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Footwear Finesse: Orchestrating a 50% Sales Uplift Through Store Management

May 1, 2020 eye-glyph 78
Storefront architecture, Endless Aisle, Einstein Commerce Insights
Salesforce Commerce Cloud implementation & Order Management
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About the Company

Our client operates an extensive network encompassing online and offline footwear retail channels. Their commitment to continuous improvement is evident in their rigorous customer analysis and ongoing exploration of innovative strategies to boost sales.

The client seeks a system that enhances customer conversion and service. They aim to understand customer interests for optimized inventory management. Their multifaceted approach prioritizes customer preferences, innovative tools, and an exceptional experience, establishing them as footwear industry innovators focused on boosting sales.


Operating in a dynamic retail space, our client embarked on a journey that revolved around the dire need for a secure and robust application to orchestrate operations seamlessly across their extensive network.

As the narrative unfolded, it became evident that their diverse product portfolio often led to issues like stock shortages and unavailability in physical stores. In essence, a missing link in their operational chain was preventing the realization of a seamless and customer-centric retail experience.

In the next part of this intricate story, the challenge shifted to identifying high-demand products. The existing method for achieving the goal of identifying high-demand products involved extensive data analysis. It weighed heavily on service agents and often resulted in frustrating delays in meeting customer demands.
As the story went on, it got tricky when dealing with stocks in many stores and online. The goal was to make it easy for customers to find what they wanted without issues.

Key challenges extracted were:

  • Harmonize operations between physical stores and the online marketplace
    Mitigate stock shortages and unavailability in physical stores due to the complexities of a diverse product portfolio.
  • Identify high-demand products without leaning heavily on extensive data analysis
  • Manage stock levels across multiple physical stores and the online platform to ensure optimal customer access.


Strategic solutions were implemented to overcome challenges for our client, transforming their business dynamics. One key move was creating a storefront architecture that reached and engaged shoppers globally, offering them a streamlined space to manage their business efficiently.

The integration of Endless Aisle marked a turning point in customer experience. Free shipping opened up new possibilities for seamless and convenient shopping. Turning the application into an interactive kiosk empowered shoppers to explore and purchase independently, freeing them from the reliance on constant sales associate interactions.

The introduction of Einstein Commerce Insights revolutionized how our client’s merchandisers operate. Armed with crucial insights, they better understood customer preferences, enabling more accurate demand forecasting and optimized product placements. This shift boosted business efficiency and paved the way for a more personalized and customer-centric approach.

Additionally, centralizing orders successfully tackled the challenges associated with distributed inventory, ultimately boosting the sell-through rate for the brand. This strategic move streamlined operations and significantly improved overall customer satisfaction.


Embarking on the journey to elevate our established business to Salesforce and achieve eCommerce success, we set our sights on a fundamental goal. Our team adeptly navigated the intricate balance between the online portal and physical store at various facets, justifying our commitment to a great extent. Delivering a seamless transition and CRM harmony was all required, and the result spoke nothing to the contrary.


  • Improved patient care through streamlined data management.
  • Enhanced operational efficiency with integrated systems.
  • Better patient engagement and health outcomes with automation.
  • Valuable insights for informed decision-making through reports and dashboards.

Increase in Sales


Improvement in Capturing Customer Insights


Enhanced Customer Experience, Offering More Options and Faster Service


Expansion of Inventory Without Requiring Additional Floor Space

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