Leverage Sales Cloud & Stripe To Maintain And Provide Payment Solution

Leveraging The Power of Salesforce & Stripe To Maintain And Provide Payment Solution

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Meet Heather Houze, the COO/Advocate who availed our services to create a Salesforce product for the RAD non-profit organization.

The company initially used Chargeon, but required a custom Salesforce application for astute database management, so they came to us.

Hear what Heather has to say about their experience o working with us.

About RAD Advocates

RAD Advocates is a non-profit organization that was established in 2017. They educate and advocates to equip families, communities, and professionals to effectively support children with reactive attachment disorder.


Non-Profit Organization


Salesforce Sales Cloud & Stripe


Build and Implement


Project Challenges

If The Challenge Exists So Must The Solution

Payment Link For Donations- They did not have a public payment link, that would take all the relevant details related to donations.

Recurring Payments- They wanted monthly payment links for their Monthly Mentorship Program, so that users can pay from any bank account or card.

Data Access In Salesforce Org- They wanted all the client details and transaction history in the Salesforce org. itself, which was not supported beforehand.

Project Solutions

When Business Meets Technology

Sales Cloud
  • Create Object: Created an object to maintain the invoices in the Salesforce with automation to send invoice to the Members. Public payment link and private payment link is created with desired amount for the members.
  • Create Scheduler: A scheduler is created for the monthly mentorship recurring payment. Trigger is created to save the transaction history in the Salesforce object.
  • Create Payment Page: We have created a public and private payment page to pay and directly take data in Salesforce. Members would be able to pay using credit card and ACH directly from the VF page using Stripe.

Project Results

Experience You Need. Results You Want.


Ease with Data Storage


Increase in efficiency with automate process


Improved and reliable payment system

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