Configure and customize Salesforce as per your business needs and workflows with

Salesforce Implementation Partner

Cyntexa is your trusted Salesforce Implementation Partner that leverages its expertise to streamline your business processes, improve efficiency and help you achieve your goals with Salesforce CRM faster.

With our expertise in the Salesforce ecosystem, we can assist organizations in optimizing their use of the platform by implementing a well-configured and customized Salesforce CRM to suit the business needs perfectly.

Our Salesforce Implementation Services include customization, integration and implementation of the Salesforce platform to empower your professional services and drive faster results, scalability, adaptability, and a competitive edge in the market.

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Salesforce Implementation Services

Salesforce Implementation Services is a process of setting up and customizing the Salesforce CRM as per the business needs to power professional services and streamline business processes.
From data migration, customization of the Salesforce platform, integration with other systems, user training, and ongoing support, the right Salesforce Implementation Partner does it all to make the Salesforce platform work for you efficiently and bring results faster.

Salesforce Implementation Services can help businesses to improve customer relationship management, better data management, better collaboration, increased scalability, and better reporting and analysis by implementing different Salesforce products on Salesforce CRM as and when the business requires a Salesforce cloud solution.

Our team of expert Salesforce professionals have a proven track record of delivering successful projects of varying complexity, whether you're looking to implement Salesforce for the first time or to enhance your existing CRM. Trust us as your reliable Salesforce partner to take your business to new heights.

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Salesforce Implementation Services

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Say goodbye to scattered sales efforts and hello to streamlined success with a Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation Partner who can help you masterfully track and manage every step of your sales journey, from lead generation to quote fulfilment.

Sales Cloud Implementation powers the advanced tracking and forecasting capabilities, to achieve optimal sales performance.

Sales Cloud

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Salesforce Service Cloud

Unlock the doors to unparalleled customer satisfaction with Salesforce Service Cloud.

Connect service agents and customers onto a single platform, to help identify and address issues for increased satisfaction and productivity. With a reliable Service Cloud Implementation Partner, you can tailor your support strategies to meet the unique needs of your customers.


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Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Unlock the full potential of personalization and reach your customer at the right time and place with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation.

From being a powerful marketing automation tool that allows you to create and execute campaigns, to tracking automated marketing campaigns, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud can maximize your marketing efforts on all frontiers.

Marketing Cloud

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Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Transform your e-commerce operations with the cutting-edge capabilities of Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Personalization, scalability, and Omnichannel support come together to power your online business, while seamless integration with other systems streamlines your product catalogs, order processing, and user experience tracking. Take your e-commerce to the next level with the industry-leading Commerce Cloud Implementation.

Commerce Cloud

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Salesforce Industries (Vlocity)

Power your business with ready-made flows and pre-built processes that would otherwise take months (and millions) to custom-develop. Salesforce Industries (Vlocity) provide out-of-the-box solutions that speak the language of your industry.

Our Salesforce Industries (Vlocity) Implementation Services help you implement Communications Cloud, Media Cloud, Energy and Utilities Cloud, Insurance, Health and Public Sector Solutions.

Salesforce industries (vlocity)

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Salesforce Experience Cloud

Unlock the full potential of your business by providing a personalized experience at various interactions and touchpoints.

With our competent Salesforce Experience Cloud Implementation capabilities, give power to your employees, clients, and partners to perfectly network and connect with your brand. You can efficiently enhance business growth by clearing the engagement channels with us.

Salesforce Experience Cloud

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Salesforce CPQ

Streamline the sales process by automating product configuration, pricing and quote generation, leading to improved sales productivity, customer satisfaction, and revenue growth. Making your business both adaptable and scalable.

Being a reliable Salesforce CPQ Partner, we help businesses in skyrocketing sales by effortlessly creating & delivering quotes and closing sales with the approved discounting and best prices offered to customers.

Salesforce CPQ

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Salesforce Non Profit Starter Pack (NPSP)

Organize programs, connect constituents, and do more good with Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud. With a centralized location for donor and volunteer information, you can easily track donations and fundraising activities, and gain valuable insights needed to retain and grow your donor base.

Our Nonprofit Cloud Implementation experience guarantees a unified platform for sustainable relationships with donors, volunteers, and supporters.

