Salesforce Launches UE+: Revolutionizing Business with Data, AI and CRM

December 20, 2023 eye-glyph 78

In an era where data is the new oil and artificial intelligence is the engine that drives growth, Salesforce has led the way. Introducing Unlimited Edition (UE+), a comprehensive suite designed to turbocharge business development with the power of AI, data, and CRM.

This all-in-one offering provides organizations across various industries with the best of Salesforce technology. From Sales Cloud and Service Cloud to Einstein AI, Data Cloud, Slack, Tableau, and Industries, UE+ is a single, unified platform.

It’s not just about providing technology; it’s about transforming businesses and delivering stronger, more personalized customer experiences.

Unlimited Edition for sales and services

The new unlimited edition plan promises the best of Sales and Service Cloud in a single offering;

Sales Cloud UE+

This plan includes all the features of the Sales Cloud Unlimited Edition plan such as a premier success plan, full sandbox, advanced automation, sales engagement, and more. The additional offering of the Sales Cloud Unlimited Edition plan includes;

  • Data Cloud
  • Generative AI
  • Enablement
  • Sales planning
  • Maps
  • Revenue intelligence
  • Slack
  • Slack Sales Elevate
  • Service Cloud Unlimited Edition+

In addition to the benefits of Service Cloud Unlimited Edition, this plan includes the following;

Salesforce Unlimited Edition+ plan for different Industries

UE+ for Industries includes Sales and Service capabilities with industry-specific data models based on industry-specific requirements.

Financial Service Cloud UE+for Sales and Service

The plan enables banks, asset managers, and insurance agencies to integrate all their customer data into one platform and use AI to deliver a personalized experience at scale. UE+ allows seamless integration of customer engagement data, such as emails, social media, and conference attendance, with business performance data.

Health Cloud Unlimited Edition+ for Service

This pricing plan helps healthcare organizations leverage the capabilities of built-in intelligence, real-time collaboration, and 360-degree of patients, providers, and partners.

Manufacturing Cloud Unlimited Edition+ for Sales

Embedding AI-powered capabilities across the sales cycle, this plan helps manufacturing organizations scale their commercial operations, ultimately driving more revenue.

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