Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Take Marketing to the next level with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  • Know everything about your customers.
  • Engage across the entire customer journey.
  • Personalize with intelligence.
  • Analyze the impact.

Salesforce provides one of the best, intelligent and robust Marketing Software called Salesforce Marketing Cloud. With Salesforce Marketing Cloud you can conduct multi-channel campaigns, know more about your customers and connect with them, manage customer’s data, capture leads, create highly personalized quality content real quick, automate marketing activities, create a personalized journey for each customer.

What Marketing Cloud Provides:

Execute Email Marketing Campaigns – Email marketing has been proven to be one of the most effective channels for customer relationship growth, particularly when it comes to online commerce. Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides tools for executing on customer interactions, regardless of how basic or sophisticated a marketer would like to be.

The software provides all the tools necessary for putting together a sophisticated email marketing campaign, starting with drag-and-drop capabilities with native predictive intelligence content recommendations. Using dynamic content, JavaScript, and AMPscript, you can create personalized experiences. With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can also use mobile-optimized email templates.

Create Personalized Experiences at Scale – With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, marketers are able to create personalized journeys across multiple sales, services, and marketing channels. This type of experience unites the brand’s identity and ensures that customers have a seamless experience, regardless of the device or channel they may be using.

Sign on to your Salesforce Marketing Cloud account to begin mapping the customer journey. You have full control and the ability to prioritize each step of your strategy, from engaging customers through real-time interactions to testing multiple variations of email content (A/B testing). You can monitor and respond to customers, and connect your apps and products to the customer journey.

Track Customers Actions – Advanced web marketing tools allow marketers to seamlessly track every action their customers take across all of the channels they use, including email, mobile, social, and the web. Web personalization, in particular, engages customers with personalized content.

When you use web personalization, Salesforce Marketing Cloud will personalize the content on your own dynamic webpages based on the individual consumer. You can then collect both explicit and implicit behavioral data, and you can leverage this data for things like targeted product recommendations and discount offers.

Understand Customer Preferences – Salesforce Marketing Cloud uses data science to help organizations better understand what’s going on inside their customers’ heads. Predictive intelligence tools track customer preferences and optimize for every interaction automatically. This optimization happens across multiple channels, without the end-user having to lift a finger.

In addition to collecting implicit and explicit customer data, you can also use Salesforce Marketing Cloud to create your own predictive profiles for each contact in your CRM. You can then infer customer preferences, or configure predictive content using the drag-and-drop tools that the solution provides. Using predictive intelligence, you should be able to automate email delivery and other messages across channels and personalize content in each message you send out based on individual interests.

Channel Tools from Salesforce Marketing Cloud:

Email Studio – Build personalized email campaigns with the world’s #1 email marketing platform.

Mobile Studio – Personalise mobile interactions including SMS, push notifications, and chat messaging.

Social Studio – Listen, publish, and engage with your customers across social media channels.

Web Studio – Web marketing tools help create beautiful, dynamic webpages and personalized content. Track every action your customers take, in real-time, to make insights actionable.

Advertising Studio – Target 1-to-1 advertising using your CRM data to acquire and re-engage customers.

Interaction Studio – Visualise, track, and manage real-time customer experiences — driving valuable engagement at the right moment, just the way your audience prefers.

Platform Tools from Salesforce Marketing Cloud:

Journey Builder – Journey builder is a B2C (business to consumer) journey management tool that creates a personalized customer experience based on the way customer interacts with the targeted engagements. It offers targeted advertisements, personalized emails, real-time conversation options, and mobile notifications based on what will be most effective for the customer based on their position in the journey lifecycle.

Content Builder – Content builder is a Marketing Cloud tool that helps you manage all your company’s content in a single central location, thus allowing for better searching, filtering, and tagging, and providing a more optimized content creation experience.

Audience Builder – Audience Builder helps companies segment their customers based on particular metrics that in turn allows the company to market to these customers more effectively. It analyzes customer trends, marketing opportunities, and other specific qualities of your target audiences and then provides actionable steps you can take to improve engagement with this segment of your customer base.

Personalization Builder – Personalization Builder works hand-in-hand with audience builder and the other Marketing Cloud tools to create highly personalized profiles based on customer behavior and patterns. This allows you to provide product recommendations, search the customer’s habits, or recognize trending behaviors that can help you improve customer engagement.

Marketing Cloud Connect – Marketing Cloud Connect brings all the power of Sales and Service Cloud to Marketing Cloud by integrating the platforms. These tools and features together help improve collaboration between your sales, marketing, service, and other teams. It helps the various departments in your company provide a consistent, personalized customer experience.

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