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Salesforce AppExchange Development Services

Being a certified Salesforce AppExchange development company, we have a proven track record of success in developing and deploying robust applications. Our professional developers and consultants are dedicated to helping our clients design, build, and launch their apps on the marketplace.

Cyntexa, being a Salesforce PDO Partner, offers a full range of services, including requirement gathering, strategic planning, development, and deployment, to ensure that your app is a success. Whether you're looking to monetize your app or simply want to improve your business operations, we're here to help you achieve your goals.

Appexchange Development Services
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Salesforce AppExchange App Development Process We Follow

Step 1

Requirement Gathering

Bringing your idea into reality starts with first understanding:

  • What are you trying to build?
  • Why are you trying to build it?
  • For whom are you trying to build it?

Our Salesforce AppExchange developers conduct brainstorming sessions to define the scope of work according to your vision for the application.

Step 2

Architecture Design

Once the scope of work is defined, our Salesforce architects create a layout of your application. This layout helps you understand the process and also serves as a roadmap for the development team.

The right app architecture acts as a foundation, ensuring that your application is easy to use, efficient, and scalable and meets the needs of the end user.

Step 3

Partnership Agreement With Salesforce

Your way to a successful product is legalized by a compulsory partnership agreement with Salesforce. It is a one-way ticket into the Salesforce ecosystem and the partner community.

Being a leader in providing Salesforce AppExchange app development services, we understand your platform requirements and its multiple partnership programs. Our AppExchange development experts have hands-on experience in the technicalities of the partnership agreement and will guide you throughout the process. Hence, making you a Salesforce ISV Partner.

Step 4

Business Plan

To get your app live our Salesforce Appexchange consultants will assist you in validating your idea into a fully-proof business plan. Further, nail the business plan presentation to get approvals from Salesforce.

It can be possible with a Salesforce AppExchange partner that can outline the strategy and goals for your business in the manner that Salesforce prefers.

Our experts can address the key notions of your business plan, such as its target market, pricing plan strategy, marketing, and sales strategy.

Step 5

Salesforce AppExchange App Development

Being a Salesforce PDO partner in AppExchange App Development, we follow agile methodology, to divide the development into sprints and deploy efficient Salesforce Developers to develop different functionalities of the application described in the form of user stories.

All the development work is carried out with the right mix of declarative & programmatic tools provided by Salesforce in scratch orgs which have no bearing on the production data. We ensure that the developed app stands the test of time.

In case you have your own development team and are concerned about the workload in the development of your application, you can hire a Salesforce developer from us to work with your team.

Step 6

AppExchange App Testing

We are also the biggest critics of our work!

Do not confuse yourself by considering that the app can go live if the development work is done. Nothing goes live without a regress quality check. Our quality assurance engineers undertake comprehensive testing of the application as per the guidelines provided by Salesforce.

Appropriate measures are taken to build a robust and bug-free application by keeping the Salesforce AppExchange app development and testing environments separate.

Step 7

Compliance Process

The AppExchange compliance process involves several steps to ensure that the app meets the standards set by Salesforce and adheres to its policies. This process helps to ensure that the app is secure, reliable, and meets the needs of its users.

Being an experienced Salesforce AppExchange App Development Services provider, we ensure that our solution does not violate intellectual property rights and complies with the highest standard of trust.

This may also include reviewing the app's terms of service, privacy policy, and other legal documents.

Step 8

Security Review

The next step in bringing your Salesforce app live is framing an app security strategy and preparing it for Salesforce’s security review process.

While developing the architecture, we comply with all the prerequisite Salesforce guidelines and do not violate any limits that may pose a security threat to business-critical data. The security review process involves reviewing the app's code, testing it for vulnerabilities, and verifying that it complies with Salesforce's security policies.

Step 9

AppExchange Listing

What is seen is sold. Your listing is the first impression you have on the marketplace for your target audience. Once the app has passed the security review, it will go live for customers to install and for you to monetize.

