Salesforce Launches Life Sciences Cloud to Revolutionize Pharma and MedTech Engagement

June 20, 2024 eye-glyph 78

Salesforce, a globally recognized CRM platform, has recently announced the introduction of the Life Sciences Cloud to transform Pharma and MedTech Engagement on June 18, 2024

Let’s dive deep into understanding a little more about the platform and its offerings and impact in the CRM ecosystem.

A Brief About Life Sciences Cloud

The Life Sciences Cloud is a comprehensive and intelligent engagement platform that covers clinical, medical, and commercial applications. It is designed specifically for pharmaceutical (pharma) and medical technology (MedTech) organizations, with a focus on improving personalized engagement with patients and healthcare professionals (HCPs). The cloud has a goal to optimize clinical operations through data, automation, and reliable AI sources.

Why Was It Done?

  • To Fight The Recruitment Challenges:

Finding suitable candidates for clinical trials is a highly time-consuming aspect, occupying as much as one-third of the total duration of each study.

  • To Tackle Onboarding Challenges:

More than 80% of trials struggle to enroll the necessary number of patients and consequently face timeline extensions.

  • To Improve Overall Operational Efficiency:

Artificial intelligence offers pharmaceutical and medical technology companies opportunities to enhance efficiency and provide enhanced support to patients and healthcare professionals, whether during clinical trials or maintaining ongoing connections with them.

What’s new to look out for?

The Life Sciences Cloud utilizes the Einstein 1 Platform to deliver an AI-driven, comprehensive solution connecting teams involved in patient and healthcare professional engagement. It aims to enhance processes such as patient enrollment, trial onboarding, and communication.

Here are some features to look out for with the introduction of Life Sciences Cloud;

Participant Recruitment and Enrollment:

The platform enables contract research organizations (CROs), sites, and sponsors to find suitable candidates for clinical trials efficiently. By utilizing generative AI, clinical research coordinators, and site personnel can quickly match patients to trials based on prescreening and eligibility criteria, reducing manual screening time.

Patient Benefits Verification:

This feature facilitates rapid determination of out-of-pocket expenses (finances)and eligibility for financial assistance related to pharmaceuticals or medical diagnostics within life sciences organizations.

Patient Program Outcome Management :

The feature will assist patient service teams and coordinators in capturing and automating the effects of their education and support programs. This includes mapping patient milestones to program outcomes using assessments and event reporting.

Unified Data Platform:

The Unified Data Platform for Life Sciences leverages Salesforce Data Cloud and MuleSoft for Life Sciences to achieve a comprehensive, unified perspective for every patient and healthcare provider (HCP).

This is what Mr. Frank Defesche, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Life Sciences had to say about this launch:

“With these new innovations from Salesforce, life sciences organizations can access the power of predictive and generative AI to make the best use of their data quickly, while helping to automate administrative tasks and identify potential risks in real-time.”

Final Take

The launch of the Life Sciences Cloud represents a major change within the Salesforce ecosystem. It aims to revolutionize how the life sciences industry handles patient and healthcare provider data. This launch marks the start of a new era of efficiency and innovation in healthcare management, leading to notable improvements in patient outcomes and industry standards.

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