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Salesforce Service Cloud is a CRM platform that is used for customer service support and helps businesses to reach out to their customers quickly respond and efficiently. Cyntexa is a Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant that allows organizations to easily manage service interactions with their customers and build great relationships.

Cyntexa provides Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation with other third-party platforms to give you and your customers a wonderful and connected experience. As a certified Salesforce Service Cloud Consulting company, we know how to provide you with great solutions and help make customer service conversations more intelligent on any platform, anywhere, anytime.

How Salesforce Service Cloud can help you to take your sales and revenue to the next level?

  • Increase work efficiency of service agents.
  • Streamline the complete service procedure.
  • Provide personalized support over customers’ preferred channel
  • Support self-service with the knowledge base.
  • Focus on cases that need immediate attention and gain customer trust

Our Offerings

We have in-depth knowledge and expertise in Salesforce Service Cloud to help your business reach heights in a more accelerated, optimized and effective way.

Case Management

Case Management

Through the usage of the case management feature in the Service Cloud, your customers would be able to connect with the best customer agents or executives. Cyntexa can help you streamline all your services by routing the cases of the customers as they come directly to the agents. New cases can be added directly to your database, from your emails or website through the features of email-to-case and web-to-case.

Case Management
Knowledge Database Setup
Knowledge Database Setup

Knowledge Database Setup

Our experts will help you set up a knowledge database where you can have all your knowledge articles with the required relevant information, and you can utilize the information to provide precise and satisfactory answers to all the queries asked by your customers while giving them effective and quick services. Automatically suggest the best articles for every conversation, and will make it easy for your agents to preview and share them over any channel with one click.

Service Contract and Entitlements

Service Contracts and Entitlements

Entitlement management helps you provide the proper support to your customers. Its various features let you define, enforce, and track service levels as part of your support management process. The service contracts and entitlements help you draft and manage contracts between your clients and service representatives. These entitlements notify your agents about the services to be provided to your clients and their details.

Service Contract and Entitlements
Community Setup
Community Setup

Community Setup

Self-service communities are made possible with Service Cloud. With Cyntexa's Community Setup services, you can make it possible for your customers to access your knowledge base and discover solutions all by themselves. You could add a chat to the community setup to make the entire experience more friendly, where the customers could also ask your agents for help if they cannot find the solution on their own.

Service Cloud Console

Service Cloud Console

Using Field Lighting Service Cloud Console, you can get all the information concerning your customers to handle their cases on a central platform. You can track the transactional history of the customers to provide them with wholesome and dependable assistance.

Data Migration

Data Migration

From multiple storage platforms, you would be able to transform your essential data to Salesforce Service Cloud in a manner that is organized, automated, and seamless. Cyntexa will help you in bringing all your data on a centralized platform for the provision of better services and better functionality to your customers.

Data Migration
Omni Channel Setup and Routing
Omni Channel Setup and Routing

Omni-Channel setup and Routing

With the Omni-Channel setup, you would be able to set up extended support for your clients on various channels such as social media, video chats, email, community sites, mobile, web, and more. You can provide your customers with several options for connecting with your business, presenting their issues, and getting them resolved immediately.

Salesforce Service Cloud Integration

Salesforce Service Cloud Integration

With seamless integration and extraordinary third-party application, offer your customers a memorable and exceptional experience. With the integration of third-party and Cloud applications in Salesforce Service Cloud, Cyntexa has been helping organizations improve every day.

Self Service Capabilities
Customer Service
Asset and Work Order Management

Assets and Work Order Management

With Work Order Management, you can inculcate your process of order and asset management with Salesforce Service Cloud with accuracy, clarity, and ease. Cyntexa can help you with managing your orders visually and smoothly with the assistance of automated processes such as payment capture, generation of invoices, and order fulfillment.


Service Analytics and Performance Management

With Service Analytics and Performance Management, you could focus on every process related to support in every way. This is made possible on any device from anywhere at any time, and the diagnosis of service issues has been transformed most efficiently. Under one roof, all key performance indicators are made visible. With the assistance of Cyntexa, get all the best displayed and most productive analytics on your workspace.

Customer Service
Customer Service
Self Service Capabilities

Self Service Capabilities

Provide your clients with ways of problem-solving independently with the self-service abilities or customer community. With the assistance of the experts at Cyntexa, you would be able to provide your clients with a common platform for networking where they could discuss their common issues and have them resolved together immediately.

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We connect you with our experts who try to understand your business requirements and challenges that you are facing with your current implementation by asking relevant questions.




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We provide the best solution to your complex business challenges by considering what is right for the business and its customers instead of what we think is right. This is a real definition of digital transformation for us.




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We believe in working together rather than for anyone because we all know together we always achieve more. Hence we act as your partners who are responsible for making you and your business successful with the implementation.




Your dream becoming reality makes us happy.

We strive for continuous improvement instead of perfection. Hence we listen to your feedback and according to that, we focus on making improvements continuously within each milestone, sprint and release.

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What makes us different from others?

We believe that the way you define yourself is the way the world percieves you. Hence we define ourselves as the innovative leaders when it comes to Salesforce Service Cloud implementation plan, customization and development which is clearly justified by the numbers mentioned below.


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Industries We Serve

Tele Sales Indstry


Salesforce Service Cloud has got everything that you need to run your business efficiently.

Help Desk Industry

Help Desk

Solve your customers’ doubts and help them resolve their queries easily using Salesforce Service Cloud

Financial Services Industry


Manage your customer cases and set up a knowledge base using the Salesforce Service Cloud.

Manufacturing Industry


Now give your customers an unforgettable experience of customer service through Salesforce Service Cloud.

Insurance Industry


Now protect your clients, generate new leads, and provide better customer service using the Salesforce Service Cloud.

Communication Industry


Create a brand and take it to the next level by reaching out more using Salesforce Sales Cloud.

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See What They Say About Us

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Asked Questions

Service Cloud is constructed on the Salesforce client Success Platform, supplying you with a 360-degree read of your customers and sanctioning you to deliver smarter, faster, and additional personalized service. Know more about the Salesforce Service Cloud and its features.

There are 4 editions in Salesforce Service Cloud – Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited. Each edition serves a different role and consists of different features. The edition depends entirely on what your business requirements are, what people you are targeting and what purpose your business is serving. Our experts work with you and help you to figure out the right edition for your business.

The main difference between Salesforce Sales Cloud and Salesforce Service Cloud is that Sales Cloud is an automation tool for sales processes whereas Service Cloud provides an automation platform for the customer service process which includes working on cases and their solutions. For a detailed difference between Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, please check out our article

  • Lightning service console
  • Custom reports and dashboards
  • Case management
  • Asset and order management
  • Social customer service
  • Workflow and approval
  • Omnichannel routing
  • Automation and macros
  • Account and contact management
  • Telephony integration

The Salesforce Service Cloud comes in various editions starting from the price of $25 and goes up to $300. Customizations add on additional charges. To know more about the pricing, talk to our Salesforce Service Cloud experts .

There is no fixed price for implementing Salesforce Service Cloud and it varies according to the needs and requirements of the business. For more details about the pricing plan for implementing Salesforce Service Cloud for your business, talk to our Salesforce Certified experts today and get a custom-tailored quote for the features that you want to implement in the Salesforce Service Cloud.

Customer service is the support you offer to your customers before or after they buy your goods. Customer service is helpful in gaining customer trust. This helps retain customers and in business growth.

Salesforce provides a multilayered approach to protect your information. We at cyntexa take complete care while implementing Salesforce Service Cloud to make use of best practices and solutions to maintain data integrity.

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