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Salesforce CPQ is a sales tool that assists in providing organizations with the right pricing for a range of products by configuring the price, quotes and add-ons. As a CPQ expert, we provide the best quality Salesforce CPQ services, allowing your organization to produce sales quotes rapidly. This is made possible by our Salesforce CPQ specialists who elevate the sales growth of businesses.

With Salesforce CPQ, businesses can remove all possible errors and increase the accuracy of sales quotes. Producing faster sales quotes and propositions automates the order and quote creation process, which drives higher revenue for businesses.

How Salesforce CPQ implementation can help you generate quotes faster with minimal errors?

  • Helps sell the right product combinations
  • Controls the discounting on your products
  • Automated approvals for a faster service
  • Gives companies control and visibility over deals and products
  • Enables launch of new revenue models

Our Offerings

Being Salesforce CPQ Specialists, we customize your work with our in-depth knowledge and expertise to help you manage your time as well as sales with CPQ implementation.

Pricing and Quoting Setup

Pricing and Quoting

Pricing and quoting are a significant part of the Salesforce CPQ, where the sales tool helps in accurately and quickly generating quotes for orders. Our Salesforce CPQ consultants help you automate the quoted production according to a set of rules that ensure error-free pricing, which considers discounts, account quantities, optional features of products, incompatibilities, customizations and multiple revenue types.

Pricing and Quoting Setup
Guided Selling
Guided Selling

Guided Selling

With guided selling, your business could create a prompt asking sales representatives about the kind of product they want when products get added to a quote. Salesforce CPQ displays the add Products page by reviewing the answers with a product list matching the response, which is what guided selling is. Throughout this process, our Salesforce CPQ consultants help you in every step of making the most out of guided selling.

Proposals and Contracts

Proposals and Contracts

Salesforce CPQ Proposals and Contracts help in creating branded and professional proposals. Our Salesforce CPQ specialist aid in customizing the proposals for your company through customizable templates that ensure that your proposals meet your organization's branding standards. Furthermore, we provide a step-by-step process through which you can generate proposals and contracts while integrating them with your chosen e-signature applications.

Product Bundles Configuration

Product Bundles

In Salesforce CPQ, a product bundle carries several records, such as a bundle parent, options, features, option constraints, and configuration attributes. We helps in configuring the product bundle and include it in the sales quote line which increases the revenue inflow for the business. The field of configuration attributes targets all the options which contain the same field and applies the values to the fields.
These include:

  • Static bundles - bundles that gather necessary products together to minimize errors while creating quotes.
  • Configurable bundles - bundles that make recommendations based on the customer’s preferences. These bundles work well with alternatives as they customize the work for the customers.
  • Nested bundles- bundles that include other bundles within them. These bundles can be seen as an amalgamation of different bundles within the main bundle.
Product Bundles Configuration
Streamline Revenue Recognition
Streamline Revenue Recognition

Streamline Revenue

Revenue recognition is streamlined as a part of Salesforce CPQ for end-to-end revenue management. With revenue recognition, we help you introduce new business models such as subscription, consumption and usage, and milestone-based offerings to predict revenue and drive growth in your business.

Subscription Billing

Subscription Billing

Salesforce CPQ helps manage subscription billing with flexible terms, simplifying the process of collecting payment and sending invoices. The billing process is a part of revenue recognition since it creates an opportunity for your revenue to be generated through subscription billing. We help you simplify the process of billing, which automates the sending and receiving of payment.

Salesfroce CPQ Integration

Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ Integration takes place with the assistance of third-party applications, which maintain its effectiveness and ensure the maximum benefits garnered by the company. The Salesforce CPQ consultants and specialists help ensure that the integration has been functioning efficiently along with the other platforms in the organization.

Salesfroce CPQ Integration

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Salesforce CPQ Dashboard

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At Cyntexa, we provide various services with Salesforce CPQ, and we help you with the expertise and experience of our specialists and consultants in this domain. Our team of experts carries a successful track record in the implementation of Salesforce CPQ, and we assist in boosting the sales revenue and productivity of your organization. Moreover, we help in offering the best CPQ services that fit your organization's needs and exceed expectations.


