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We are proud to be a renowned name in the Salesforce ecosystem.

 Salesforce Navigator Specialist II Partner

We are a team of expert B2C Commerce Cloud Consulatnts who believes in delivering high quality solutions to the clients with our Level II Specialist B2C Commerce Expertise.

 Salesforce Approved B2C Commerce Partner

We are recognized as an approved Salesforce B2C Commerce Consulting Partner because of the top-level expertise that we have got in this domain.

Salesforce Dataroma Partner

We are now officially an approved Datorama Partner because of the expertise we've got to support our customers with full-scale marketing solutions.

Make Your Digital Campaign Effective With Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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Make Your Digital Campaign Effective With Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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Create a personalized experience for your customers by engaging with them on Web, Email, Mobile and Social.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is automation for businesses to send the right messages to their customers and improve their marketing strategies & efforts. As a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant, Cyntexa provides Marketing Cloud Setup, customizations, and automation that enables to connect with their targeted audience, personalize customer journeys, and grow their brand all within a single platform.

Being a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Partner, we help different businesses and industries to boost their ROI of Marketing by providing Salesforce Marketing Cloud Services.

How Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help you to transform your customer engagement completely?

  • Create Content Specific to each Customer
  • Send one-to-one Personalized Emails
  • Every customer is on their own unique Journey
  • Make Behavior-based Decisions through Predictive Intelligence
  • Deliver optimal customer journeys using Predictive Journeys

Our Offerings

We have in-depth knowledge and expertise in Salesforce Marketing Cloud to help your business reach heights in a more accelerated, optimized and effective way.

Journey Builder

Journey Builder

Recognize every moment defining the customer journey and utilize them in strengthening relationships. Use our marketing automation services of to build customers' journeys across your website, advertising, mobile, email, and the internet of things to deliver a smooth experience across sales, marketing, and service. With the assistance of a journey builder, you can visualize your journey with journey mapping along with the assistance of our Salesforce experts. Furthermore, the journey mapping facilitates smooth communication between different media to let the customers get the correct information irrespective of their location.

Journey Builder
Automation Studio
Automation Studio

Automation Studio

Market automation is the need of the moment. Automate your marketing activities to let your system perform repetitive tasks alongside automating the import of required data. The automation studio can do the most repetitive tasks by configuring the automation studio according to your requirements. With filter activity, our Salesforce Professionals can assist with targeting specific customers and with SQL query activity data extraction can be received with data views.

Email Studio

Email Studio

Reach out to customers with emails made especially for them. Create dynamic content with the strings of personalization in your emails to send specific content suited to your customers. Through an automation process, the target can be set on the developing campaigns which would contribute towards increasing your appeal to the customers. On any device, email studio reaches an increased amount of customers with responsive designs, along with crafting the messages utilizing customizable templates. Moreover, email studio delivers content driven by data, increases and improves the experience of subscribers, content alteration using artificial intelligence in emails depending on the behavior of the users, and permits artificial intelligence to deliver the best and most fresh content every day.

Email Builder
Email Studio
Marketing Cloud Connect

Marketing Cloud Connect

Trigger messages and journeys as customers communicate with any department across the company to deliver a memorable experience with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Also, sync customer data across sales, marketing, and service interactions. The marketing cloud connects would provide a 360-degree view of your customer and would assist in developing a single and consistent identification of customers, effectively crafting customer segmentation which would put together the different data easily with compliancy, creating experiences trusted by others.

Interaction Studio

Interaction Studio

Track and manage consumer experience in real-time attracting good engagement at the right time. Interaction Studio makes engagement 1-to-1 a reality across all points. It delivers related customer experience with personalization and interaction management solution in real-time. Sync customer data across sales, marketing, and service interactions. Interaction studio utilizes artificial intelligence and real-time segmentation while rendering experiences contextually related which inspire action in customers. It would recommend content and products for each customer, guiding them on where they may want to go, and control that process.

Interaction Studio
Automation Studio
Audience Builder

Audience Builder

With Audience Builder Cyntexa can help you in the achievement of deeper insights by unifying and capturing data to delegate customer relations with a platform of robust data management. It amalgamates whole data from any source to deliver increased personalized marketing experiences. Moreover, it adapts to unexpected alterations rapidly. To keep up a trustworthy bond with the customers, the audience studio employs a management framework of industry-leading native consent. It helps with getting the tools of easing compliance, and it handles consent across different markets and customizes it to meet the privacy policies.

Social Studio

Social Studio

Using an all-in-one management and marketing suite, Social Studio enriches social data to marketing with sales and service while listening, engaging, and publishing. You can engage with your clients on every platform while analyzing their feelings concerning your brand. With the social studio, you would be able to publish your posts on every platform along with engaging the clients in real-time. It would make an analysis of conversation from almost any source to consider the viewpoints of the industry and customer. Social studio assembles market intelligence, learns from real discussions, searches for any topic or brand, and converts social media into digital focus groups.

