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Features of Salesforce Financial Service Cloud

Enable the true power of your Financial services.

Enhance and customize your clients’ experience with

Salesforce Financial Service Cloud Implementation

Personalize your services with intelligent insights to gain new customers and deepen relationships with the existing ones using Salesforce Financial Services Cloud.

At Cyntexa, we help you integrate Salesforce Financial Services Cloud with your banking firm or advisory agency to help you meet your customer needs and also customize the application right according to your services. We also integrate tools to help you and your customers or prospects reach out to each other from wherever and whenever one wishes to.

How can the Financial Service Cloud can help you level-up your relationship with your clients?

  • All the necessary insights into your prospects will help you set up a strong base to build a long-lasting relationship.
  • Insights will help you maintain the relationship and grow your clients’ financials according to their expectations.
  • Makes it easier for both clients and your advisors to have real-time communication across any channel, whenever and wherever they want from.
  • The innovations at salesforce make sure to implement new ways to improve the client experience.

Our Offerings

We have in-depth knowledge and expertise in Salesforce Financial Cloud to help you reach heights in a more accelerated, optimized, and effective way.

Access to Rich Client Data

Access to Rich Client Data

We provide you incredible data of your customers and prospects from policy systems, core banking systems, customer management systems, the things that they share publicly, the data that is necessary for them, things around their lives, life events they’ve gone through their digital footprints and so on. All this data helps you get a nice clear insight into their priorities and thus will help you communicate with them at a very personal level. This will surely make them feel they’re the only customer you have or at least give them an impression of how valuable they are to you.

Access to Rich Client Data
Turbochargers Relationship Managers
Turbochargers Relationship Managers

Turbocharge Relationship Managers

It’s not only about a client or a prospect but also about the most important assets of a firm that are also important. Most of the time, especially the conventional way, an employee or a relationship manager spends his/her time aggregating, stitching, and managing the clients’ data. This reduces their availability for the important tasks and the tasks that they are good at. All this data handling is done by Cyntexa so that your assets can work at their best and help your clients effectively.

Sort All Customer Data

Sort All Customer Data

Yeah, the data might even seem overwhelming at times, but we will provide our expertise to help you sort out all this data and give it to you in an arranged format so you can access it without any hassle! This is very important when your advisor will be communicating with a client over a phone call as he can have a look at the precise data and impress your client with loads of golden information about him/her.

Sort All Customer Data
Manage Book of Business
Manage Book of Business

Manage Book of Business

Using the services of Financial Cloud you can access all the info in real-time on your dashboard. Cyntexa provides you with a forensic level of insights so that you know what your next best step should be. This is not only about managing a book of business but also about deepening your relationship with clients.

Campaign Tools

Campaign Tools

Through the reports, we will segment your clients based on their interests. This will benefit you as we can set amazing events for you wherein, you can get more similar clients coming in and also an amazing ROI. We will set up events for you and also help you send personalized emails to your clients.

Engagement Dashboard

Engagement Dashboards

Here are where we’ll show you all your engagements within your firm and with your clients. Here you can find all the opportunities to proactively reach out to your clients, you’ll know when to reach out, for what purpose and some crucial information like the list of clients you haven’t contacted in the last 60 days, clients nearing retirement, birthdays of your clients and a lot more.

Engagement Dashboard
Client Segmentation
Client Segmentation

Client Segmentation

As there are lots of clients one will need to plan and reach out to clients, so that the conversation can be seamless and as if you exactly know everything about the particular client’s needs. We will help you slice and dice your book of business, depending on what you wish to see at the moment using the powerful filter capabilities.

Mobile Friendly Dashboard

Mobile-friendly Dashboard

Engage with Clients from Anywhere! Cyntexa understands the need of having a mobile-friendly dashboard and similar kind of power right in your hands! And so, we will implement the whole power of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud into a mobile-ready application. This will help you with all the information you require right on your mobile device. Also, the information keeps updating in realtime across all the channels so that you don’t miss anything at all. With all of this, you can directly engage with your client queries from your mobile itself.

