1. Customization

Managed packages can be easily customized and modified by the users.

Unmanaged package cannot be modified or customized by the installer.

2. Installation Source

Managed packages can be installed either through the install link shared by the developer or from AppExchange.

Unmanaged packages can be easily installed from the link or file shared by the developer.

3. Upgrade

Managed packages needs to be reinstalled and cannot be upgraded into the existing package.

Unmanaged installed packages are upgradeable, without any reinstallation.

4. Security

Managed package lacks built-in security features as it can be modified by the installing organization.

With limited control access to the users, unmanaged package is more secure and encrypted.

5. Usages

A managed package is suitable for selling or licensing commercial applications or components.

An unmanaged package is ideal for sharing or distributing open-source projects or templates.

6. Org Limits

A managed package does not count against the org limits of the installer’s organization.

An unmanaged package counts against the org limits of the installer’s organization.

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