Salesforce Health Cloud Integrate With Multiple Third-Party Apps - Success Story

Salesforce Health Cloud Implementation And Integration With Multiple Third-Party Apps

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About Twig Health

Twig Health is a NYC-based BPO company that offers a new generation care management service reimagined for the new value-based healthcare market.

The Twig solution is a scalable retail-inspired service that offers an AI-guided, digital-first care management team as a service. Twig redesigns care management from the ground up and brings customer success/experience methodologies found in other consumer retail industries (e.g., Apple “Genius Bar”), AI for case prioritization/efficiency, and digital touchpoints that complement human touch points as the basis for a radical new care management approach.

With Twig, stakeholders can rapidly and easily extend care management to digital-first care management across all care management functions including quality incentives campaigns, pre/post-acute care, chronic care management, and onboarding of populations to new programs and therapies


Health Care


Salesforce Health Cloud


Implementation and Integration


Project Challenges

If The Challenge Exists So Must The Solution

Lack of an efficient digital-first pre/post surgery report the Communication was limited to phone based communication that offered limited engagement and scope.

Unavailability of device, data and feedback surveys the paitent monitoring data was captures manually across various devices.

Lack of tracking for billable hours incomplete faced issues in information and unaccounted activities for billable hours.

Project Solutions

When Business Meets Technology

Health Cloud
  • Setup Health Cloud and Integrate Medent EMR: We set up Health Cloud for them and integrated Medent EMR, that was used to capture the patient details, along with the features of care plan creation, multiple system integration and one time synchronization with the EMR.
  • Integrate Patients FITBIT and BodyTrace: We also established an integration with Patients FITBIT and BodyTrace devices that needed an authentication from the user and after that all the required data was captured into the health cloud along with the patient health record. This was done in order to reduce manual efforts.
  • Track Medical Staff Hours: We also provided them with a tracking option which helped them to track the medical staff hours or activities on a specific patient, so that the patients were billed and the medical staff was paid.
  • Integrate System with Twilio: All the pre and post surgery steps included constant communication between the patients and health care providers, therefore, we integrated the system with Twilio. This was done to support inbound and outbound calling feature from within salesforce. With this the patients and the health care providers were able make and receive calls from each other and the call were recorded and stored on Twilio to make sure the log is created and available for future reference.
  • Integrate Zoom with Health Cloud: Similarly we integrated ZOOM as well with Salesforce, allowing the medical staff to setup instant video call with the patients. These zoom calls were also tracked in salesforce along with an option for recording the call.
  • Configured Twilio To Send SMS: We also configured Twilio to send out SMS reminders along with custom messages from Salesforce to the patients. We also used SMS messages to send out the survey form, whose feedback were stored in Salesforce.

Project Results

Experience You Need. Results You Want.


Increase productivity of the medical staff


Progressive increase in customer experience


Reduction in manual efforts and data loss

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