Salesforce Starter Suite, Making CRM Affordable and Easy for Small Businesses

August 4, 2023 eye-glyph 78

San Francisco. Salesforce has leveled up its offerings specifically for small businesses by launching Salesfor Starter Suite on Wednesday, August 02, 2023. About a year ago, they rolled out Salesforce Easy, a power-packed CRM for small businesses that allow businesses to manage their Sales, Service, and Marketing operations from one platform.

Now, this offering is renamed Salesforce Starter, keeping in mind the forever-developing needs of small businesses. Be it onboarding built-in tools, email integration, or sales functionality, Salesforce Starter got you covered.

How it’s a win-win: It’s predicted to be more than a CRM, like a partner that will help you win more customers and keep existing customers close. Starter is the CRM for small businesses that want to level up their game. It’s easy to use, affordable, and scalable, so you can grow your business without sacrificing customer experience.

What’s New: Bundled with the most frequently utilized functionalities of three core clouds of Salesforce (Sales, Service, and Marketing), Salesforce Starter offers:

Salesforce Starter Suite Features

Limitless Possibilities with an all-in-one CRM Suite

One app with endless capabilities! With Starter, you get a user-friendly app that guides you through the setup, provides a ready-made dashboard, harnesses the power of AI, and gives you a holistic view of your customer data. Plus, you can access all the features of the Salesforce CRM suite in one package.

Marketing made easy

Experience marketing like never before! Starter helps you attract more leads, segment your markets and campaigns, craft engaging emails with a drag-and-drop builder, and optimize them with AI-powered email optimization and analytics.

Skyrocket Your Sales

Soar to successful customer satisfaction and closure of more deals with Starter’s sales prowess! Starter helps you win more customers with features like AI-driven activity capture, email integration, lead management, streamlined sales paths, and Data Cloud for unified customer insights.

Customer Satisfaction is now achievable

Happy customers, happy life! Keep your valued clients content with Starter’s Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud functionalities. Starter enables you to resolve cases quickly, create personalized experiences, and improve knowledge management.

Salesforce Starter: Pricing & Availability

Salesforce Starter suite has launched on August 2, 2023, with marketing features following soon after.

SMBs can get Starter for only $25 per user per month and experience a simple, powerful, AI-powered CRM solution. Plus, a 30-day trial period is available for Salesforce Starter.

“With Starter, we rethought everything — from how people use the product to how they buy and get started. We improved the user experience to help enterprises move fast, adding in-app guidance and ready-to-use, pre-built tools and templates,” Kris Billmaier, general manager of Salesforce Starter, said in a statement.
“Unlike other lightweight CRM platforms, Starter is built for growth”.

While companies may eventually outgrow Starter, the seamless transition to higher-tier Salesforce solutions makes it a strategic choice.

Embrace Starter for growth and flexibility; your data is already home on the Salesforce platform!

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