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Growth In sales with increased onboarding of clients and partners


Better productivity with ease in data handling.


Increased user retention and experience due to personalization.


MTI is a technology innovator focused on enhancing customer experience at major brands worldwide. Through its hardware and software solutions, it provides a better customer experience, enhances business operations, and security, and improves employee satisfaction.

MTI Global Services provides tailored insights, support, and services by coordinating Field Services teams and Business Intelligence tools. The company provides solutions for consumer electronics displays, IoT retail analytics, and technology services.


  • Upgradation From the Existing System - The MTI team considered building a webstore and linking it to their existing WordPress site. In an effort to upgrade the existing system, MTI requested nearly 20 filters for all product categories, whereas B2B Commerce had been limited to 10.
  • Cart Order Limit - The client wants to set the cart order limit. Wherever customers exceed the specific limit, they will be redirected to the contact us page.
  • Partner-Specific UI and Quote - and other information are displayed to create an improved and personalized experience. A personalized quotation process is required to accommodate the differences in price quotations between partners.


1. With Experience Cloud, we have managed to display different themes for different users.


  • Established Connection With Existing WordPress Site – A connection has been established with the existing WordPress site, as well as the login and sign-up processes have been set up. Custom filters have been created for all the categories to meet MTI’s needs.
  • Experience Cloud For Partner-Specific Personalization – We have used page variations which is an OOTB functionality in the Experience Cloud to display a different theme for different users which includes headers & footers. Every partner now has a storefront with specific products and listings.
  • Cart Order Limit Implementation – A cart order limit has been implemented, and when a person surpasses it, they are automatically directed to the contact us page to request a purchase. For customers, we have designed a contact us form in HTML to facilitate purchase requests.


2. Individual storefronts were implemented for global users and partners alongside the integration of Commerce Cloud with Akeneo to display product-related information.


  • Individual Storefront for Global Users and Partners – We have created two storefronts for global users and partners by creating different buyer groups for different store pricing. It is now possible for customers to receive customized pricing based on their buyer group.
  • Integrated Akeneo With Commerce Cloud – Commerce Cloud has been integrated with Akeneo PIM to display product data, product variants, categories, attributes, media, assets, associations, and price books on the portal.
  • Single Page Checkout – We have implemented LWC single-page checkout to ensure a convenient shopping experience for the customers. For payment and shipping, we utilized the APIs for Cybersource and FedEx to get the pricing.


  • Individual storefronts for global users and partners to create a personalized experience.
  • Checkout on a single page to save time and hassle.
  • Next, we implemented Automated workflows using salesforce flows to enhance efficiency and update record status.
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