As part of our end-to-end offering, our experts design your listing in a manner to maximize its reach and installs. Information such as name, description, features, pricing as well as reviews are critical in creating an out-of-the-box listing.

Step 10

Maintenance and Support

Your application is live but Cyntexa’s role still continues as we keep the maintenance and support of the application in check. Maintenance and support are the prerequisites you must adhere to and our team will help troubleshoot and fix bugs, provide technical support for users, and release updates and enhancements to the app regularly according to the constantly evolving Salesforce guidelines and environment.

Our Salesforce AppExchange development services go beyond development and deployment. We ensure that the application performs efficiently and the user experience is seamless.

AppExchange Products

Have a look at our Salesforce AppExchange products to manage your business smartly.

Custom Salesforce AppExchange Solutions We Build

AppExchange Applications

Applications on the marketplace are ready-to-install, native or third-party solutions built by experts well-versed in the Salesforce ecosystem. By building an application you will be able to serve millions of people and monetize it in the Salesforce ecosystem. We, at Cyntexa, are your one-stop solution to build and sell your app on the marketplace.

With our Salesforce AppExchange app development services, you will receive an out-of-the-box solution built using our years of experience and expertise.

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Appexchange Applications

Bolt Solutions

Bolts are pre-built templates for Salesforce communities, enabling you to deploy industry solutions and communities faster. Salesforce Bolt solutions are built by an ecosystem of partners and contain industry process flows, apps, lightning components, and communities, all integrated seamlessly with the Salesforce platform.

We are your reliable Salesforce AppExchange consulting company who makes sure that your Bolt solutions are scalable, robust, and optimized to meet your exact requirements.

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Bolt Solutions

Flow Solutions

Are you willing to build no-code process automation for your users?

With Flow solutions, you can create a collection of customized flows and pre-built templates with flow builder and monetize it on the Marketplace. In our marketplace Flow Development process, we can easily build these flow collections for the businesses which will turn manual and complex processes into an automated flow.

As your reliable Salesforce AppExchange App Development Company, we build listable Flow Solutions that can easily be utilized by all Salesforce users.

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Flow Solutions

Lightning Data

If you are a data solution provider and wish to easily integrate data in real-time to your customer’s Salesforce org, then lightning data solution is your right choice. Build Lightning Data solutions to leverage proven data management methods and real-time enrichment to provide accurate, actionable data across the Salesforce instance of your customers.

Lightning Data supercharges your operational effort by streamlining your data-sharing process. With our Salesforce AppExchange development services, we can create the right Lightning Data solution as per your needs.

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Lightening Data


Components are building blocks to create your own apps and custom pages in Salesforce Lightning with clicks, not code. Components are responsive, reusable, and work in Lightning App Builder with drag and drop. They contain all of the code they need to run, so you can reuse them in other apps and pages.

With our Salesforce AppExchange development services, you can get component solutions to help you leverage the smaller business requirements and functionalities in the Salesforce ecosystem. You can also monetize these solutions on marketplace.

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Appexchange Components
Developer Working

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Financial Services
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Financial Services

Secure your confidential customer data through technological advancements in financial services. Streamline operations, enhance security, and personalize experiences with our digital transformation expertise.


Insurance companies are expanding grounds of success by leveraging data and technology to create seamless customer experiences in the evolving insurance sector. Experience it all with us.

Retail & Consumer Goods

The retail & consumer goods market has shifted. We help you navigate the "new normal" with data-driven strategies and personalized experiences with our customized digital transformation solutions.

Media & Communication

Today's Customers are way past the old conservative solutions, especially in the Media & Communication industry and crave immersive experiences. Embrace the flexibility, customization and high customer engagement with us.


The technology world is racing forward, leaving stagnant companies behind. We bridge the gap for you with digital transformation readiness and crafting strategies so you dominate in the evolving market.

Professional Services

We help you thrive in today's evolving landscape. From conquering remote work challenges to personalizing client experiences, we craft tech solutions to empower your teams and exceed client expectations. Let's unlock your growth potential!