Mobile Friendly Dashboard
Reports Management
Reports Management

Reports Management

This tool is not just for advisors, it is for managers as well! You can look at your mobile device, look at your dashboards, and right there you’ll have all the key performance indicators that you will need to manage your business, opportunities, pipeline reports, and even advisor productivity will be made available by us in the palm of your hand.

Our Process

We do not help you do marketing, we help you create your brand.

Hence invest in your brand, not in marketing.




We do not listen to answer but to understand.

We connect you with our experts who try to understand your business requirements and challenges that you are facing with your current implementation by asking relevant questions.




We believe in not only solving the problem but also the cause of it.

We provide the best solution to your complex business challenges by considering what is right for the business and its customers instead of what we think is right. This is a real definition of digital transformation for us.




We are not your vendors but your success partners.

We believe in working together rather than for anyone because we all know together we always achieve more. Hence we act as your partners who are responsible for making you and your business successful with the implementation.




Your dream becoming reality makes us happy.

We strive for continuous improvement instead of perfection. Hence we listen to your feedback and according to that, we focus on making improvements continuously within each milestone, sprint, and release.

Salesforce Dashboard

What makes us different from others?

We believe that the way you define yourself is the way the world perceives you. Hence we define ourselves as innovative leaders when it comes to Salesforce Financial Services Cloud implementation, customization, and development which is justified by the numbers mentioned below.


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Industry Specialization


Salesforce Financial Service Cloud Implementation Projects

Industries We Serve

Non Profit Industry

Financial Services

Reach out to more clients and efficiently provide them financial stability using Salesforce Financial Services Cloud.

commercial Banking

Commercial Banking

Engage customers by giving the coverage bankers and relationship managers the power to understand sales blind spots and increasing the numbers.

mutual Funds

Mutual Funds

With the help of clear dashboards for your campaigns, optimize and personalize your customer outreach, and make financial wins easier to achieve.

reatil banking

Retail Banking

Reach your branch targets and find new customers and assets with the help of Einstein in identifying leads and predictions for customers’ churn.

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See What They Say About Us

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Asked Questions

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is an integrated tool that helps Financial Services build strong and deeper relationships with their clients by providing them personalized and intelligent insights of their customers and prospects.

  • It reduces the time taken to aggregate and arranges loads of data of a prospect and more importantly client.
  • It provides all the important data related to a particular client just on a click.
  • It is mobile-ready and can let you access any data you wish to have from your smartphone.
  • The community is really helpful and gives you extended support so you achieve your goals quickly.
  • As it is a product of Salesforce, the number one CRM, it has lots of capabilities to be modified according to one’s needs.

In addition to the ability to deliver insights from data, Financial Services Cloud on integration Einstein delivers data predictions and data analysis at a faster rate accurately, thus leading to a boost in the revenue and financials of the bank or advisory Get connected to our experts today to get help on implementing Salesforce Financial Services Cloud.

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is very affordable for what it offers! We have 3 separate pricing to fit your needs accordingly!
  1. The first one is the Professional Edition where complete CRM is offered to you at just $!50 per user/month.
  2. The second and the most subscribed in the Enterprise Edition where at just $300 per user/month you get a deeply customized CRM that fits all the needs of your Financial Service.
  3. The third and the most beneficial subscription is the one of Unlimited Edition which offers you the complete CRM highly customized for you along with the 24/7 customer support and configuration services and a lot more at a minimal of $450 per user/month.
Get connected to our experts today to get help on implementing Salesforce Financial Service Cloud.

The Financial Services Cloud is an application built to be integrated by the existing Salesforce Org or a completely new Financial Service to level up their wealth management, Banking, Insurance, and so on.

Action plans are to automate your frequently repeated tasks and to help you get rid of doing them again and again! One such example is assigning the task owners their tasks and setting deadlines and scheduling their client engagements. This improves team efficiency on the whole.

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is all about it! We enable Lightning Flows in it which improves the way your service reps handle your customer requests in a better manner and more effectively.

You’ve got dual security when it comes to Financial Services Cloud! We completely understand your concerns over the data of your clients as it helps maintain the trust factor! The Financial Services cloud is by itself the first layer of security along with the Salesforce Shield which offers extensive tools to monitor the data usage and prevents any spiteful activity.

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