Top 10 Applications For Salesforce Consultants

1. Jira 

Task Management App

Jira is a robust project and task management software for teams. In Salesforce, Jira goes the extra mile by assisting in the management of multiple projects simultaneously.

2. Slack

Communication and Collaboration App

Slack streamlines the communication process among teams and other departments regarding projects and topics.

3. ChargeOn

Payments Processing App

ChargeOn is an application that provides seamless payment processing in Salesforce by integrating 15+ payment gateways.

Email Broadcasting App

MailChimp is a renowned email-marketing tool. By using MailChimp’s pre-defined templates, you can create your email campaigns and save tons of time.

4. MailChimp

5. DocuSign

Document Generation App

DocuSign is a well-known e-signature and agreement cloud service used by billions of individuals worldwide for document signing.

6. Loom

Video Recording App

Loom enables teams or businesses to record meetings for later viewing, ultimately saving significant amounts of time.

7. Zoom

Virtual Meetings App

Zoom is a virtual conferencing software app, for work purposes. It is a preferred tool for Salesforce consultants seeking a video communications app.

8. ORGanizer

Login Credentials Managing App

It allows you to store usernames, passwords, and URLs securely. Beyond simplifying logins, the tool serves as your productivity booster.

9. SurveyMonkey

Survey Data App

SurveyMonkey creates simple yet user-friendly surveys with drag-and-drop functionality. Surveys sync directly with Salesforce objects, eliminating data entry and double-handling.

10. Canva

Architecture Designing App

Canva features an easy-to-use interface designed for quick and efficient design creation.

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