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Cyntexa is a multi-award winning Salesforce Partner, having a wealth of experience in Salesforce Development Services. Our Salesforce developers are perfectly trained in creating robust, bug-free applications and functionalities on top of Salesforce CRM. We possess 300+ certified Salesforce experts having experience working on over 700+ projects with more than 500 satisfied clients all around the world.

Salesforce Navigator Specialist 2 Sales cloud Salesforce Patner Salesforce Datorama approved b2c commerce cloud partner Salesforce Navigator Specialist 2 B2C Commerce cloud
Salesforce Navigator Specialist 2 Sales cloud Salesforce Patner Salesforce Datorama approved b2c commerce cloud partner Salesforce Navigator Specialist 2 B2C Commerce cloud

Salesforce Development Services

Salesforce Development Services are a game-changer when for every business willing to extend the standard Salesforce functionality to generate more value from the Salesforce environment.

The applications and functionalities required to strengthen your business are often not readily available in your Salesforce instance but can be built with the point & click tools and technology stack provided by the Salesforce platform.

We at Cyntexa specialize in building custom Salesforce applications on top of the Salesforce platform ranging from mapping out a small business process to building a complex system of integrated applications, databases or devices.

salesforce Development Services

Whatever the scale is, we are proficient in building the top-notch solution for your Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Salesforce CPQ, Field Service Lightning, Salesforce Industries (formerly Vlocity), etc using the Salesforce platform as these clouds are built on top of it.

On the other hand, Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Salesforce Commerce Cloud are not built natively on the Salesforce platform yet we can build custom solutions on top of it using the programming languages and tools supported by them with our professional salesforce application development services.

Salesforce Development Begins Here

Agile Development Process We Follow

Step 1


We dig deep into the roots of your business to understand your product line and offerings, further analyzing your current Salesforce environment to discover the right requirements, all under the guidance of key stakeholders.

01. Understanding The Business

It all starts with first understanding your business and the industry in which you wish to become a market leader.

02. User Requirements

Our expert Salesforce professionals underline the key requirements of business under the guidance of key stakeholders and investors.

03. Current Implementation/Org. Review

Our Salesforce experts specialized in auditing Salesforce org will find out the possible development opportunities as per business requirements.

Step 2


You do not need magic to make your business processes easier, what is needed is an experienced Salesforce Development Partner having skilled Salesforce professionals. From setting an architecture, creating a solution, and developing and testing it, we do it all in minimal time.

01. Architecture Design

Our Salesforce architects, define the design pattern and underlines the best way to write a specific type of code or application. Hence, setting the architecture for the developers to work upon.

02. Solution Engineering

Knowing the solution is one thing, writing down the solution and strategizing its development is another. Our expert solution engineers strategize and draft the solution for each functionality according to the complexity associated with it.

03. Development

This is where we bring your desired solution to reality, by writing down the code of the solution as per the solution drafted by the solution engineers following the architecture designed.

04. Quality Assurance

We are the biggest critics of our work. Our team of Quality Assurance Engineers undertake multiple quality checks of the code and the functionality developed to make sure that the existing business and its operations stay unaffected.

Step 3


At times the developed solution is so integral, that it can change the very core of your business by adding never-before-seen functionalities to your Salesforce org. Hence, we use the right tools in making the solution available for users without corrupting any existing data or functionalities.

01. Go Live

Excited to use the new functionality? We are too but deploying the new application is as crucial as developing it. Hence we plan the best strategy to go live considering the tools required to execute the deployment, the time it will need to make it live and the impact on end users.

02. Support & Maintenance

We help you onboard your end-users, and also care about their experience once they are onboarded. Being a leading Salesforce Development Company, we provide end-to-end maintenance and support.

Looking For
AppExchange App Development?

We offer you an extensive range of Salesforce AppExchange Development Services that can help you generate value for your customers.

Best Practices We Follow For Salesforce Development

Cyntexa is a purpose-led company having a strong partnership with Salesforce and follows the best practices as per the guidelines of Salesforce.


Apex Design Patterns


Version Controlling


Continuous Integration & Continuous Development


Development In Sandboxes & Scratch Orgs


Governor Limits


Reusable & Scalable Code


Multi-Level Testing


Low Or No Code Approach


Properly Commented Code


Comprehensive Quality Checks

Why Cyntexa Is The Right Choice For You?

710+ Projects

560+ Happy Customers

300+ Salesforce Experts


150+ Certified Salesforce Developers


Intuitive User Experience


Multi-Cloud Salesforce Expertise


Open To Sign Non-Disclosure Agreement


Dedicated Team Of Salesforce Experts


Comprehensive Support throughout The Development Lifecycle

Industries We Serve

Marketing Services

Marketing & Advertising

Banking & Financial Services

Banking & Financial Services



Real Estate

Real Estate

Marketing & Advertising

Marketing & Advertising

Banking & Financial Services

Banking & Financial Services

Engagement Models

Choose the right engagement models, as per your business and client requirements.


Fixed Price Projects

Get a dedicated team of Salesforce experts to fulfill your out-of-the-box requirements with a predefined scope of work.

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Hire a Professional

Hire a dedicated Salesforce professional for your Salesforce instance or other development projects.

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Our Portfolio

Check out our impressive body of work to understand our diverse expertise in the Salesforce ecosystem.

See What They Say About Us

See What They Say About Us

Find out what our esteemed clients have to say about our Salesforce expertise and how we have helped them.

Frequently Asked Questions

When choosing a Salesforce Development Company, you should look for a company which has enough expertise and experience in developing solutions on top of the Salesforce platform. It is always recommended to partner with only those companies who are partners with salesforce and are ready to sign an NDA. Going through previous customer’s reviews over authentic platforms can also help you in taking the right decision.

Salesforce is built on MVC architecture and the technology & programming languages required to develop Salesforce applications are the following:

  • Apex for business logic.
  • Lightning, Lightning components, Aura & Visualforce for the user interface along with HTML, CSS & Javascript.
  • SOQL & SOSL for querying the data from the database.
  • Database class & DML methods to perform data manipulation in the database.

Salesforce Development Company ensures the development of additional functionalities on top of the Salesforce platform. These companies build custom business apps and solutions to increase the capability of Salesforce CRM. Salesforce Development Companies takes a complete understanding of the business requirements and develops and deploys the right solution for filling the gap between requirements and capability.

The cost of building customized solutions on top of the Salesforce platform is dependent upon the customization and functionality required to fulfil the business requirement. Although the starting cost for any customisation is 5,000 USD.

Cyntexa has a pool of expert Salesforce developers who are experienced in developing a robust, bug-free application or solution on top of the Salesforce CRM. We possess 300+ certified Salesforce experts having experience working on over 700 projects with more than 500 satisfied clients all around the world.

The Salesforce Development Partners offer development & consulting services to discover business challenges, further strategize and develop a solution. The development partners further provide implementation, integration and Salesforce managed services to the businesses.

Salesforce development happens in three stages which are discovery, development and deployment. In the discovery, the right requirements according to the business are discovered and the scope is defined. In the development stage, developers write down the code of the solution as per the solution drafted by the solution engineers according to the architecture designed. In the deployment stage, the solution is deployed to the production to be available to the end users after rigorous testing.

The time to develop a Salesforce application completely depends on its complexity. The Salesforce Development Partner will estimate and quote a development time dependent upon the number of Salesforce professionals employed.

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