Energy & Utilities

Transformation is the new normal in the energy & utility sector. That's why we offer the power of digitalization to guide you towards a more efficient, secure, and sustainable future.


The eCommerce world demands selling faster and smarter. Our cutting-edge strategies combine user-centric design, data-driven personalization, and cloud scalability. Don't just survive – dominate.


Efficiency and cost control are the high-demand variables in the Manufacturing sector. Cloud technology lets you connect production, sales, and planning like never before, unlocking new growth opportunities.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Improved Care Strategies, Refined Patient Experiences, secure storage & access to patient information are what the Healthcare industry asks for. And we will definitely deliver this and more.

Logistics & Transportation

Struggling with complex supply chains and fragmented communication? Our cloud-based solutions streamline your entire logistics operation, boosting efficiency and visibility. Simplify your logistics and elevate your customer experience.

Non Profit

Disparate systems and data overload can hinder your non-profit motive. We help non-profits leverage data analytics to track progress and maximize impact. See where resources deliver the most good.

Real State

Even the Real Estate market requires a tech upgrade. Seamless cloud-based solutions connecting stakeholders & modernized operations leading to more productivity and a profitable future is what you need (& we have expertise in that).


Learners crave personalized, engaging experiences tailored to their needs. We create flexible, interesting learning ecosystems, bridging the gap with digital transformation solutions for education.

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Work Portfolio

Check out our impressive body of work to understand our diverse expertise in the Salesforce ecosystem.

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Increased Customer satisfaction


Dedcution in business cost


Increase in ROI

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Reduction in manual efforts


Improved Staff Productivity


Minimized Data Loss


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Footwear Finesse: Orchestrating a 50% Sales Uplift Through Store Management


Increase in sales


Improvement in capturing customer insights


Enhancement in customer experience


Seamless expansion of inventory

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Footwear Finesse

Hear it from our Clients

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Anshul Pandey

Anshul Pandey

CTO, Content Security

Cyntexa delivered the project successfully. The efficiency soared to 70% in the presales area and enhanced productivity by 90%. Their knowledge and experience of the Salesforce platform were incredible..



Idea Center

Cyntexa is hyper-communicative, fast, and does a thorough job. Cyntexa was helpful in creating the strategy for our client and worked seamlessly as a part of our team to ensure successful project delivery and launch.

Bryant Lau

Founder , Funnel Guage

Cyntexa has continuously demonstrated a high-level of Salesforce expertise and a willingness to go beyond what is necessary to ensure the project is a success.

Manoj Pooleery

Cofounder & CTO, SiteRx Inc

Overall, a very positive experience. The team was very responsive, organized and up to task. We had engaged them when we had a very tight deadline and they were able to help us meet it.



Director , Cypress Learning Solutions

I love working with these guys. They are knowledgable and have really been clutch in building custom solutions & Lightning web components. Thank you for all your hard work!.


Cameron Billings

CTO , placesforless

We enjoyed working with Cyntexa Labs. They were easy to communicate with and easy to work with.

Mike Jansma

Mike Jansma

VP, CIS Global

The entire team is knowledgeable & serves as a trusted expert to our organization. They were able to turn our ideas into real world working processes in Salesforce. We’ve now completed several projects with them.

Ken Hoppe

Ken Hoppe

CEO, Modigie

Being located in a different time zone, they were willing to meet our schedule and stepped up outside of the scope of work, and proved to be a good partner. They’ve taught me a lot about best practices through incredible communication.

Daniel Deckert

Daniel Deckert

President & Founder, Scrubbi

Our project was complex, and Cyntexa team handled it well by tackling all our requests & we are happy with the end product. I consider us lucky to have found them and looking forward for a long relationship with them.

Vilen Bezhanyan

Vilen Bezhanyan

PCEO, Brainstorm Technologies

We had a great experience working with the team who performed their best to finish the project successfully. We highly recommend others to work with them, knowing that their projects will be in good hands.

