Simplifying Physician Onboarding: Empowering Efficiency Via Salesforce Experience Cloud Portal Implementation


More physicians onboarded per quarter


Notable reduction in manual efforts


Boost in data management

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Business Overview

Northwell Health, based in New York, is a leading healthcare organization comprising an extensive network of hospitals and medical services. Offering a broad spectrum of healthcare, from primary care to specialized treatments, Northwell is known for its commitment to medical research and community outreach.

As one of New York State’s largest private employers, it boasts a strong healthcare workforce. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Northwell Health was pivotal in treating patients, conducting research, and administering vaccines.


  • Challenging physician onboarding: Their team grappled with an inefficient, manual physician onboarding process, demanding a more efficient solution.
  • Complex physician outreach sources: Customized email communication with physicians during onboarding required a more practical approach, which called for a more effective approach to engaging with stakeholders.
  • Insecure critical data of physicians: The business faced the challenge of centralizing sensitive physician information while ensuring top-notch security and protection from unauthorized access.
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