you and your sales team to work smarter and faster in Slack. With the right tools and to-the-point automation in Slack Sales Elevate, you can:

Customize your sales home and keep your eyes on the prize

You can access rich customer data and business insights in one place in Slack. You can also personalize your space with reminders, KPIs, and an easy-to-update and sync view of all opportunities with Salesforce.

Get instant account updates and keep your team in sync on deals

You can receive automatic alerts on deals closed, new opportunities, pipeline changes, and more. For example, you can get notified when opportunities change, so you can better forecast and coach your team. You can also share those changes with your account team in a Slack channel.

Boost your conversions with smart workflows powered by AI

Shortly, Slack Sales Elevate will allow you to create AI-powered, no-code workflows in Salesforce triggered by notifications. When Sales Cloud updates a new opportunity, a workflow could prompt a sales representative to follow up with a message.

Optimize your workflows with scalable solutions and best-in-class practices

With Slack Sales Elevate, you can work on ready-made templates for simplifying processes or utilize Slack canvases to create executive briefings and mutually closing plans. You can also easily include your Salesforce data in these templates and canvases.

Salesforce Slack Sales Elevate: Pricing & Availability

You can access Slack Sales Elevate now for $60 per month per user.

Rolled out on August 2, 2023, Salesforce Slack Sales Elevate is a feature for Slack Business+, higher plans, and Sales Cloud Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited editions.

Slack Sales Elevate is a user-friendly way to bring CRM closer to the platform for the sales team and make their lives more comfortable yet exciting. Salesforce plus Slack Sales Elevate seems visionary, making pipeline management infinitely accessible and efficient.

The future of the Sales team using Salesforce Slack Sales Elevate looks brighter!

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