Salesforce non-profit starter pack

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Salesforce Field Service Lightning

Power your frontline workers and manage your workforce efficiently with comprehensive views and dashboards via Field Service Lightning.

With Field Service Lightning Implementation, you can optimize your processes with out-of-the-box features like optimized job scheduling, routing, onsite job management, and asset management. Real-time analytics & collaboration with the dispatcher console will help you in monitoring and analyzing data in real-time, and coordinating resources and personnel.

Salesforce field Service lightning

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Salesforce Financial Cloud

Deliver secure and digital-first financial service with personalized experience and efficiency. For businesses like Banking, Insurance, and Wealth, we provide the complete setup, configuration, and customization of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, prioritizing the customer’s data security by making it data compliant.

Our experts can implement Financial Services Cloud by creating guided flows that help gain new customers and strengthen the bond with existing ones.

Salesforce Financial Cloud

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Salesforce Loyalty Management

Show your customers that their loyalty is valued by showering them with exclusive deals, complimentary gifts, and personalized perks.

Partner with us as your Salesforce expert to improve customer retention through comprehensive Salesforce Loyalty Management Implementation. From campaign management to data analysis, and seamless integration with other systems, we have got you covered. And with custom development and consultation support, we'll make sure your loyalty program is tailored to your unique business needs.

Salesforce loyalty management

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Salesforce Pardot

Pardot, now Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, is a one-stop solution for B2B lead capturing. From generating leads, nurturing relationships, and measuring marketing performance, it is a comprehensive set of tools and features that automate repetitive tasks, provide insights into customer behaviour, and enable businesses to target their marketing efforts more effectively.

We are a Pardot Implementation Partner with the ability to sync two powerful marketing and sales automation tools. This will create a seamless and efficient workflow for businesses.

Salesforce Pardot

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Salesforce Health Cloud

Unlock the power of healthcare data management in your organization by easily storing, organizing, and accessing an endless amount of patient information and medical records.

With Salesforce Health Cloud Implementation, you can seamlessly integrate patient care and operations, resulting in a seamless, efficient and optimal experience for patients and healthcare providers alike. It also lets you gain insights from patient data and make data-driven decisions.

Salesforce Health Cloud

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Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud

Manage your sales, marketing, and supply chain operations, improve customer engagement, and gain valuable insights into customer behaviour and market trends. All of this with a flexible solution specifically tailored for consumer goods companies. Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud is a powerful tool that helps you manage your sales, inventory, retail execution and track metrics on a scale as per different business landscapes.

We are a trusted Salesforce Integration Partner, who can not only implement the Consumer Goods Cloud as per your requirements but can also integrate with other Salesforce products such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud.

Salesforce consumer goods

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Make better data-driven decisions for your business using the most popular business intelligence tool offered by Salesforce. Our experts are capable of implementing Tableau with a live connection to a database or a data extract from your existing database. Tableau implementation offers a simplified interface where business owners can make their customizations with drag-and-drop tools.

We also offer implementations around Tableau Desktop which offer similar features in your secure environment.


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Salesforce Revenue Cloud

Revenue Cloud, is an ultimate revenue operations powerhouse, elevating businesses to new heights of success through improved sales pipeline management, forecasting, customer engagement, collaboration, scalability, and reporting/analysis capabilities.

Revenue Cloud Implementation enables the centralization of sales, finance, and operations teams, fostering collaboration towards a unified goal. This includes aligning pricing for bundled products, automating recurring bill payments, and promoting long-term customer retention for revenue generation.

Salesforce Revenue Cloud

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Agile Implementation Process We Follow

Step 1


Our Salesforce consultants dive into the inner workings of your business, delving deep into business objectives and current systems. After which, we expertly handpick the perfect solution to ease your business processes.

01. Understanding The Business & Its Objective

It all starts with first understanding your business and identifying the objectives to be served with the implementation.

02. Identifying The Current Systems And Processes

We take a deep dive into understanding your business by creating different user personas and the existing challenges faced by them.

03. Identifying The Right Product

Our expert Salesforce professionals underline the key requirements of business under the guidance of key stakeholders and investors.

04. Health Check Of Your Org. (Only Salesforce)

If you are already using Salesforce for your business, our experts will undertake a thorough analysis of your current Salesforce Org. This will create the focal point of the new implementation.

