Enhancing The E-Commerce Platform Through The Power Of Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud


Growth In sales with increased onboarding of clients and partners


Better productivity with ease in data handling.


Increased user retention and experience due to personalization.

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MTI is a technology innovator focused on enhancing customer experience at major brands worldwide. Through its hardware and software solutions, it provides a better customer experience, enhances business operations, and security, and improves employee satisfaction.

MTI Global Services provides tailored insights, support, and services by coordinating Field Services teams and Business Intelligence tools. The company provides solutions for consumer electronics displays, IoT retail analytics, and technology services.


  • Upgradation From the Existing System – The MTI team considered building a webstore and linking it to their existing WordPress site. In an effort to upgrade the existing system, MTI requested nearly 20 filters for all product categories, whereas B2B Commerce had been limited to 10.
  • Cart Order Limit – The client wants to set the cart order limit. Wherever customers exceed the specific limit, they will be redirected to the contact us page.
  • Partner-Specific UI and Quote – and other information are displayed to create an improved and personalized experience. A personalized quotation process is required to accommodate the differences in price quotations between partners.
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