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About Cyntexa

Cyntexa is a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner and is considered as one of the top Salesforce Development Company in USA, UK, UAE, Australia, Singapore & India focusing on high quality and scalable solutions for the most complex business problems out there. We have a vibrant team of 150+ certified Salesforce experts which includes developers, architects, consultants, administrators and MVPs carrying the experience of successfully completing more than 400+ projects and handling 350+ clients.

Cyntexa started with a team of 5 passionate individuals having a vision of creating a Salesforce consultancy and development company which focuses on solving complex business problems in the most easy and fun way. Carrying that same vision and enthusiasm, today, Cyntexa family stands strong with a team of 150+ tech-savvy, creative and fun-loving Salesforce developers, administrators, consultants, and architects.

At Cyntexa, we provide the best Salesforce implementation, consulting, development, integration and managed services according to the latest releases and updates in Salesforce products. We focus on delivering high-quality solutions in the least possible time that boosts the digital transformation of an organization by 5 times.

We provide scalable and robust Salesforce solutions by leveraging the native capabilities of Salesforce products rather than creating custom solutions using the Salesforce platform.

Cyntexa’s core marketing strategy is providing AMAZING CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE that you can’t stop sharing with your friends and colleagues.

Innovative Leaders

We differentiate ourselves with innovation which unlocks new value for a business that makes us a leader, not a follower.

Understand Business

We do not only rely on our technical expertise but also on our business understanding to empower the business.

Breathe Salesforce

Infinite implementation of Salesforce has resulted in the platform being engraved in our minds.

Quick Turnaround

We believe in fast execution so that you can always stay a step ahead of your competitors.

Our Vision

We started Cyntexa with a vision to disrupt the way Salesforce implementation, consulting and development services were delivered to the companies. We believe in providing real value to a business with top-notch solutions on the Salesforce platform which gives a competitive edge to a business in the market.

We want to revolutionize the existing ecosystem where developers posses a robotic nature in providing a mere solution to the problem with no empathy for the end-user. We strive hard to bring that empathy and compassion back along with our personalized Salesforce solutions.

Do you want to propel your vision towards reality?

Our Mission

Cyntexa’s mission is to create and nurture a team of Salesforce experts which is recognized as a swiss knife in the rapidly growing Salesforce ecosystem. We want Cyntexa to be identified as an innovative leader in the world of Salesforce by providing amazing cloud solutions to businesses which revolutionizes the way they do business and help them to stay ahead of their competition.

Do you want to KNOW WHO ALL ARE PART OF THIS mission?

Our Values

We believe in running a company with integrity and Integrity is choosing our thoughts and actions based on our values rather than personal gain.

Customer Success

Making our customers successful is #1 on our priority list nothing else is more important for us than this.

Innovation & Continuous Learning

Continuous Innovation and an insatiable hunger for learning are what make us and our clients stay ahead of the competition.


We believe in having fun at work and in life because we not only exist, we LIVE.

Trust & Accountability

Trust is the glue that holds us all together and we also hold ourselves accountable for our actions and the associated results.

Team Sprit

TEAM for us is Together Everyone Achieves More and we believe that only teamwork and collaboration can achieve wonderful things in business and life.

Work Hard & Fast

We work hard but in today’s world, only hard work is not sufficient to succeed we gotta do it with speed. Hence we believe in measuring the results with the efforts not only the efforts.

Freedom with Responsibility

We encourage freedom to all the members at Cyntexa because we think it is a chance to become better at what you do but freedom only comes with responsibilities as they are inseparable.


We value and emphasize communication as we think it is the key to all the problems and it also helps us understand ourselves, our team members, our clients, and their business better.

Transparency & Mutual Respect

Without transparency and mutual respect, no great team can exist. Hence, we encourage everyone in the team to be transparent and respect each other in every sense.

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Our Valued Clients

We are trusted by some exceptional brands as well as SMEs in different industries only because we believe in providing real value to them and ease their complex business processes with our simple Salesforce Solutions.

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