Top 10 Best Salesforce Project Management Apps On AppExchange

1. Taskray

It offers a comprehensive suite for optimal resource allocation, streamlined collaboration, and seamless workflow management.

2. Mission Control

Mission Control is a full-fledged Salesforce project management tool that is compatible with every Salesforce cloud.

3. Precursive OBX

It is a 100% Salesforce native application that, along with project management offers client, product and partner onboarding.

4. Inspire Planner

This project management tool provides customizable platform capabilities, ensuring the software is tailored to your business needs.

5. Milestone PM+

Milestone PM+ is a salesforce native project and process management software that offers automated workflows and enterprise-class process automation capabilities.

6. Resource Hero

Resource Hero is a user-friendly project and task management tool that helps manage projects across various locations. You can forecast project hours and estimate your team’s utilization.

7. ProjecLeo

ProjectLeo lets you create and plan your projects and further break them into milestones, tasks and subtasks, reducing the burden of fulfilling a complete project delivery at one go.

8. Appclipse Arrow PSA

Arrow PSA, offers in-application guidance to increase process efficiency and user productivity. It has the power to integrate all administrative processes.

9. Cloud Coach Starter

This project management tool understands the diversifying needs of your business teams. allowing you to choose among agile (Kanban), waterfall or water-scrum-fall project methodologies.

10. Salesforce PMT

PMT offers easy structuring of your projects and monitors their progress. You can manage all your commitments and deliverables, track benefits and proactively respond to project risks.

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