Harnessing Capabilities of Salesforce to Provide Single Source of Truth

Harnessing The Full Capability of Salesforce with Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud & Commerce Cloud to Provide a Single Source of Truth

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About Banfield Pet Hospital

A pet hospital that was founded in Portland, Oregon in 1955, is now the largest general veterinary practice in the U.S with more than 1,000 hospitals in neighborhoods across the country and Puerto Rico.
They take a proactive approach to veterinary medicine aimed at early diagnosis and supporting overall pet health by focusing on five categories of life stage wellness — primary care, preventable disease, oral health, amobility and nutrition.




Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud


Build and Implement


Project Challenges

If The Challenge Exists So Must The Solution

Data Import And Product Listing In Salesforce - They were looking forward to showing shoppers relevant product listings as well as gathering data from various sources.

Payment Process and Order Tracking With Inventory and Invoice Management - With different geographical locations, it was becoming difficult for them to manage inventory, as well as they wanted an upgrade from manual invoice management. They were also looking to incorporate a secure payment process with smooth shipment tracking.

Improved Product Recommendations & Sales Tracking - They wanted better insights on their paid marketing campaigns while providing relevant recommendations based on customer activity and interest.

Project Solutions

When Business Meets Technology

Google Analytics
Einstein Bots
Commerce Cloud
  • Created custom email templates, marketing journeys, and custom newsletters to attract more customers. We also integrated Google Analytics with SFCC to keep track of the ad campaigns.
  • Implemented Einstein Chatbot which helped in reducing wait times of the user requests. We also Implemented Einstein Search Dictionaries for consuming all site searches to reveal popular terms that are not currently added in the dictionaries.
  • We integrated Payeezy payment gateway with SFCC to provide secure transactions. We also integrated smarty sheets with SFCC as well as created APIs for integrating UPS Shipping method to salesforce.
  • We integrated subscribe pro with SFCC which allows the users to purchase the subscription for specific products.
  • We suggested them to go ahead with Salesforce Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and B2C Commerce Cloud

Project Results

Experience You Need. Results You Want.


Progression in customer retention and experience


Improvement in overall sales with better promotional insights


Increase in new customer base with better product recommendations

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