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Salesforce Community Cloud (Experience Cloud) Services

Provide your customers, employees and partners to connect with branded spaces in Salesforce Community Cloud (Experience Cloud)

Salesforce Community Cloud are spaces for brands that facilitate connection and collaboration for customers, business partners and employees. The Salesforce Communities can be created within the CRM platform, which provides a streamlined way to share insight and collaborate information with the individuals within the communities.

To reach these communities, Cyntexa helps you to create multiple communities with the help of Salesforce to serve different needs and purposes for the brand. With the different types of communities, the primary advantages to be accounted for are the benefit of staying connected from anywhere at any time, customizing your experience to suit your individual needs, crafting brand experience, and taking control of users. Salesforce Community Cloud Services provides you with a high amount of customization, which allows you to make the communities as simple or as complex as you desire.

How can Salesforce Community Cloud Integration help you transform your customer engagement?

  • Simplified sales recruitment and customized channel structure
  • Address every need of the customer and manage account information
  • Generate revenue with effective self-service for the customers
  • Enable specific event portal branding to provide unique community URLs and floor plan for every event
  • Select the type of Community you want to build – Customer Service, Account Portal, Partner Central, Build Your Own

Our Offerings

We have in-depth knowledge and expertise in Salesforce Community Cloud (Experience Cloud) Services to help your business reach heights in a more accelerated, optimized and effective way.

Business Integration

Business Integration

The Salesforce Communities implementation services are aimed at building flexible and customizable platforms for the users. We offer efficient and automated document and database management features that will help you integrate with any third party of your choice.

Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt

We offer Lightning Bolt that creates next-generation communities with ease and simplicity of Salesforce. The communities and portals seamlessly integrate with Salesforce providing you access to Salesforce cloud and data storage.

Business Integration
Community Setup
Community Setup

Community Setup

The communities of Salesforce can be of four types, customer service, partner, account portal and custom communities. These communities can become spaces for your brand to facilitate connection and collaboration for customers, business partners, and employees. Our experts assist you with preparing the community which would best meet your requirements and needs.

Connect CMS to Community

Connect CMS to Community

Salesforce CMS is a hybrid content management system where you can make, edit, organize, and even manage your digital content from a single central location. You would be able to share content by publishing them in channels such as customer community, marketing email, partner portal, commerce site, or any other digital experience. We help you connect your external CMS to your community for easy maintenance, consistent branding, and materials reuse.

Community Management

Community Management

In community management, you would be able to analyze and map out the metrics, and users, like adoption and engagement, topics, and popular groups. At this, the experienced experts of us help you manage your community, allowing you to receive access to pre-configured and customizable lightning dashboards.

Journey Builder

Journey Builder

Journey builder helps in the identification of the moments which are significant in the overall customer experience and can be used to power one-to-one relationships. With Journey Builder, you could align your messages across every marketing channel while having B2C journey management to ameliorate your services provided to the clients.

Community Management
Community Reporting
Community Reporting

Community Reporting

Community reporting is used to see several community areas’ long-term and short-term trends. It provides access to an AppExchange package pre-configured, which easily leads to reporting for the community managers.

Automation in Community

Automation in Communities

We provide automation services that let you share contacts, leads, and records with your partners with the Salesforce Communities. It allows you to integrate third-party systems to centralize the pricing, inventory, and avoid channel conflict with deal registration and lead distribution.

Data Sharing

Data Sharing

We offer Data Sharing that allows you to connect with a range of people, from partners to product experts. It lets you adjust sharing settings allowing you to restrict access to only relevant information and give way to more opportunities.

Chatter Collaboration

Chatter Collaboration

Chatter is a collaboration application by Salesforce which can be used in real-time and allows users to share information, communicate with each other, and work together. With the experience of the experts at Cyntexa, through chatter collaboration, you can permit your employees to find the subject-matter proficients, collaborate on the projects, and get more than only updates with Salesforce Communities.

Data Sharing

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We connect you with our experts who try to understand your business requirements and challenges that you are facing with your current implementation by asking relevant questions.




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What makes us different from others?

When it comes to Salesforce Community Cloud consulting services, we believe ourselves to be innovative leaders, and we further believe that how you define yourself is how you get perceived by the world. We provide the development, customization, and implementation services which justify our experience with the industries we have served.


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Salesforce Community Cloud Implementation Projects

Industries We Serve

Real Estate Industry


Activate customer relationships, streamline digital lending, and elevate digital experiences across your branches with Communities.

HealthCare Industry


Provide your customers with a personalized care journey and collaborate across the entire healthcare system.

Media Industry


Maximize your audience engagement by providing them with relevant and engaging content.

Retail Shop


Make smarter business decisions and engage customers over all kinds of channels.


Life Sciences

Secure access to in-depth drug information, keep up with emerging technology, and create better experiences for patients, physicians, and partners.

Insurance Industry


Provide personalized offers online and offline, and stay updated on shopper preferences.

Manufacturing Industry


Simplify complex sales processes, boost innovation with IoT, and resolve product issues faster.

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Asked Questions

Salesforce Community Cloud is a platform that enables companies to create branded online communities. These communities can be created with the customers of the company, external partners, and employees.

There are three main types of Salesforce Communities namely:

  • Customer Communities
  • Employee Communities
  • Partner Communities

The Customer Community license for Salesforce Communities is prices at $5 per member and $2 per login for a month. The Partner Community License costs around $25 per member and $10 per login per month.

Salesforce Communities works well with companies of any size and helps create seamless, branded community experiences with ease to everyone. It provides customizable mobile-optimized communities that match your company and its branding.

Salesforce Community Portal is one of the latest versions of portals offered by Salesforce. It creates a place on a website where people can log in and access information that the website owner wants them to see from their Salesforce Cloud.

Salesforce Community Cloud allows you to build communities to gain deeper relationships with customers and enhance the customer experiences by assisting the customers in finding information and answering their queries online.

Get connected with our Salesforce Communities Experts today to know how it can benefit your business.

Salesforce Communities’ Customer Community in Self-Service edition costs around $2 per login and $5 per member per month. The Customer Community Plus costs $6 per login and $15 per member per month.

For the Partner Relationship Management edition, the members have to pay $10 per login and $25 per member.

The External Apps cost $15 per login and $35 per member per month.

The typical use cases for deploying Salesforce Communities apps are:

  1. As a community forum for interaction among employees, partners, and customers.
  2. As a front end web portal to automate select business processes supported by back-end solutions on
  3. As an alternative to applications on the platform to automate business processes.

The 3 types of portals available in Salesforce include:

  • Customer Portal
  • Partner Portal 
  • Self-Service Portal

The Salesforce Lightning Community Builder makes it easy for the users to deploy a customized, branded, and mobile-optimized community. This customization experience is aided by the platform.

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