Step 2


Being an expert Salesforce Development Company, we know how serious development is. Our expert Salesforce professionals are profound in solution design, setting architecture and data migration, we can handle it all.

01. Solution Design

Our expert Salesforce professionals are dedicated to crafting better solutions as per your specific business needs and documenting them in the form of a project roadmap, technical design/architecture document, the scope of work, proposal, etc.

02. Architecture Setup & Configuration

Configuration of data model setup, user and permission setup, automations & workflows on the platform as per the business needs to eliminate any data constraints.

03. Data Migration

Seamlessly import and cleanse the data from existing systems into Salesforce with minimal disruptions.

04. Setting Up A View To Business KPIs

Configuring the reports and dashboards for your team to have a deep insight into your business performance.

Step 3


Bad deployment can scatter your entire development into pieces. It can impede progress, cause delays, and negatively impact overall performance. It's important to have a solid plan and experienced professionals to ensure a smooth deployment process.

01. Testing And Validation

We undertake multiple quality checks of the process to be implemented and also validate the already existing processes stay unaffected.

02. Training

We provide training sessions, user guide manuals, recordings and FAQs of the usage and function of the implemented process as per every user persona.

03. Go Live

The customized implementation gets deployed on the CRM platform with a planned strategy identifying the tools and time required to deploy.

04. Support & Maintenance

We help you onboard your end-users, and also care about their experience once they are onboarded. Being a leading Salesforce Implementation Company, we provide end-to-end maintenance and support.

Looking For
Salesforce Managed Services?

Want more with your Salesforce Platform? We are a team of certified Salesforce managed service providers who will optimize your Salesforce investment by providing ongoing support, maintenance, and optimization to ensure smooth operations and results.

Best Practices We Follow For Salesforce Implementation

Cyntexa is a purpose-led company having a strong partnership with Salesforce and follows the best practices as per the guidelines of Salesforce.


preference to out of the box capability before coding


our implementation solution satisfy different customer personas


Low code or no code


Multi- level testing


code versioning


comprehensive quality checks


Follow the Process, Organisation, and Technology with Information(POTI) Model


Agile Methodology / Transparency

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Agile Methodology / Transparency


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Open to sign NDA


Dedicated Team of Salesforce Experts


Comprehensive support throughout the Implementation Lifecycle

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Frequently Asked Questions

Salesforce releases updates regularly which typically involve new features and enhancements, and to get the maximum out of Salesforce implementation, you are required to work with a reliable implementation partner such as Cyntexa who not only deploys the Salesforce CRM as per your business needs but also takes care of supporting and maintaining the implementation with regular software updates, ongoing technical support.

Salesforce Implementation Services refer to the process of setting up and configuring Salesforce or any of its products for a specific business or organization. It ensures that the required capability in a business is fulfilled by the efficient and effective implementation of the Salesforce solution.

After working with hundreds of clients for Salesforce implementations, we have some of our own success stories and case studies to share with you.

The time it takes to implement Salesforce can vary depending on the size and complexity of the organization, as well as the scope of the implementation. Other than this, the other factors which affect the time taken to implement a CRM platform are the complexity of data migration, customizations required, and integration with existing systems.

Yes, Salesforce can be customized as per the business needs through the use of configuration, customization, and Salesforce development. The right Salesforce Implementation Partner can do it all for you.

A Salesforce Implementation Partner specializes in helping businesses implement and customize Salesforce software. We work closely with clients to understand their specific business needs and goals, and then use our expertise in Salesforce to design, build, test, and implement a customized solution that meets those needs.

Choosing the right Salesforce Implementation Partner is integral for the successful implementation of Salesforce CRM and core Salesforce products. After working with 700+ clients, we have derived the factors which should be kept in mind when choosing the right Salesforce Implementation Partner:

  • Industry-specific experience.
  • Experience, expertise and customization capabilities to fulfil business needs.
  • Easy communication and transparency is necessary.
  • Scalability and flexibility to serve your business for years to come.
  • Compare the costs and offerings of multiple partners and choose the one that offers the best value for your money considering the expertise they have.

The cost of Salesforce Implementation Services is dependent on the specific needs of a business and the complexity of implementation. Although, a regular Salesforce implementation cost starts from 10,000 USD and can go very high depending on the complexity and required scalability with the implementation.

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