Simon Clews

Simon Clews

FPFS IMC-Director, DGS Employee Benefits

Definitely the range of skills – it is not like all employees just know Salesforce – some were able to solve other problems that were not related to the project that I hired them for. In addition, the team was extremely dedicated to the project.

John Crighton

John Crighton

CTO, Lightning Step Technologies, LLC

Cyntexa was able to successfully develop and integrate an improved and efficient dashboard, much to the benefit of external stakeholders. The team was able to maintain positive communications throughout.

Karim Aziz

Karim Aziz

Director, Globel Car Rental

The team at Cyntexa was understanding, communicative, and proactive. They were easy to work with and were always available during the client’s workday, despite a significant time difference. They quickly implemented changes.

Rebeka Avendano

Rebeka Avendano

Cyntexa helped us in successfully implementing custom flows from Field Service into SFDC to achieve actions that the Field Service app does not currently support. The team was with us at every step of the way.

Sahil Gambhir

Sahil Gambhir

Head of Special Projects, Wirelane GmbH

The company has developed a strong team and robust infrastructure to serve its clients. They use best industry practices to track the progress of the project & doesn’t shy away from going the extra mile to make clients happy.

Kristin Harris

Kristin Harris

Project and Process Development Manager

They helped us take all of our data and integrate it successfully. They reviewed our requirements and provided quality work quickly. Will definitely work with them again.

Anil Jogani

Anil Jogani

Sr. Director Field Operations, MetricStream

I have nothing but praise for this team. I needed a qualified person to do custom Salesforce development. Not only did they accomplish the goal but the team has a certified Salesforce experts that exceeded my expectations.

Devin Bostick

Devin Bostick

CEO, LuckyTruck

Cyntexa is a high touch and results-oriented partner that hit our timeline, budget, and delivery objectives. Additionally, they were high touched and genuinely cared about the quality of our work. I would use them again.

Carlos Sanmartin

Carlos Sanmartin

Digital Manager,Ara Estetic

I wanted to express my utmost satisfaction with the exceptional services provided by Cyntexa. Their collaborative approach, strong work ethic, and consistently going the extra mile to ensure that the projects are completed within the agreed-upon timeframe.

Frequently Asked Questions

AppExchange is a cloud marketplace with ready-to-install apps and solutions listed by individual consultants and businesses. It caters to thousands of Salesforce users who need to optimize their processes without spending a lot or undergoing a lengthy implementation or development process.

The various types of Salesforce AppExchange solutions include:

  • AppExchange Applications
  • Bolt Solutions
  • Flow Solutions
  • Lightning Data
  • AppExchange Components

Salesforce AppExchange partners are individual consultants or organizations who are engaged in official partnerships with Salesforce and either already have an existing solution or app listed on the AppExchange platform or are preparing to launch one.

Salesforce AppExchange app development services is the process of developing and publishing applications on the AppExchange marketplace. The marketplace consists of ready-to-install apps and a variety of solutions allowing you to extend the functionality of your Salesforce org.

Any individual or entity with innovative ideas to address the audience’s challenges on a large scale through clickable applications can list their applications.

Development of a Salesforce AppExchange app on your own is possible, but partnering with an experienced AppExchange development company is usually more efficient. With their expertise and resources, they can help you navigate the complex development process and minimize any errors and delays.

The cost of development of an appexchange app varies on the complexities in the application. However, before listing of application, it has to go through a rigorous security review conducted by Salesforce team. To submit application for security review, there is a fees for paid application which is $999 per attempt, until it gets approved. There is no security review fees for free apps.

Salesforce AppExchange Security Review is conducted by security experts at Salesforce. It’s a comprehensive evaluation ensuring your app meets the rigorous standards set for AppExchange listing. This review ensures top-notch security and protection for all users, shielding against potential threats and vulnerabilities. Only apps passing this review earn a place on the AppExchange and considered as most secure and reliable solutions available on the Salesforce marketplace.

Yes, you can publish a free application on the Salesforce AppExchange marketplace and later apply for a paid version.

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