7 Features Of Salesforce CRM Analytics That You Didn’t Know About

1. In-built Dynamic Dashboards

CRM Analytics carries a lot of sample datasets, dashboards, and applications that permit users to explore straight off.

2. Establish Connections

Users can connect the CRM software with survey data with multiple ERPs to increase sales productivity and improve service quality.

3. Case Routing

This feature is the recent addition to CRM Analytics from Salesforce that automates case routing by navigating the cases to the best-fit queue.

4. Use Article Recommendations

Salesforce Einstein Analytics helps in identifying the right information for your requirements.

5. Retrieving More Recommendations

Einstein Analytics helps users predict based on various relevant KPIs and recommend the most insightful tops in optimizing the outcomes.

6. Determining Best Course Of Action

One of the key features of Salesforce Einstein Analytics is recognizing the best course of action through predictive intelligence.

7. Event Monitoring Analytics

Every minute detail of user activity can be tracked with Event Monitoring Analytics, parallel providing security to data.

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