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Industries we serve

Real Estate Industry

Real Estate

Now get more time and resources to build the world a better place using Salesforce CPQ.

Education Industry


Facilitate learning, knowledge, and skills to your students in a more efficient way using Salesforce CPQ.

Financial Services Industry

Financial Services

Reach out to more clients and efficiently provide them financial stability using Salesforce CPQ.

Insurance Industry


Now protect your clients, generate new leads and provide better customer service using the Salesforce CPQ.

HealthCare Industry

Health Care

Manage and optimize various tasks to provide a seamless experience to your patients. Now cure better using Salesforce CPQ.

Marketing Industry


Create a brand and take it to the next level by reaching out more using Salesforce CPQ.

Communication Industry


Reach out to your clients in a more effective and efficient way by using Salesforce CPQ.

Compliance Industry


Manage even the small details about your potential clients easily and work with them closely using Salesforce CPQ.

Non Profit Industry


Now get more time and resources to make the world a better place as Salesforce CPQ eases the burden on your shoulders.

Computer Software Industry

Computer software

Now protect your clients, generate new leads and provide better customer service using the Salesforce CPQ.

E-commerce Industry


Now manage all of your sales and its data efficiently using Salesforce CPQ and take your business to new heights.

Professional Service Industry

Professional Services

Reach out to more clients and efficiently provide your exceptional services using Salesforce CPQ.

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Asked Questions

Salesforce CPQ (Configure Price Quote) is a sales tool that enables faster and accurate quote generation with fewer invoicing errors for orders.

CPQ allows the storage of data in a cloud and the data can be accessed and managed from anywhere. It can be used to align the sales process and sales channels as well as implement company policies as well as security rules. CPQ provides you with better integration options to ensure a smooth and error-free data flow. It uses modern UI Design Concepts that create better interactions, shorter sales cycles, fewer interruptions, and better user experience.

Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) comes at the starting price of $75 per month. The advanced version CPQ+ comes at the price of $150 per month. The price stands for usage for one user.

CPQ stands for configure, price, quote. It works as a sales tool for Salesforce and provides accurate prices and quotes for any product configuration scenario.

A number of high-end companies use Salesforce CPQ for their sales processes. These include Elastic, Red Hat, General Electric, Fortive Corporation, Elemental Technologies, 7Summits, etc.

  • Consistent pricing and discounting control
  • Advanced discounting and approval workflows
  • Average increase in order value
  • Accuracy in generating quotes
  • Increase in win-rates and renewal rates
  • Decrease in quotation turnaround time

Salesforce CPQ software helps in creating quotes for your products with consistent pricing, including available discounts, and tie the whole process together to ensure consistency.

CPQ is not a part of CRM but CPQ applications often work with CRM platforms to ensure data accuracy and data integration. The integration of CPQ solutions with CRM can benefit the systems by creating a more holistic, effective, and profitable selling environment for the sales team. It would ensure higher customer satisfaction, shorter sales cycles, central data catalogue, reporting of insights, reduced costs, fewer errors, brand consistency, better deals, and better sales Pipeline visibility.

CPQ helps you minimize errors in your proposal by providing accuracy in pricing and quoting. It provides an automated list of your products and updated prices for the customers so that they can make decisions faster and conveniently. It automates the billing process that prevents errors and extra work on the part of the employees. CPQ also facilitates contracted pricing and automated subscriptions that work well for businesses and speeds up the sales process.

Salesforce CPQ allows businesses to configure their offerings based on the needs of the customers; it allows them to create quotes with accurate pricing with discounts and other benefits and creates quotes alongside an appropriate proposal for the clients.

CPQ Cloud allows storage of data in a cloud, making it more accessible. It makes the sales process faster, more secure, up to date, and efficient. Businesses that contain multiple products and services benefit from CPQ Cloud as it helps them configure their business solutions easily.

Salesforce provides the following pricing methods for customized pricing and discounts on products:

  • Block pricing
  • Cost-and-markup pricing
  • Batch pricing
  • Contracted pricing
  • Custom Product Pricing

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