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Unlocking Marketing Mastery: Seamless Marketing Cloud Advertising Implementation for Your Real Estate Success!

September 19, 2022 eye-glyph 78
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About the Company

Our esteemed client is a leading real estate agency providing their customers with rental and purchase assistance. They operate in the USA and Canada and provide comprehensive information and resources to assist their clients in making informed real estate decisions. Their primary focus is on providing their customers competitive pricing, luxurious amenities, and easy access.

The client desired a solution that would not only complement their existing Salesforce products, such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Commerce Cloud but also be tailored to their specific business needs and requirements, which could lead to an expansion of their business.


Our client faced multiple challenges mainly relating to the marketing of their business. Among various challenges, the prominent one was to access the marketing data from multiple platforms like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Commerce Cloud. By accessing the data, they wanted to reach a wider audience by leveraging analytical data across multiple platforms.

Another barrier was that they were facing difficulties in reaching potential customers. Even after investing a wholesome amount into marketing campaigns, they failed to focus on their target audience, and a lot of time and effort went in vain.

On the other hand, they could not effectively reach out to their existing customers or inform them about upcoming opportunities due to a lack of customer engagement. Consequently, they were not utilizing their current customer base effectively.

Moving on, the client could not automate the leads from social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., and was looking for an automotive solution. They were struggling to advertise effectively on multiple channels at a time. Due to poor management and unplanned use of resources, they couldn’t track the customer insights, which led them to significant losses.

In summary, the key challenges to address include:

  • Difficulty in Reaching Potential Customers.
  • Lack Of Active Subscriptions From Customers.
  • Lack Of Data Accessibility.
  • Unable To Automate Leads.
  • Difficulty in Managing Multi-Channel Advertising.


After understanding our client’s needs, requirements, and challenges, we realized that the business needs a solution that helps them revolutionize their marketing journey and get the best of their marketing efforts. Hence, we implemented Marketing Cloud Advertising to assist the business in targeting new customers and dealing with other challenges.

Over time, we created a series of email campaigns to re-engage inactive subscribers. We set up post-send actions to automatically unsubscribe people or re-group them after they complete their automation email series. Using Marketing Cloud Advertising, we combined all the information from different sources like the Sales Cloud and Service Cloud into one spot so we could analyze it and improve their targeting campaigns.

Additionally, we set up the lead automation mechanism that sent leads from various sources into Salesforce so that the sales and marketing team could perform actions to capture those. Meanwhile, we aligned emails and advertising campaigns to reach more and more audiences, which could increase the chances of conversion.

Moving further, we’ve helped them organize their customer data and use it to create ad campaigns for multiple social channels and cross-channel campaigns for mobile and email within Journey Builder. These tools allow marketers to create ad campaigns in seconds. Push ads can be used to boost the reach of email ad campaigns.


“Cyntexa was our perfect partner when implementing an innovative solution for our business. Their expertise and smooth implementation of Marketing Cloud Advertising made a massive difference in our marketing strategy and helped us succeed incredibly. We can now reach our target audience with accuracy and impact, which leads to real results.”


  • Visually appealing content, including photographs, viral tours, and videos, enhanced presentation of listings by real estate, which attracted potential buyers.
  • Personalized promotional materials and advertisements that reflect the agency’s values and appeal to target customers. It resulted in building a solid brand identity.
  • Social Media Advertising, SEO, and online display ads improved the business’s visibility and helped it reach a wider audience through online channels.
  • Targeted advertising helped the business to reach the right audience and generate more qualified leads.
  • Consistent branding and messaging across various platforms help to build customer trust.
    Saves time and resources by outsourcing tasks to the studio.

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