Journey Builder
Social Studio
Advertising Studio

Advertising Studio

Advertising Studio can rush across campaigns and meet with your customers according to your needs. Advertising Studio makes you focus on your customers on every social media channel, including Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google. The data from CRM can be used to personalize advertising digitally to craft customized experiences for customers. It would drive your advertising through different searches, displays, and social media on a larger scale.

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We do not help you do marketing, we help you create your brand.

Hence invest in your brand, not in marketing.




We do not listen to answer but to understand.

We connect you with our experts who try to understand your business requirements and challenges that you are facing with your current implementation by asking relevant questions.




We believe in not only solving the problem but also the cause of it.

We provide the best solution to your complex business challenges by considering what is right for the business and its customers instead of what we think is right. This is a real definition of digital transformation for us.




We are not your vendors but your success partners.

We believe in working together rather than for anyone because we all know together we always achieve more. Hence we act as your partners who are responsible for making you and your business successful with the implementation.




Your dream becoming reality makes us happy.

We strive for continuous improvement instead of perfection. Hence we listen to your feedback and according to that, we focus on making improvements continuously within each milestone, sprint, and release.

Salesforce Journey Builder

What makes us different from others?

So we define ourselves as innovation leaders when it comes to Salesforce Marketing Cloud Agency, it helps in implementation, optimization and development which is clearly justified by the numbers mentioned below.


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Industries We Serve

Non Profit Industry


Now get more time and resources to make the world a better place as Salesforce Marketing Cloud eases the burden on your shoulders.



Facilitate learning, knowledge, and skills to your students in a more comprehensive way using Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Professional Laptop Bag

Professional Services

Reach out to more clients and efficiently provide your exceptional services using Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Real Estate Industry


Get your products to your customers in a simplified and automated way to maximize your business potential.

HealthCare Industry

Health Care

Manage and optimize various tasks to provide a seamless experience to your patients. Now cure better using Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Media Industry


Accelerate and expand the reach of your ideas and imagination. With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, open a new world of possibilities.

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Asked Questions

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a powerful marketing automation platform that helps businesses to create a personalized marketing journey for their customers to target them across each possible channel.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps businesses to engage with their customers at each touchpoint and convert them easily. We can create content specific to each customer, build and automate marketing campaigns and take every customer on their unique journey custom made on the basis of their interactions.

We can also build and segment the audience, bring data from other Salesforce clouds like Sales Cloud and Service Cloud in SFMC by connecting them using Marketing Cloud Connect.

Choosing the right Salesforce Marketing Cloud Edition for your business depends on the marketing strategy and needs and requirements of your business.
Learn more about the different Salesforce Marketing Cloud Editions here.

Both Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot are marketing automation platforms but the main point which differentiates Salesforce Marketing Cloud from Pardot is that Salesforce Marketing Cloud is designed to build marketing campaigns for B2C customers whereas Pardot focuses on the B2B customers or clients. For a detailed difference between Marketing Cloud and Pardot please check out our article.

What are the different editions of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Basic - Basic edition comes with the functionality of creating and sending personalized promotional emails.

Pro – Pro edition offers all the features of Basic + data segmentation, automation, predictive intelligence, and journey builder functionalities.

Corporate – Corporate edition offers all the features of Pro + cross-channel journey building functionalities along with predictive intelligence and einstein capabilities for personalized communication.

Enterprise – Enterprise edition offers all the features of Corporate + supports multiple business units which allows you to run marketing campaigns across different brands.

Learn more about the different Salesforce Marketing Cloud Editions here.

Marketing agencies can shoot up their revenues with Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s single instance as it supports multiple business units which can be used to run marketing campaigns for different brands/clients.

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Product suite includes various features which when used can transform the complete marketing strategy of a business. Following are:
  • Journey Builder
  • Email Studio.
  • Audience Builder.
  • Mobile Studio.
  • Social Studio
  • Advertising Studio.
  • Datorama.
  • Interaction Studio.
  • Data Studio

Salesforce Marketing Cloud starts from $400 USD per month for the basic edition and with higher editions and more features, the price goes high. Also, you get a custom quote based on the size of your deal, region, features, and some other factors.

Choosing the right Salesforce Marketing Cloud Edition for your business depends on the marketing strategy and needs and requirements of your business.
Learn more about the different Salesforce Marketing Cloud Editions here..

There is no fixed price for implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud and it varies according to the needs and requirements of the business. For more details about the pricing plan for implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud for your business, talk to our Salesforce Marketing Cloud Certified experts today and get a custom-tailored quote for the features that you want to implement in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Yes, Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Enterprise Edition supports multiple Business Units feature with the help of which you can run marketing campaigns for different brands on a single Marketing Cloud Instance.
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