10 Tips To Make Your Salesforce AppExchange Listing Stand Out

1. Optimized Title And Tagline

A well-optimized title and tagline will attract potential users by clearly conveying your app’s features and benefits.

2. Description

Your application description is your high-powered pitch. Highlights your app features, and how these features can benefit the users.

3. Use Visuals 

Focus on including screenshots and demo videos that bring your app to life.

4. Preview: Before You Go Live

Preview your AppExchange listing from top to bottom and be ready to impress your targeted audience.

5. Leverage  Analytics 

Analyze the data like listing views, click-through rates (CTR), and other important metrics to reveal patterns and areas of improvement.

6. Encourage Positive Reviews

Encourage happy customers to leave positive reviews. Also Respond to the reviews be they positive or negative promptly, and gracefully.

7. Offer Free Trial

Offering a free trial or freemium option enables potential users to explore the amazing capabilities of your AppExchange application.

8. Support

Offer responsive and knowledgeable customer support through various channels like email, chat, or a dedicated community forum.

9. Partnerships

Collaborate on integrations or bundle your apps to offer a more comprehensive offering to customers.

10. Continuous Improvements

Continuously improve and enhance your app based on customer feedback, industry trends, and new Salesforce features.

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